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  1. S

    Need to save an Excel Worksheet as a PDF and KEEP print settings.

    I have the below code set up to take an excel tab and save is as a PDF file. As an Excel tab, I have the page set up the way I want. However, when I export it as a PDF, the settings are gone. It automattically makes is legal and portrait, as opposed to letter and lanscape. Below is my code...
  2. L

    Printing Settings across many worksheets in workbook

    Hi all, I am struggling with a printing issue for a workbook with many sheets that I update & print on a weekly basis. Background - I am using Excel 2007, & pretty sure I'm working with a Windows 7 system. My workbook has many sheets, each with 4 graphs on them, which I have isolated on...
  3. S

    Print Area moving up on every page

    I am generating an excel file through an application. It contains repeatation of 2 rows and few charts. After every chart I have inserted a manual page break through VBA code. In the Normal view everything looks fine with proper page beaks but when I do a print preview, the charts getting moved...
  4. B

    Reset Excel 2010 default print settings for worksheets?

    Morning all, Is there any known way to counteract/reset this printing issue? Print options in Excel are applied per worksheet In short (well...), The office printer is set to double-sided/eco-print as default, but the documents I produce have to be single-sided to they can be scanned uniformly...
  5. L

    How do I keep the print settings saved for a worksheet?

    My coworkers and I share a spreadsheet that we update often and save on sharepoint. Everytime someone wants to print the the spreadsheet, they have to readjust all the print settings (set print area, adjust to landscape, fit width to one page, etc.). Is there a way to save the print...
  6. Johnny Thunder

    Excel 2007 - Macro when printing to include row $1:$1

    Hello all, I have a workbook that I have multiple tabs with data. Each month I have a macro that looks into all tabs except the master report and deletes all contents in each tab. Unfortunatlly this also removes all the print settings like when I tell each tab to always include Row $1:$1. Is...
  7. J

    Print Setup

    Each morning when i come into work there is a morning report I am responsible for putting together and distributing to 14 people around the office. For whatever reason, when I set the print settings to LANDSCAPE and then to FIT TO 1 to 1, it shrinks the page down so skinny that it only fills...
  8. j3andc

    Print settings with Macro - Speed

    I have a file where I am making multiple similiar sheets. I am using the following code to set the print settings of each page: With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .PrintTitleRows = "$1:$10" End With ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$1:$P$71" With...

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