1. M

    Math with DataLabel.Caption

    It has been a while since I have been this stumped.. I am trying to compare points values in 2 series so I can adjust the position of data labels so they do not overlap. This works well for all but one of my charts, which after some troubleshooting I learned is because it is evaluating them as...
  2. E

    Take values from a single cell and gives output as sum

    <colgroup><col width="64" span="14" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Plot No Plot Size 1 117 2 110 3 175 4 348...
  3. I

    Bubble Chart

    I am trying to Create a Bubble Chart With the following data I would Like the x-axis to be the top row (Red Numbers) and the y-axis to be the Left side row (Blue Numbers) with the bubble size being the data in the middle. I have been unsuccessful in having Excel Plot this data correctly...
  4. S

    VBA creating xy scatter plot with loop

    Hi. I have tried to build a code for creating an xy scatterplot. I have two columns where the values that I want to plot starts in cells W10 and AC10. The last cell used in the plot may differ from time to time based on manipulation in other parts of the worksheet. For the values in column AC...
  5. J

    Data Visualization Issue - Misaligned on X Axis

    Hi All, I attempted to post an attachment, but it appears I do not have this permission? I am attempting to fill the are under my XY scatter plot, but for some reason the area chart and XY scatter plot are just slightly misaligned along the X Axis. If anyone is willing to attempt to recreate...
  6. L

    Excel 3d plot without add-in

    Is this plot realizable in Excel without any additional software?
  7. J

    Charts - combined column and line chart - removing gaps in data

    Hello, I've been searching for a while, but I haven't seen something quite as complex as my question... I'm trying to create a chart that combines columns and scatter/lines. I have an x-axis that is years, and I have a primary and secondary y-axis. I'm wanting to plot one data set to each...
  8. O

    Dynamic offset etc

    I have 2 sets of data, for 2 indicators, over time. Format shown below (of course, the data sets are much bigger) Data set 1 (indicator A) <tbody> City 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Airdrie 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Brooks 9 8 7 8 4 2 1 2 5 Calgary 4 7 4 3 4 8 7 6 1 Duncan 7 5 6...
  9. H

    Scatter Chart - Exponential Trend-line Question

    Hello all, I have used this forum as an Excel resource for years but I am having one of my first major issues with the Excel Scatter Chart trying to plot an exponential trend-line with one of my data sets. See below: Basically, the exponential trend line will not plot on the second chart, it...
  10. T

    how to get the curve maxima?!

    How can I get the value of the point that I have circled on the attached graph? i have the data, I will plot the curve, then how can I get the value?
  11. G

    Only first or last series created through loop is plotted instead of all

    The problem I have is already stated in the title - I have a loop generating 18 series in my code and I'd like all of those 18 series to be plotted on one graph. Somehow I don't know how to do it. It's probably a simple and obvious mistake, but I fail to see it. Hopefully someone could point it...
  12. R

    Creating graphs using only last nonempty cells

    Hello, I have data consisted of 18 columns. From these 18 columns I need to produce 9 graphs. However, i dont need to use entire columns for those,only last non empty cells. For instance, i need to take a value from last nonempty cell from a column A and B and use those two points to construct...
  13. R

    VBA code to have user select different column as X axis

    Hello, I am having trouble creating a code that would allow a user to pick which column(based on names in cells A1-D1) to use as x axis to construct scatter xy plot. The y data is in column E and remains constant. So i need an input box with 4 options probably and possible IF statement so that...
  14. R

    VBA code for choosing which column to use as X axis in a plot

    Hello, I am working on creating an if statement that will allow to a user to choose which column to use (from 3 choices) as X axis while making a plot. Y axis will remain the same. Once user makes the choice, excel should select specified XY range based on choice.Is this possible to create...
  15. R

    Multiple xy plots by selecting last non empty cells

    Hello! I have data consisted of 18 columns. From these 18 columns I need to produce 9 graphs. However, i dont need to use entire columns for those,only last non empty cells. For instance, i need to take a value from last nonempty cell from a column A and B and use those two points to construct...
  16. R

    Plot xy scatter line up to nonempty cell

    Hello, I am working to create xy scatter line graph using two data columns. Since data ranges change occasionally, i need to plot up to last non empty cells. Any advice how to approach this? Also, is there way to create a message box that will ask for a chart title? Im am very new to VBA,so dont...
  17. A

    Plot Graph via VBA, from multiple worksheet. Simple but complex - with examples

    Hello, I have a complex but simple request for help. I have some data I wish to populate onto a graph which has limited axis of: X axis = -5 to 5 Y axis =-5 to 85 (Please see attached image as an example) I wish to plot 2 series of co-ordinates onto the graph, with joint line. In total...
  18. G

    Plotting value vs. time every minute when data is available by the second

    Hello, I have a set of data from a real time piece of equipment sampled every 15 seconds. To go along with this I calculate various averages, rolling averages, rates of changes between each sample etc. On of the fields I calculate is an average value by the minute. I.e., I have 4 15 second...
  19. P

    Using if statement to declare range

    I have large amounts of data and would like to cut time down by not having to sift through it manually. Essentially, my the data in interest involves temperature and flow rate. I would like to be able to write a macro to create line graphs. But I want the macro to be able to sort through the...
  20. R

    Legend is not deleting entries when selecting data

    I have a interactive userform where users can select any number of 15 sets of data and then plot them (x axis is time and is common to all data sets). The data sets are picked by a "yes", "no" combobox before clicking the "Load" command button. How do I get the legend to plot only those...

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