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    Longest Call, Longest Call Phone Number and Longest Call Date

    Hi and thank you for all help in advance, I have a csv. file that I download and it gives me the data like this (not real data): A B C D <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> CallDate DialledNumber CallingNumber...
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    Merging data in cells and seperating by a comma in 1 cell

    Hi there I have been working and trying everything I can think of and using other examples to try and get this project finished but just can't seem to do it I have worksheet with up to as many as 200 or 300 phone numbers in row 1. Each cell holds its own phone number. Each time I run this...
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    Phone Number Format based on country

    Hi Guys, I have an excel with a column of phone numbers in varying formats. I need a system to clean the numbers based on country code which is stored in another column. For instance lets say the phone number column contains: 4921030012722 +49 (2103) 00 12722 12103001282 +1 (210) 300 1282...
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    Validating Phone Numbers (including international) without VBA?

    I have a form for entering customer information, and I want to validate whether an entry is a valid phone number. I need to accommodate international phone numbers as well as differences in formats. Most of the time we'll be copying/pasting stuff into this field, so I do _not_ want to force...
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    Sort Phone Numbers By Rows From Small To Large Or Large To Small

    Hi Friends I Have Phone Numbers Like This To Sort By Rows 66-66970877, 22-34567, 8764576890, 333-7465 (A1,B1,C1,D1) These Are Phone Numbers Which I Have To Short For Small To Large Or Large To Small Sorting Data In Row P1 To S1 22-34567, 333-7465, 66-66970877, 8764576890 (P1,Q1,R1,S1) P1 =...
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    converting value to phone number format

    Does anyone know how to use vba to format a phone number to the correct format? For some reason when a user enters a phone number with this format: (###)###-#### my script will not change the value to the correct format of: (###) ###-####. The only format difference is the space between the...
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    Phone Number Format

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is an easy one. I have a very long list of phone numbers. They are currently in the following format: 02 1234 5678 I want to change this so they look like: 02 12345678 I want the cell to include the 0 at the front (not just look like it) so when you click on the...
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    How do I strip out all non-numeric characters?

    How do I strip out all non-numeric characters? I have 10,000 phone numbers, of which people entered in different formats, such as 212.123.1234 212 123 1234 212-123-1234 (212)123-1234 How do I strip out ALL the data/characters that are NOT numbers so the result is 2121231234 I want all...

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