1. B

    HELP! Chart to Monitor Daily Workload

    Hello- I am having a time trying to find a way to develop a formula to monitor our daily schedule AND actual # of jobs/ work orders that are on our schedule each day, up to each work orders due date. I attached a screenshot of a generic table. We use Air Table to enter all of our Work...
  2. T

    Filtering rows in pivot chart

    Fairly new to excel. I have created a pivot table and organised it to display what I need. When creating a pivot chart, when I create a slicer I cannot filter the data/rows I want to view. It may be that I need to add something to the raw data or that I need to change my pivot table/chart...
  3. S

    Combining Cells with Partial Text Matches

    I'm really not even sure what the best way to do what what I want is so I'll start by describing the desired outcome. I have a spreadsheet with say 10,000 product names in one column and attributes for each product in a row. Many of these rows are the same product but using a different name...
  4. T

    Pivot Table - Non-Contiguous Range

    I just wanted to share a trick I "discovered" for creating a pivot table from a non-contiguous range. I have reports I run weekly from our company financial system to show Purchase Order (PO) Details; one report per active project (unfortunately). I have a macro that formats, replaces static...
  5. B

    Pivot table sort

    Hi, I am trying to sort a pivot but it does not properly work and I have spent hours on it. I sent a screenshot of my pivot. As you can see my pivot is first sorting by Issuer2 in first column which I like. But then I am trying to ask him to sort by total (3rd column) within each Issuer2 which...
  6. K

    VBA inputbox with date range before pivot

    Is it possible in the file I attached, before creating a pivot, to create a pivot only from a specific range? I particularly mean the range from the date to the "SHIFT GEGINNING DATE". Preferably using a window that would give the possibility to enter the date from - to using the...
  7. R

    Pivot table summed field query

    Hi all, I have a pivot table based on stock levels over multiple weeks, most of the fields work as expected (transfer in/out, etc.) but one I'm having trouble with is 'Opening Qty'. The issue is that this field sums the 'Opening Qty' from each individual week in the range when I actually I just...
  8. J

    VBA for Dynamic Chart Data with N/A or Dynamic Range

    Hi All, I can define columns and data for required columns and So on for dynamin range But how do i convert it into complex charts in the excel file under Tab "Chart Data" Can anyone advise Now there are 2 questions here Can i create a chart where i can ignore blanks and N/A so my data can...
  9. D

    Why can't I change the "Summarize By" (sum, count, average) section of a calculated field in a Pivot Table?

    I'm learning to use PivotTable and I'm attempting to create calculated fields and change them to counts or sums, but it's greyed out? No matter which data source I use, how simple the calculation is etc. I wanted to change Sum to Average, so to get average profit and average cost per age group...
  10. D

    One year slicer to control two different pivot charts with different date columns but same data source?

    Hey, I have an excel table with invoices. Invoices has two dates, one is the date of completion, the other is the date when the invoice was actually paid. I need two different charts from this. One that shows revenues according to the first date, and one that shows revenues according to the...
  11. B

    VBScript to create pivot for entire data on a tab

    Hi All, I am trying to write a script to create a pivot table for the entire data set on a tab. When I record it and run the macro on a table with a larger number of rows, the macro set the range to only include the number of rows that existed in the dataset when the pivot was recorded. Can...
  12. S

    How to create a pivot slicer based on Values?

    Hello, I have a pivot table and my values are mostly based on calculated fields. I want to make a slicer based on the values so that it will only show based on slicer filter. Can someone help me please? Appreciate the help!
  13. D

    Create Pivot table counting #starting

    How would I go about creating a pivot table (if that's what I need) to take the values in column A (start), count them and show in a poor mans chart? Thanks Poor mans chart Input Data Sheet1 Start End 2/18/22 10:00 AM 2/18/22 5:45 PM 2/18/22 11:00 AM 2/19/22 1:24 AM 2/18/22 11:00...
  14. V

    Lookup number from string in pivot using index/match/left

    HI, I am trying to return a value for a number in a string in a pivot table. Currently I've been using index/match with left but keep getting #n/a return value. Open to any suggestions :) THanks!
  15. A

    VBA Pivot table for rosters help please

    Thank you for taking the time to help, I am using VBA to create a pivot table that will be used to view staffing / allocations over a number of dates. The data fields presently in the pivot table macro are separated in one column grouped in rows, Position 1 through to 4. "Actual work" is...
  16. S

    Help with pivot tables

    HI, I am collecting data using Microsoft forms and the data is automatically dumped into an Excel spreadsheet as shown below in Table 1. I am wanting to pivot this table so that the data is presented as shown in Table 2, but I can not work out how to do it. Can anyone help, please...
  17. B

    Pivot table calculation based on distinct users

    Hi, My source data has: userid - > Departments -> week ending dates -> jobs raised I want to show the average number of jobs raised per department in each week. I don't know how to get a count of unique of user ID other than to have user ID as a row in my pivot. I need to know how many...
  18. S

    Pivot table time date sum

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to create a pivot table with date/time information and then have that information displayed as a total number of hours each day on the pivot table. In this example on 2/3 the pivot table would display 8 hours 48 minutes, 2/2 on the pivot table would display...
  19. Jyggalag

    Implement IFERROR formula for data in Pivot Table?

    Hi all, I have this data sheet: I have turned it into percentages and I assume that the top value (0.36% & -1.52%) are the sums of my columns (I am very new to Pivot, sorry). But I have #DIV/0! errors! :( Is there a way in which I can implement an IFERROR formula for my entire pivot table...
  20. A

    Two identical columns in pivot with different data

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have on my issue here: I have column ("times,") formatted as time (XX:XX:XX AM/PM) that has times in it. I have a second column ("times round,") that is referring to the first one and is ROUNDING (down) those times to 30 minutes (and formatted the same)...
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