1. A

    the ultimate refresh-all script?

    Hi all, Looking for this for a long time, but never found a definite and all-round 'one-button' vba script. Maybe someone can pull this off and make a lot of people happy with this; unfortunately I'm unable to pull it of myself. So the question: I want 1 script that, for the active workbook: *...
  2. B

    Filter multiple pivots basis value from cells in column

    Hello All, I am trying to read values from cells in column ("seller") column A one by one and filter multiple pivots with same filter i.e. ("seller name") using the cell value. Post which it should send an email to email id from adjacent column i.e. column B. In short the macro should select a...
  3. J

    I need help filling cells with colour after pivot table resizes

    Hello all, I've got a load of pivot tables on a sheet and have coloured all the surrounding cells white to make the page look better. However, when I use a slicer to change what the pivots show, when they reduce in size the cells left showing have no fill. I've manually filled them and also...
  4. J

    Pivot Table Grouping

    Hi All I feel this is probably something very easy that I am missing. When I create a pivot table with my data I cant seem to group any of the data columns. As a result,if I want to show the complaints that were upheld in March 2019 I have to look in the filter and manually select each day in...
  5. megera716

    Refresh All "couldn't get data from Table8" - but no Pivots reference Table8!

    Our budget has many pivot tables. When I click Refresh All, I get an error saying "We couldn't get the data from 'Table8' in the workbook 'M:\2019 Budget.xlsm'. Table8 doesn't exist (per Name Manager), as you may have guessed. The thing is that there also ISN'T a Pivot Table that references...
  6. M

    Linking cells to pivots

    Bear with me, I hardly use pivots as I get by by using formulae................... I have inherited a spreadsheet with a pivot table that each month gets "wider" as a new month appears. So eg JAN FEB MAR TOTAL this month, JAN FEB MAR APR TOTAL next month etc etc In cell A1 there is a formula...
  7. D

    Cannot group selection

    Hello all, I'm working on a spreadsheet where I have numerous pivots. Some pivots I'm able to group the date field, however there's one pivot that I'm unable to group the same date field I'm able to in other pivots. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I've tried creating a new pivot...
  8. F

    Filter All Pivot Tables Based On A Value On Worksheet

    Hi All, After going through following threads and few more, I could not find a solution to my problem so starting a new thread. https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/547911-filter-pivot-table-values-array-cells.html...
  9. F

    Filter Multiple Pivot Tables Having Different Sources

    Hi allz, I have a workbook having multiple sheets and one sheet containing Pivot Tables connected to all other data sheets. The data have one column that is common among all data sources lets say "SP" column. I need to filter one SP value on all Pivot Tables with a single click. I can not use...
  10. H

    ActiveSheet Refresh

    Hi, I think this is a simple question but I can't figure it out. I'm using this code to refresh a pivot if data on a worksheet is changed but it's refreshing all pivots rather than just the pivots on the active worksheet. Where I'm running into issues is that I dont want to have to specify the...
  11. A

    Pivot Table Averages - Ignore Blanks?

    I'm having an issue with a pivot table giving me "#DIV/0!" because it is taking the average of a number and a blank cell. How can I have the pivot table take the average of desired values but ignore the blank cells? <tbody> Team Program Completion NorthA North NorthB North 40% NorthC...
  12. M

    Generate workbook deck from multiple pivots in same workbook

    So I have a workbook which has 3 worksheets. 1st - Raw data. 2nd - Pivot from 1st sheet and 3rd - Pivot from 3nd sheet. Both pivots have different formats though base raw data is in 1st sheet. Also note that both pivots have a common "FILTERS" The requirement is to generate a deck of 3 sheets...
  13. M

    Pivot - Beginning, Activity, Ending

    Trying to design a pivot table (unfort can't use PQ) to design financial stmnts with columns for: beginning bal, then activity, then ending balance. I was able to create a column in the fact table showing only the beginning balances, but I can't seem to get this to work in the pivots. It...
  14. K

    Pivot Table with multiple Pivots within?

    Hi all, Firstly apologies if this has been asked before or if my wording is wrong, happy for any mods to correct any of this as I'm relatively new to all this. I have the following columns in a Power Query, which is combined data from two tables which are downloaded and regularly updated using...
  15. B

    VBA to set PivotField value

    I have recently converted a project to use the Data Model and Power Pivots. This project has numerous Pivots on a template. The Pivots need to set the value of a PivotField to change the view between various departments. When I recorded the actions, I got a line that looks like this...
  16. C

    Excel VBA validation not working with blanks

    Hi, I have the below code that filters a pivot table based on a cell value but if the cell value is blank it errors out, not sure what I'm doing wrong as it seems simple - any help appreciated. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ' Filters Pivots table on Market Name If...
  17. S

    Mail every worksheet with address in A1

    Hello I am using code from the below link to send multiple sheets to email addresses in cell a1. http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s1/outlook/amail5.htm I have hit a snag though. My sheets are made up of filtered pivots and I don’t want the recipient to be able to take the filter off. Could the...
  18. E

    using VBA code to change pivot filters based on cell values

    I have a worksheet with 5 different pivots tables, 4 from one source, and 1 from another source. I've mapped in my service director (SD) last names into both sources. Here are the names of the pivot tables. Summary AllInvoices Top10 Buckets Unbilled When I change the SD last name from a...
  19. C

    Measure not responding to table slicer

    Hi, I have a table in an excel file which has auto filters on and I have pivot tables derived from it. The table is included in the data model. I have slicers on the pivot tables, which are on different worksheets but, I want to filter all of the pivots together by selecting the visible cells...
  20. C

    dashboard question

    I built a dasboard, it allows you to log on and se departmental information. When it does it links a couple of hidden slicers that only allow person to see into their department. When user logs out back to general view I want to make sure the slicers are not somehow going cause data to be...

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