1. P

    How to create an history with VBA

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I have a file of prices that I receive weekly, I do some simple calculations with pivot tables in the "Reporting" tab but I would like to create via macro a weekly history of these pivot tables to be able to compare them later. I mean make the pivot tables each...
  2. S

    Ticket Prices: Date Ranges

    I am trying to calculate how much someone needs to pay me, where the ticket prices are set for a certain period. I have already have help to get this far, but I'm struggling to work out why the formula would work in Office365 and not Office 2013 In Cell F2...
  3. F

    Complete web data from Excel

    Hello All. I need to complete a price of different articles on a website and they give me the data in Excel. I explain: Every week they send me an Excel with different article prices and I have to update those on the web. The Excel are two columns, one with the ID field and the other with...
  4. B

    Not sure how to do this easily?

    Hi I have created a work book which is basically which is a stock control book which covers a fiscal year. my problem is that the prices are set in one column for each month by linking each month to the next separately this allow or price changes at the beginning of each month. For each month...
  5. A

    Formula to calculate annual cost with unit prices with varying monthly volumes

    Hi all, I hope someone can help. I have a large XLS and I have a table of unit prices and then a separate sheet with costs by year. The problem is that each year is a single cell and the number of units increases by 10k each month. Is there a formula that will allow me to derive the yearly...
  6. J

    Update prices automatically on a specific date

    Just wondering if its possible to update prices by inflation on specific dates. As an example, i'd like a loaf of bread at $1 to automatically adjust for a predetermined inflation rate on every Jan 1. I know i can make columns but I'd like only one specific cell to constantly update annually. I...
  7. J

    VBA Looping pulling from web

    Hello trying to get this to loop: Sub WebData_2() Dim lastRow As Long Dim x As Long Dim urls As Variant Dim Prices As Variant 'Create sheet lastRow = Sheets("7th Aug 2019").Range("H" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row urls = Sheets("7th Aug...
  8. E

    Create new workbook with selected data

    Hi, I'm looking for the most efficient solution to this problem... I have a workbook with 30+ tabs that contains stock items, supplier codes and their prices (6 suppliers per tab). I trying to create a new workbook that mirrors the former (data and format) but without the prices. I've no...
  9. P

    Is it possible to look up individual prices in a range, and then calculate the number of items at individual price

    This is share market related. Just trying to see how many shares, at various prices , were traded during day. This is an example of the csv file I want to work on Excel WorkbookABC1TimePrice $Volume24:10:16 PM1.055256234:10:16 PM1.0552500044:10:16 PM1.051000054:10:16 PM1.0451000064:10:16...
  10. W

    Adding 2 New Prices to Ticket Tracker Template

    I am a newbie with Excel and could use help. I am trying to use a template for Ticket Tracking for our Non profit Theatre. Here is the template I am working on.!AvrJXpPq_XWokllNt6BaJTbrlgJI I would like to add 2 new prices under D3. Could anyone guide me on this? Thanks!
  11. H


    Hello I am pretty new to VBA and I have a question In column A i have thousands of IDs, in column B their prices I have a userform where the user enters ID in textbox1 and in textbox2 the prices is retrieved. My question is if there is possible to enter multiple IDs in textbox1 and have...
  12. K

    Compare two columns for correct order

    Hi all, Is there a way to compare two columns to ensure that both columns are not only the same, but are also in the same order. I have a list of products, with prices and sub-totals, in my main spreadsheet. I get sent another list of products, with prices and sub-totals for a particular...
  13. P

    Pricing Auto Arrangment Flormula

    I have a column of prices from my Easter Flowers. An Example: Column A Prices are arranged as 376 384 386 389 387 384 381 384 386 393 390 389 386 389 etc. EXCEL needs to subtract the first two 376-384 which is a difference of +7. Now in Column B I need Excel to populate cells with the...
  14. E

    Pricing comparison

    hey; i need your help; i have a sheet containing 500 types of equipment each equipment has 2 or three prices and i need to get from it the min price , average and max prices and returning the supplier name for each value
  15. C

    Need help with formula

    I have a spreadsheet with products and prices. I need in my sales spreadsheet that if the product name is B the price is C, if the product name is D the price is E etc. I have around 80 products. I have tried all the way possible with the IF function but cannot make it work. Thanks
  16. DRSteele

    Reverse engineer prices in an Insurance Plan

    Can some math genius please help me? I wish to reckon the base prices for extended healthcare plan. There are three classes in the plans: Health, Dental and Prescriptions. Each of those three classes has three available variables: A, B and C. By clicking through the co's website, I was able to...
  17. R

    VBA HTML Pull

    I have been tasked with pulling information from a MURAL board (design thinking tool, which is pretty much an online whiteboard). I need to pull the following information for the stickies: Sticky Note...
  18. E

    How to find where result came from comparing to tables using index & min formula

    Hi, Im not sure if this is possible or if you can think of a way changing a few things so I can do this... Basically what I'm trying to do is compare 2 tables of prices in sheet 6 then get the cheapest result into sheet 1 and see what suppliers price it is . I have attempted this by having...
  19. J

    Send Email to Recipient Command

    I love the "send email to recipient" command and it works great for a tool I have in place to share updated negotiated prices. As I need more people to be able to use the tool, I have to consider their "limitations." Is there a code someone can provide me that allows me to create a button on...
  20. J

    Forecasting Price if target Exponential Moving Average value is known

    Hello, Here's my problem. You can download my example file here : Colomn A shows closing prices ; the prices *always* alternate up and down ; there cannot be an occurrence that prices moves up or down twice in sequence. (see Point and...

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