please help!

  1. S

    Categorize shifts based on time

    Hello, I have a work item where I’m in need to mark or categorize the shift data based on times ! Say for eg : 6 AM - 01-30 PM = Morning shift 01.30 PM - 09.30 PM = Noon shift 09.30 PM - 06 AM = Night shift My input data in A column would be 00:57 AM 13:47 PM
  2. C

    INDEX MATCH with Multiple Matches

    Hello - I'm working with a large spreadsheet consisting of sales data. One column lists the opportunity IDs and another column lists the tags associated with the opportunity (among other fields that are not relevant for this particular question). The catch is that each line item/row has only...
  3. HeRoseInThree

    search and display names

    My company hires few people, yet many apply. That being said, I would like to sort through the list of applicants to determine if they have previously applied as to not waste time on someone that we have chosen not to hire. I'd like to search their name in a cell (k12) and have it display a...
  4. L

    Transposing from Column to Row

    Hi all - I have a sheet (titled 'QRR Template') with multiple columns that users will be populating. On a second tab ('Extract for email'), there is a Command Button where if clicked, it copies the user data from the 'QRR Template' tab and transposes the data from row format to column format...
  5. L

    Combo box - changing drop down values

    Hi everybody - I previously had a drop-down box with a Data Validation list. I then created a combo box in order to have auto-complete. I have since deleted the data that was assigned to the drop-down box via the Data Validation list. I want to assign a new set of data to the drop-down box /...
  6. L

    CommandButton help

    Hi everyone. I'm a complete noob so appreciate any help you all can provide. I'm trying to edit the below code so that when a CommandButton is clicked, it allows me to copy row data from a different tab "QRR Template" and paste/transpose the data on the tab where the button is located. I'd...
  7. B

    12 Month Rolling Calendar Attendance Tracker Formula

    Hello All, I am fairly new to an administrative roll and am currently trying to finish an attendance track I have have started and I am stumped right now (excel novice). So basically our the two attendance rules at work are as follows; 1. You have 6 Sick occurrences to spend in a rolling...
  8. D

    VBA Program needed to insert page breaks and insert header when value in row changes

    Dear Excel Community I really need your help! I have a ton of bills which I need to submit for payment and I need help to get the data into the format I require. Basically I have a spreadsheet with list of company codes in Column A. I need a macro that can insert a particular selection when...
  9. S

    Having trouble getting cell to do what I want

    I am new to the site and I have been having an issue I can not figure out! I am working on our payroll program, and I want Excel to add a specific amount, say 24, to every employees bank of hours monthly. I want this to be done automatically without having to enter a figure. So for example on...
  10. N

    IF, ELSEIF Loop Not working. PLEASE HELP!

    Hello, I am attempting a loop vlookup with an IF statement. The Vlookup is matching loans # (in i,4) from the active sheet to the lookup sheet "CADM" to return the "Commitment Amounts" to the active sheet cell (i,5) and down. I have the Vlookup working just fine. The problem is when I want to...
  11. N

    Dynamic SUMIF Statement

    hello,new to VBA so I was hoping someone could help me out. I've looked through this website and online and can't find a solution. The below Macro will run on different tabs so it will go through columns of different row numbers. Therefore, I need to make my SUMIF and ranges Dynamic so they...
  12. J

    Duplicate help!!

    Hi, The overall problem I have is that I need to identify codes found column H and column J that match, When they match I need to identify if the order number is different in column E. So when the number in H has a match then look in in J for a code that duplicates. H J...
  13. S

    Consolidating columns when you need to keep one value over another

    I need to consolidate 3 columns of phone numbers into 1 column, but I need to be able to prioritize the data in one column over another. For example if row 1 has a number in all 3 columns I need the consolidation to know that the information in Column D is kept over the information in columns C...
  14. T

    VBaA - Scroll Bars to change date in a cell

    Hi Bit of a novice at VBA so any help anyone can give me would be very much appreciated. I am trying to add a scrollbar to a spreadsheet that changes a date in a cell. I have managed to fix the bar to cell to change the date however I need to have a range of 31/01/2012 fixed as the minimum and...
  15. L

    Indirect function help

    Hi all I am using the following function to return a value form another worksheet. There will be there will be X20 versions of the same thing repaeted X52 times, as it is part of a calculations page returning values for various things over a year. to speed up my writing and help allow for...
  16. C

    Need Help!

    Hi! Is there a ISDATE native formula in excel? I am trying to enter a formula in one cell (cell Z11) in which, it will display TRUE if T11 finds the same value or date in cells B11:R32. Please take note that I formatted cells T11 and B11:R32 as [$-409]d;@ so that it would only display as number...
  17. N

    Help Please

    I have list of 10 city name in cell A6 to A15, which changes as we select the country in cell A3. Now I have a pivot table with field "cityName" at Row Labels of pivot. I would like to select this field item as per the value in cell A6 to A15 thru vba. The country with the city list and the...
  18. C

    Validations roadbloacks

    Hello guys, I have 2 excel files: 1) My utility(that contains code which is run when a button is pressed) and 2) A forecasting file which has several columns starting with Project ID, Project MU Desription, Cluster and so on... All these columns needs to be validated for the kind of data they...
  19. V

    Need help Matching numbers

    I have a very large file with two columns with about 40,000 rows, is there an excel formula to match the same numbers in column A to the same numbers in column B and all the other non matching numbers to be pushed to the bottom of the columns?? please help me
  20. 2

    2010 Holiday Form - Formula Help

    Hello, I am currently creating an annual leave formula for the company I work in and I need help. I have created 4 headings <TABLE style="WIDTH: 195pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=260><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 51pt; mso-width-source: userset...

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