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  1. S

    Pop Up Message Box - Out of Date items in a Column

    Hi All, I've been searching through this forum and others for a few days, and with my still limited VBA knowledge, I've been unable to find a VBA script that can assist me in achieving my goal - most of the solutions are for preset future expiry dates. To the question - I have a master...
  2. A

    VBA Code for upcoming deadline pop-up - message to show info from 2 other columns plus # of days until deadline

    I am a complete VBA novice and searched this forum to solve my issue but I still can't figure it out. I have a workbook with 3 worksheets and need a pop-up when opening the workbook. All the info for the pop-up will be derived from the 1st sheet which is named "OpenCases" Here is a screenshot...
  3. B

    VBA to pop up a box and run the code accordingly

    Hi, Can someone help me with the below requirement. I have a code that is running fine but I want to place a message box in between to give a break to the code to do some manual updates. I am looking for code that pops up with a message asking to do manual updates in workbook and with option...
  4. S

    Need help to change figure from positive to negative

    Hello everyone, I am working on a VBA code which changes positive figures to negative figures and vice versa. The code works fine if i select more than 1 cells but if i select only one cell to change the figure from positive to negative or negative to positive then all other numbers get changed...
  5. N

    Pop up alert when due date is reached / link cells of different sheets to one "main" sheet within same workbook

    Hi! This is my first time posting a thread so please be nice to me .. :cry: I have a workbook with 11 sheets - sheets 1-10 have Due Dates (E7 - E50 = reserved for the due dates even though some sheets only have 3 rows filled with dates). Sheet 11 is supposed to be like a main/front page...
  6. J

    Copy specific worksheets to new workbook (as values). Save as

    Hello, I am attempting to do the following: Copy all worksheets whose name ends in "-PP" into a new workbook (formats, values - NO formulas) Open a pop-up box in the new workbook that asks the user to enter the version number Open the save as window and save the file to the user's desktop as...
  7. L

    pop up menu with options to select

    Dear All, I am trying to create a macro to be with assigned to a button with my little knowledge of VBA, maybe you can give me a hand. What I want to do with the macro once I click the button is: - open a pop up menu containing a list of options - user select one or more options - specify a...
  8. N

    Excel VBA: DropDown Select Macro

    Hi All, I have an excel, where a drop down is created using data validation icon in Excel. there are 8 entries. There are 8 other hidden sheets in the excel whose name match that of the entries in the drop down list. I need a piece of code, where when the selection is made in the drop down...
  9. S

    VBA To Populate Pop Up Message In One Sheet, Based Off Cell Value In A Separate

    Hello! I'm trying to have a pop-up message occur on a tab ("Analytical Approach") that gives the user a warning, only if the value "3" is present between cells B4:B12 on a separate tab ("Control"). The cells in in the Control tab are populated based off of a Form Control button on Analytical...
  10. P

    VBA Pop-up Box

    Hello! I'm trying to create a pop-up window using VBA. I've been using a post by Trevor G and Lisa1, and I belive I've gotten quite ahead on this, but I can't conclude my window, as this is a bit more complex than the one on the mentioned post. Here's what I have so far: Private Sub...
  11. E

    Make slicer selection via Userform upon worksheet opening.

    I have a dashboard with several sheets displaying charts in various levels of drill down. While the sheets at the global level are very clear and easy to read, the sheets at the manager level are extremely busy until a Manager is selected in the slicer. Is there a way to have a userform pop up...
  12. C

    Popup if value in range is less than 5%

    I have a range of cells in row 39, with calculated percentages. If a change is made that makes any cell in the range fall below 5%, I would like a popup stating "Exceeded 5% Availability". This is the VBA code I'm using so far with no result. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If...
  13. L

    Pop-Up Message for only when a cell's value changes and not when other cells change

    I want to create a pop-up message for two of the cells that contain a formula. Cell A10 counts dates entered in column A for the current calendar year. E10 totals the hours and minutes in column E. I was able to create the following code: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If...
  14. W

    Create a Pop Up Text Box Able to Store Info Entered

    Hi, I don't know if this is possible, but I need to create a pop up editable text box. I want to have a button that says 'Enter Comment' and when clicked, a text box pops up where someone can enter their comments. After pressing 'OK' on the text box, I would then like for this information to be...
  15. K

    Excel 2007 Create a Pop Up Alert if limit is exceeded

    Hi! I'm creating a spreadsheet to calculate the total travel time between various destinations - I have already set up conditional formatting so if the total travel time exceeds 2 hours for example - the cell will turn red. What I want to do now is create an alert that will appear when the 2...
  16. N

    I need a pop up box in excel is needed

    I need a pop up box in excel as follow Cell E3 has a text based on formula Cell C3 has a text based on formula Cell C4 has a text based on formula What I need When data inputted in cell B3 or B4 a pop up screen will appear with the value in of the three cells in three lines E3 C3 C4
  17. B

    VBA for Popup to select a file

    Hi I am working on a project where i need to create a macro and give it to a user. The task is to create a popup window so that the user can select a file from a folder in their PC. Thank you
  18. G

    Macro Needed to Pop-Up Message Box Selection

    How do I create a macro in excel that when activated, asks the user to select an employee name from a pre-programmed list? I'm thinking it would be something to the effect of Radio buttons listing approximately 5 employees plus a 6th employee would be "Other: User types in name." () Bob ()...
  19. P

    Need pop up box to allow user to map to field on a different tab

    Yes, horrible title I know :)- here is my question: I currently have a spreadsheet set up where I have users use the simple = to map back to a field location on a separate tab. What I would like when they either click in the cell where the data will be mapped to is for a pop up box to show up...
  20. D

    Question Box

    Hi guys, Need some help. I need some VBA to create a pop up question box that will ask you a question with a part to input your answer and this then feeds in to a specific cell on the sheet (which will be referenced by the name manager) Example would be: What is your name? You reply...

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