pivot table % formatting

  1. G

    Show Only One Unique Value in Pivot Table?

    I am not sure if I am asking the right question, but I will try. I am creating a pivot table with data similar to what is shown below: ABCD1SystemIDNameAmount2Payroll5067John Smith III253Vendor5067Smith John254Payroll8855Debbie Brown305Vendor8855Brown R Debbie306Payroll3465Ned...
  2. Q

    Excel, Pivot table and total time formatting

    I am working a with a large spreadsheet that deals with elapsed or total time (e.g., 2:45:30 means 2 hours 45 minutes and 30 seconds NOT the actual time of day; 2:45 and 30 seconds AM) My column is formatted for TOTAL time but when I create a pivot table (PT) from the data the formatting is...
  3. K

    How to make Date Period vise Filter on Pivot Table ?

  4. G

    Pivot table formatting

    Hello, I've tried to source a solution to this but have struggled so far, so wondering if someone would be able to help. I have a pivot table like the one below. I have chosen to summarise the values as'the % of row total', which is really helpful. However, to help set context of the data, I...
  5. S

    How to set the Pivot Table Layout

    As shown in below Table. "F" has sold 2 items out of which one is defective. i.e. 50% of what he has sold is defective. How do i represent this in Pivot Table? I am unable to figure out the Layout. Raw Data: Sales Executive Products Sold Defective F XYZ NO D XYZ NO F XYZ YES C XYZ...
  6. J

    Using % of Parent Row Value in a Calculated Field

    I am looking to create a calculated field in my pivot table using the value generated from the 'percent of parent row'. I'd like to multiply it by another column but am finding that this might not be possible. Is there a way to do this? Or if not, is there an alternative? The pivot table has 4...
  7. P

    URGENT: Pivot table from set with repeat data, blank cells

    Attached is a sample of the data set I am working with. I am trying to figure out how to create a pivot table so I can easily filter and see numbers like: -How many dogs vs cats were adopted -Who adopted the most number pets -Which city had most number of pets up for adoption -Of those, how...
  8. Y

    Pivot Table Percentage Change

    Hello, I have a pivot table that shows the usage of a material. It shows the target amount of boxes, the actual usage of boxes and the variance between the target and actual. The columns are in the values field. I can't seem to find a way to get excel to use the values field to create a...
  9. X

    Created a column for Month (integer) in a named range, trying to display it as a named Month (ex. "March"), excel keeps reading this integer as a day.

    Right now I am working with a data table, to which I added a 'Month' column, as an integer (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.). While pulling this data into Pivot Tables using the Month column, I wanted to display the months as actual names Months - 'January, February', etc. When I edit the...
  10. H

    Code to auto fill down using Macro

    I extracted data from another database. I want to make this data in pivot table formatting, which means fill Country and Product Column in every row so I can do analytics by country or by product type. There are 15000 rows. How can I do it using Macro? <tbody> B C D Country Product Product...
  11. K

    Pivot table format problem: Moving the body of the pivot table or formatting the filter value cells?

    Hello all, I am wondering if it is possible to move the body (column/row/values) area of a pivot table so that it does not sit directly below the filters. Likewise, if that is not possible, is it possible to merge the filter values across multiple cells (excel won't let me do either upon...
  12. L

    VBA Macro set column width in a Pivot Table on creation

    For the life of me I can't find where I can set the Pivot Table's column size for just xlColumnField and I've spent far too much time on this simple little thing. grrrr I have several macros that auto generate pivot tables based upon criteria. I want the Autofit columns to be turned off after...
  13. K

    Pivot grand total % calculation

    I am working on a pivot table to look at data of previous quarter and current quarter. I got a grand total in the bottom for each value. However, when I am putting a formula for % change from previous quarter to current quarter, in the grand total, the % change is not based on total and it is...
  14. K

    % of chnage from prior period to current period

    Hello I have pivot table where I am showing prior period number and current period numbers. I would like to add a column in pivot table that auto calculate the % change from prior period to current period. Please help me how can I add the field to show % of change.
  15. M

    Pivot Table Conditional Formatting for Minimum Value falls apart with Filters

    Hi Mr Excel board, been using you for a few weeks now. I have been tasked with creating a Pivot Table each week for our buyers that will highlight the lowest price from a vendor for each item. I used the solution found at Highlight the lowest and highest value in an Excel row or column -...
  16. M

    Pivot Table -- I need the "show value as" to stay the same even when some values are filtered

    Hi, I have a Pivot table in which I am tracking the rate at which two different values (P and F) occur annually. However, I only need to graph the rate at which P occurs. I have been able to show the rates in my pivottable by using the "show values as % of parent total." The problem I'm...
  17. P

    templates for Formatting piovt tables

    is there a way to save templates that can format pivot tables? defuault is classic but can we save a template that does not display sub-totals and grand-totals?
  18. V

    Modifying value fied setting for all fields present in the values section of a pivot to %age of total

    Hi, I just put a pivot together which had values for every day of the month for the last 6 months... Think of it as the values of 4 or 5 stock prices being tracked on a daily basis over the past 6 months for 5 clients or something... Once I was done with bringing down the sum of around 180...
  19. srizki

    Comparative Bar Chart formula

    I have cost center numbers in say column A, column B, C, and D house, Standard time, over time and double time , I am asked to provide the comparison of standard, single and doube overtime, that is expensed to these cost centers. what formual should I use or how can I do this. Thanks
  20. G

    % of Total without including subtotals

    Hey, I'm using a pivot table for a production report. I want to subtotal the rows but when viewing the % of total I dont want the subtotals to be counted. Its counting each subtotal as a percentage of the whole...somenone help! Thank you!! <TABLE style="WIDTH: 502pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE...

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