1. R

    Hierarchy and dependency

    Hi I have a set of data where I like to collect all data like in a pivot table but I like to choose as follows Project no Project sub The city will be related on country. So only cities related to country are visible in the drop down menu I have tried with power pivot, but I don’t quite...
  2. B

    Update Pivot Tables with Refresh

    Hi, I need to update pivot tables in a certain order, can some help with this? The data is on a tab called Details, on this tab I have a from/to date range and a refresh button The first pivot table is called Helper Pivot The second pivot table is called Pivot, which pulls data from both the...
  3. N

    Pivot table - Difference between two '% of Column Total' Columns

    In my pivot table, I created two columns using Show Values As: % of Column Total. One is Dollar Share and the other is Dollar Share YA. How would I calculate the difference between the two columns and have it appear in a separate column titled, Dollar Share Change? Since I calculated them using...
  4. T

    How to create a candlestick chart from a Pivot table?

    Is it possible to create candlestick chart from a PivotTable? I just can't find out how to arrange the data to be able to create a candlestick chart. I only get "You can't create this chart type inside a PivotTable". I have the PivotTable connected to a database connection and it would be...
  5. A

    Similar Variable in Pivot Table appearing as sub groups

    Hi I am facing this problem I have the daily work score of 100 candidates for Jan, Feb and so till Dec. I want to find their average score for each month like Jan, Feb ..... The Months are arranged in rows and the candidates are arranged in columns Now when I want to create an average using...
  6. T

    Pivot/unpivot help

    Hi Using PowerQuery I want to transform the first table into the second so that every 'Number' in a 'Region' shows every 'Location' in that 'Region', with multiple rows per 'Number'. This is just dummy data. I have tried doing this with pivot/unpivot but struggling to get my head around it...
  7. T

    Power Query: pivot column with text as value field

    Hi I want to use Power Query to pivot a set of data, but instead of the value cell being a number, it is text. I need to turn this: into this: This is just an example of how the data is setup, using PQ does work for this data, but when I try it with my actual data I get the...
  8. D

    Display/Extract table content into a different table... possibly a Pivot?

    Hi all, So I have a table similar to the below which acts as a matrix, so Req ID 1 is in F1 but could be in any number of Fx, up to about F80. The status of a Req ID can be updated The Team X is the team who is interested/working on the particular Req. Req ID Status F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 1 Agreed...
  9. F

    Pasting a pivot table into values, allowing me to edit the numbers, while maintaing the subtotal/grandtotal sum formula

    I am not sure if this is possible I have this table: Is it possible for me to paste this table into value, allowing me to edit the numbers for T0 and T1, while still maintaining the subtotal/grandtotal formula? Something like this Thank you so much for the help The imgur is just a quick...
  10. B

    Pivot Table question - could be impossible to implement

    Hi, I have table queries which are appended into one query. see below I have a sheet which some fields are taken from above (some not shown here) see below Columns 1 - 3 are Pivot Table fields Merged cells in merged column 4 is formula cell - The result of the formula will show text of the...
  11. Pi Man

    Pivot table field Inclusion/Exclusion

    Hi All, I am building a data set from a download of data from our Reporting Tool. To ensure the data reconciles: - For 2023 Plan I need to take All Country Data - For Actual reporting, I need to exclude one of these My Question is - How can I build a Pivot Report based on the whole data, with...
  12. M

    Suggestions for Complex Report Layout

    I was asked to keep track of a project and need to report on its progress every month. The raw data will be names, office locations, current model assignments, new model assignments, and the date the new model was reassigned. Initially, I was going to create monthly tables based on this data...
  13. oriwitt

    Graph from multiple data series

    Hi, I have multiple data series provided from a source in a format similar to SeriesName1 NameTitle DataPoint1Title DataPoint2Title DataPoint3Title Person1 DataPoint1 DataPoint2 DataPoint3 Person2 DataPoint1 DataPoint2 DataPoint3 etc SeriesName2 NameTitle DataPoint1Title DataPoint2Title...
  14. N

    Is it possible to automatically refresh pivot data extracted from PowerBI?

    Hi everyone I've got an excel sheet with data sourced from PowerBI which is utilised daily however, I'm having to click "Refresh All" under Data every time i use it. Is there anyway to automate the data refresh? The PowerBI data is updated once every morning, if I could align my data to...
  15. N

    Sorting through pivot table data based on user input

    Hello everyone I have a pivot table that sorts data based on the date, the goal is to make this more user-friendly so that other people can use it. The pivot data I'm using is outsourced from PowerBI so I don't want to adjust it. Basically, the date filter for the pivot table sorts the date...
  16. E

    Pivot Calc Help

    Hi All I'm trying to add a calculation field to work out the % of two items in my pivot However, when I try to insert the calc field, i'm unable to work with the columns I need to work with My data set consists of individual training records, each row consisting of an e-learning module that...
  17. S

    Pivot VBA issue.

    I have a pivot table created where I'm trying to copy the data from pivot table to another sheet. below is the snipper of the pivot data Sheet where im trying to move the data With the below code im only able to iterate through the first row of the data for each user and only first row for...
  18. A

    Preventing collapsing columns while refreshing Pivot Tables

    My Pivot Tables are refreshed automatically through loads of UNIT4 ERP. Using Excel 365. But they are automatically collapsed: I need them (automatically) expanded: How can I prevent the collapsing?
  19. E

    Pivot Table Sorting Dates Out of Order

    Hello, I have a data table with the start date and another column that uses several formulas to extract the month and year from the start date. I created a pivot table with the data set but the date columns are being shown out of order. I have tried formatting the column as dates but the result...
  20. V

    Sort pivot using VBA

    I have a pivot table (Columns are Name and marks) and I have created a dropdown that contains a list (Alphabetical, High to low, and Low to high) If I choose Alphabetical my pivot should get sorted in Alphabetical order by Name column If I choose High to low my pivot should get sorted in...

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