How do I keep the print settings saved for a worksheet?


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Aug 30, 2010
My coworkers and I share a spreadsheet that we update often and save on sharepoint. Everytime someone wants to print the the spreadsheet, they have to readjust all the print settings (set print area, adjust to landscape, fit width to one page, etc.).

Is there a way to save the print settings in this worksheet so that it prints the same way every time someone goes to print it?

Cell content is the only thing changing - so the print settings will always be the same.

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Jul 14, 2010
as far as i know the page setup for each sheet is kept with the document (especially the ones you describe) - so if no changes are made - this shouldn't be an issue.
if (as it is very likely) everyone has a different printer with different settings (mostly the printer margins) it may lead to some differences in the ammount of information/rows on a page but not more than this.
unless it is something connected with the sharing.


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Aug 30, 2010
Thanks for your quick reply, but selecting the print area and fitting the width to one page are not settings that would change depending on the individual printers. (the percentage it would shrink it down to might change, but it should still print the selected print area, fit to one page width, in landscape, no matter what printer you use.)

Even taking sharepoint out of the equation....

How do I save the print settings so that everytime I open my document and print it (let's say it's saved on my own hard drive), the print area is already set, along with langscape and "fit to one page width".

Is there a way to save print settings you establish, or do you have to reset them every single time you open the document?


Jun 19, 2002
Can you record a macro whilst setting the print settings manually (I think you'll need to unshare the workbook to do that) and post the recorded code here. It should then be possible to incorporate the code into the Workbook_BeforePrint event.

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