1. S

    Trendline values using Dynamic Range in Excel - comparing with LINEST function

    Hello, I'm going to first explain in detail what I'm getting so that there's not confusion. I have the following data in subsequent columns: time(s), volume(cm3), volume(m3), time/volume(s/m3). So, as you can see, the first 2 columns are 'input type columns', in which I insert the values from...
  2. R

    Modifying trendline so that is <= all points on a plot (more of a "lowest limit")

    Hello, I have a plot where I want to calculate the "lower limit" of all points. (See the red line in the attached image I would like to calculate) The trendline function easily gives me an power-function through the the plot, could I perhaps adjust this so that all points is equal or larger to...
  3. T

    Word Crash, paste fail and colour loss during VBA Macro when Pasting Image from Excel

    This code is driving me insane. I have created a macro that is structured as below. It creates a chart based, copies it from an Excel Chart tab and pastespecials it into word. Creates a page break, clears the clipboard and does it again for a total of around 100 times. Please see the below...
  4. F

    List all possible results of a formula

    Hi, I am not sure if this falls into the formula or VBA realm, but I am trying to plot all the possible values in a reference cell against the corresponding result of a dependent formula. In the example below, the value in cell F4 is used by the formulas in G6:G24 to return a several "cost per...
  5. A

    Select data concurrant for chart

    Hello, I am trying to plot a bunch of time series via a macro I've written. When the column of data are NOT concurrent (like Range("A:A") and Range("C:C")), it works fine. However if I want to plot Range B s Range A (timestamps in A, data in B), then the graph comes out all messed up (all...
  6. J

    Display graph/chart in userform based on Combobox selections

    Hi all, So, I have a serform (U1), which has two combo boxes (CB1 and CB2). I would like the user to be able to make a selection from each combo box and this to plot a graph. The Y-axis values of both comboboxes is the same. I have a work sheet (see pic), with the number of fruit sales on...
  7. F

    How can I create a Dynamic 3D plot in Excel?

    Hi All I would like to create a 3D plot, let's say a 3D frame ( just a connection of lines) that needs to be demonstrated in 3D and can be plotted by giving the coordinates of the connecting points (x,y,z) the coordinates should be written in the cells in that sheet, that when I change them...
  8. B

    Plotting two non linear curves and extracting an average percentage imporvement

    I have two sets of data on excel with differing X and Y values and I am looking to draw comparisons and get an average % increase in flow for pressure over the range. Basically I did two experiments and want to compare the two and somehow quantify the improvement made statistically from the...
  9. M

    Plot dots on a bar

    Hi there! Please help :) I have a graph with salary range and I want to plot my employees as dots on a bar per grades accordingly. I think I did all right, but my dots (employees) appear on a right side of the graph and not on the bars ( salary range). Both Employees and salary range are primary...
  10. M

    How do I get a label in a scatter plot instead of "Series 1 Point"?

    I've got a scatter plot and when I hover over a point, it says something like: Series 1 Point "1.03" (1.03, 4.12) Series 1 Point "2.7" (2.7, 3.06) I'd prefer for it to say: Thomas (1.03, 4.12) Leslie (2.7, 3.06) I can get the labels onto the chart, the problem is when hovering the mouse...
  11. S

    Scatter Plot X,Y Coordinate Number of Occurrences

    I am looking to build a scatter plot to illustrate how many times an X,Y coordinate appears. So, if I have 15 occurrences of 2,3 then I would like to see 15 points at 2,3 on my chart. If I have 3 occurrences of 2,1 XY corrdinate, I want to see 3 points right there. I need this to be a scatter...
  12. A

    Assigning macro to SCROLL BAR/SPIN BUTTON

    HI, I have X,Y,Z coordinates of points(10 points) on a line. This line changes according to Time.. for each time change line changes and points on it also changes. Suppose it changes 5 times So I will have 5 such XYZ values for those 10 points. I have data for each time pasted in different...
  13. C

    Scatter Chart Plot Order

    Hi, I am plotting a scatter graph with values in column C vs column E. There are formulas from c1:c2000 and e1:e2000, and they have iferror statements to hide as "". I would like the chart to populate automatically hence the 2000 rows, even though just say 123 rows have actual values (the rest...
  14. A

    VBA re-position (center) x,y axis labels based on height,width of inner plot area of a chart

    I'm trying to figure out how to use VBA to center or reposition the axis (x and y) labels based on the height and width of a chart's inner plot area. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I

    Modifying Contour Plot with VBA

    I have a surface contour plot as a chart sheet. I need to be able to modify the number of series (20-200) and the number of data points in a series(200-1200). Do I have to do this one series at a time or can I just specify the rectangle that contains the data?
  16. M

    Step plot without dates on the x-axis

    Hello, I am attempting to create a step plot while using the following data shown below. I have been unable to so far because my x-axis values are not dates. <tbody> x-axis y-axis 0 25.85 0.67 25.85 0.67 -63.69121262 3.68 -63.69121262 3.68 44.58121262 4.35 44.58121262 4.35 -6.74...
  17. xeven_

    Plot an HMA "Hull Moving Average" on my line chart

    I have excel 2016. Can I plot the HMA "Hull Moving Average" on my line chart? The formula they gave is: HMA= WMA(2*WMA(n/2) − WMA(n)),sqrt(n)) If so how do I enter it, as I have never done this before? Thanks
  18. W

    How to Adjust the Axes to Accurately Show Data [Box Plot]

    Hello, So, I am trying to create a box plot of a statistical breakdown. My statistical breakdown does have negative values and I was able to make a box plot to account for the negative values by using a first and secondary axis. Right now, my problem is that I am not sure how to adjust the box...
  19. R

    Plot blank X-axis values

    Hi I am trying to plot daily values. The table value for the x-axis consists of a if statement that returns "" if a certain condition is not met: =IF(A52<='By category'!$E$3,Sheet4!A52,"") My problem is that for all the cells that are false (""), an empty space is plotted on the x-axis. So if 5...
  20. C

    Scatterplot treats letters as 0 numbers, how to prevent that?

    I have same data points from equation =IFERROR(K3+Q3;""). When I plot these numbers and "" blanks into scatter plot, "" blanks are treated as 0 numbers. Is there any way to prevent that?

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