1. T

    Print sheets

    Hi, I would like to print a table - 50 times - from excel, but on each printed sheet I would like the number 1, 2 ... 50 to appear. The table is in the range A1:G20. On the first printed sheet appear the number 1 (in D22) on the second sheet appear 2 and so on.
  2. V

    Print specific sheets seperately to printer and PDF

    Is this doable and could someone suggest a script? (Script would need to be seperate) 1. Print sheets seperately without prompt to the default printer: only if the sheet contains the text: "PrixMax" "6po" "Quote" (Then print them, else ignore) 2. Create a PDF per sheet (If sheet contains the...
  3. D

    Population of Multiple Templates from Workbook?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me with the following: 1. I have a table of data with filters applied from which I would like to fill (and print) templates in another worksheet as quickly as possible. In other words, each week I input some more rows into this table and then...
  4. S

    Printing code ignores some data/pages

    Hello, I have this simple code Sub Printout() Sheets("Breakdowns").Select Range("A1", Range("A1").End(xlDown).End(xlToRight)).Select Selection.Printout And I am not sure why this code doesn't work properly. It somehow misses middle rows, but prints all other from start to end.
  5. R

    Identifying Fillable Cell

    Does anyone have a good method of identifying cells that need to be modified in a spreadsheet to make it easy for the user to locate? I have not been able to find a way to highlight a cell or change the text color but not have them print in that manner, since I have color images on the form I...
  6. R

    Print All Text Black

    Is there a way to have all the text in a worksheet print in black, so that I can still have a color image print in color? I cannot choose the print black and white option in page setup because it turns the image black and white too. I am trying to figure out a way for users to easily identify...
  7. S

    VBA - Print Area Change (from a set range)

    I have an Excel template (wb1) containing VBA to print the set range of a sheet in another workbook (wb2) via a command button. Depending on the options chosen in wb1 will depend on which sheet w/in wb2 prints. The code works, but wk2 contains many sheets (each having their own print area set...
  8. Z

    Restrict Print Until Some Conditions are made

    Good Afternoon Mates! I want to make an excel sheet which will not allow the user to take print until the the latest changes are saved. Actually I have created a file which requires "password to modify". Without entering the password, one can access the file with "Read Only" mode. But, in read...
  9. B

    vlookup help

    Hello all, can you help please, I have inherited a workbook to look after, it has a sheet called “TIMESHEET” and one called” FINGER PRINT LOOKUP” first on has the following columns, date, user id, and finger print hours worked. last sheet records user id, in, out, and total time. (there are...
  10. M

    Right Footer not displaying correct information

    I have a workbook where I allow the user to print certain sheets. (There are potentially 30 to choose from, and they can print as few or as many as they want.) They have the option of having the date & time appear on each sheet, in the right footer. The code places this info in the right...
  11. G

    Dynamic print range VBA

    Hey there, I am trying to create a macro that will "read" the range from a cell such as "02" (A1:M39) and export that range as a PDF, however I have only been able to set the range directly in the VBA code, is it even possible to have it read a range that changes dynamically? For comparison...
  12. C

    Printing in a workbook.

    Hello all, When I am trying to print, the pages contains too much white space and doesn't take up the entire page or have my data too small. Please advise what I can do. For the first tab, I am trying to print the data onto 3 pages(portrait) but there is too much white space. How can I have...
  13. R

    Macro - Print sheets between two marker sheets

    Hello, I have multiple files with varying working and backup sheets but I would like to create a macro that will print the main group of tabs which will always vary in actual names. My initial thought was to create marker workbooks named 'start' and 'end' for example that would mark the...
  14. M

    Center cash flow over the whole page print area

    Hi, Can someone explain to me how I can get my print area centered out over the whole page? Currently it leaves most of the page blank, but I want it to be spread out whilst keeping to fit the sheet on one page.
  15. S

    Spaces don't look like spaces?

    Hello, I am putting together a string, and using the print statement to output to a file. I have an equation in the cell that I want to print out. The equation results in a string. That string has general characters, and spaces in it, and looks fine in excel. I use the following to print to...
  16. D

    Prompt for number of copies to print out

    I read several threads here and they seemed really close to what I need but not quite close enough. I have the following existing code that prompts the user to answer Yes or No when asked if they need to print the NMR form. I would like to add code if they say Yes, it asks how many copies are...
  17. C

    Batch Script for New Versions and Shortcuts

    I administer an MS Access DB with approximately 20 end users. Each user has a copy of the FE on their desktop. When I need to make changes, the Form_Load Event of the initial form identifies that a new version is available and runs a batch script to copy down the new version of the front end to...
  18. D

    Adjust page breaks on multiple Sheets Excel 2013

    Seems our engineering friends at Microsoft are at it again. They love breaking things that work perfectly. I have a workbook with about 70 identical sheets. I wanted to print the same rows on each sheet. Well in the 2013 version you can no longer set the print area on multiple sheets. Fine, I...
  19. T

    Can I make my PDF look better?

    Hi Everyone, OK not come across this one before but heres what i need. I have a sheet with 3 different Ranges Range B2:F10 Range J7:T37 Range AA3:AT40 Now the problem im having is I want these ranges to be my Page sizes but when i print i get everything shrunk to match the width of Range...
  20. A

    print filled data of invoice with ignore the empty cells

    hi, every one i have data in sheet1 begins from a2: f38 the empty data begins from a17:a32 i just would code print the filled data and ignore the empty data if a17:a32=""

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