1. W

    Runtime error 1004 when trying to create a PowerPoint presentation

    I am using the following code to create a PowerPoint presentation. Sub PowerPoint() Dim ar As Range, R As Range Dim PowerPointApp As Object, myPresentation As Object Dim mySlide As Object, myShape As Object 'Dim PowerPointApp As PowerPoint.Application, myPresentation As Presentation...
  2. Dr. Demento

    Pasting linked range or chart from Excel to PowerPoint

    I'm having trouble finding an example of the method of pasting a range or chart from Excel into PowerPoint as a linked object. A link would be great. Thanks y'all.
  3. H

    Excel VBA - Excel to PowerPoint - turn off PowerPoint Screen Updating

    I would like to be able to send data from Excel to PowerPoint with VBA. For example, I might like to populate a table in PowerPoint using data from Excel. I have code that does this, but it can be very slow. The trouble is PowerPoint seems to refresh with every change. In Excel it is possible to...
  4. Sanjeev1976

    Excel to Powerpoint - Link and editing range

    I have made different scenarios in Excel, which are then linked to a Powerpoint presentation. I'm trying to get the listing of these ranges of various links in the excel file. And the possibility of modifying the range in the links, which will then get reflected in the Powerpoint presentation...
  5. P

    Excel VBA to Change PowerPoint Slide Size

    Hi All, I have some code that takes a range from excel, creates a PowerPoint presentation and paste's the range from excel as a picture in PowerPoint - which works. The issue I have now is that PowerPoint opens in Widescreen format and I wanted some code for excel to change the slide size to...
  6. S

    Link Excel to Powerpoint

    Hi All, I have a Powerpoint presentation that pulls data from a worksheet from excel into it. I have tried the embedded option with update link ticked. I have managed to get the embedded object to auto update with no problems. The issue arises when I have another workbook open that is used...
  7. B

    VBA Code Question

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone had a VBA code string to embed an outlook calendar into powerpoint. Thanks!
  8. S

    [VBA] Positioning Chart in Powerpoint after copy pasting from Excel

    Hi, I'm not sure how to refer to a picture of a chart that was copied from excel and pasted into powerpoint. The macro copies 4 charts in total and pastes them into one slide. I looked at the selection panel and they are named Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 and Picture 4. I tried referring to...
  9. Z

    How do i identify an open powerpoint presentation in excel?

    I'm trying to write a macro that automatically uploads a chart to powerpoint but it currently makes a new presentation everytime I try to do it. I got the macro from the internet and tried to modify it but nothing I try seems to be working Here's the code(not my code) below Sub ChartX2P()...
  10. A

    Using Macros to Make Powerpoint Slides from Excel

    Hello, I am trying very hard to find a solution to this but so far nothing works... how can I write a code for a macro that takes a chart or table or cell from Excel and uses it to create the respective Powerpoint slides? Anyone have experience with this? Furthermore, I am using Mac currently...
  11. P

    User form in PowerPoint to feed Excel database

    I'd created a presentation/tutorial in MS PowerPoint, run it in a terminal mode, where users navigate through vba coded buttons. Now, I'm figuring a way to capture who views the PowerPoint (also, trying to capture their feedback). Could anyone please help with a vba code that could be tied to a...
  12. M

    Updating links from excel 2016 to powerpoint 2016 by clicking on an action button

    Is is possible to build an "action button" in PowerPoint 2016, that will allow the links on that slide to update by clicking on, instead of right-clicking and selecting "Update Link" on the pop-up menu? Is there a macro that can be assigned to the "blank" button in PowerPoint? If possible, this...
  13. F

    Make PowerPoint macro SaveAs overwrite without warning popup

    Hi, is it possible to write a code to Excel VBA that saves a PowerPoint presentation to SharePoint with a dynamic name (changes according to a specific cell value) and overwrites the existing file, if there is one? This is my code now, and it doesn't work. Application.DisplayAlerts = False...
  14. P

    Issue running PowerPoint through Excel

    Hi, I am having an issue whereby I wish to update a PPT template through Excel VBA on my Mac. I am able to open the template and save a copy of it no problem, however I am having a problem where I am unable to select objects on PPT slides to update without Excel crashing. Please see the below...
  15. C

    Latest version of Excel/PowerPoint

    Is it possible to link data from a Excel spreadsheet into a LIVE PowerPoint slide? So if I have PowerPoint running in Slide Show mode, is it possible (without any macros or VBA) to have another person updating a shared excel spreadsheet and have that data update instantly within my live...
  16. Z

    Call a specific picture (PNG) to PPTX according to condition

    Hi, I have a list in excel sheet that has themes (words analysis) this list is generated from pictures that have these words. What I need is to create a macro to call any picture to pptx if it meets the condition below: If I choose the theme "Growth", then I need all the pictures that under is...
  17. K

    Excel workbook to powerpoint with animation

    I'm not so good in VBA so I hope someone with more knowledge can help me. I have a *.xls file with nine Worksheet, in each worksheet there are two charts. What I want to do is to move the two charts from worksheet one to first page of a powerpoint file, place the two charts next to each other...
  18. D

    Excel VBA Code to delete slides in PowerPoint

    Hi, I have an excel file with a list of items in a column along with its inclusion as Yes/No in adjacent column. Based on the 'No', I need to delete some slides related to those items from the PowerPoint presentation in the same folder. As of now, I have already created a macro to process some...
  19. K

    Saving Active Powerpoint using Excel

    Hello hope everyone is well! I am trying to create a macro code to save a powerpoint that I have active and opened I have tried several methos but each one I get different error. So far this is the code that I have as well as the defined parameters. Please let me know if you have any feed back...
  20. K

    Copy and Pasting Picture to PowerPoint

    Hello hope everyone is doing great! So I am trying to copy and paste these pictures with specific "names" onto specific slide onto an existing PowerPoint. Below is the code that I am currently using please let me know if I can expound in anyway. I keep getting an error message on the bold, red...

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