1. N

    Print Visible Cells after Filtering

    When I try to print only the visible cells after filtering,it prints one row per page, instead of all on one page. If there is no filter on it prints correctlyall on one page. This is my code: FinalRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = Range("C7:M" &...
  2. G

    Print returned array

    I am looking for a way to print a returned array for a specific criteria. For example, if the following values in a column do not equal 0, I would like to return them and print them in another column. I do not want to use a Macro. i.e. 0 0 0 0 Apples 0 0 Oranges 0 0 Values...
  3. F

    How to take last data entry of previous product and substract from current product?

    Hello to all, I have the below macros IncomingProducts and RunAgain. - IncomingProducts: This macro simulates the input coming from users of StoreA and StoreB. For example purposes I've show the data entries from both stores with arrays. - RunAgain: This macro only calls IncomingProducts to...
  4. I

    Open and print sheets in a workbook using vba

    I want to be able to click a command button and the macro will open another work book and print the first 3 sheets in the new workbook This is what I got so far Private sub commandbutton_click() If Range("A1").value=4 then "c:\work\april\ivan\dinner\reciepts.xlsm"...
  5. K

    vba print area

    hello all, i have a worksheet with column A-I, row 1-250. however i'm not necessary to use every row every time. the question is how can i simply set the print area automatically to last row thus i can use less paper?:rofl: it seems my code below will goto row 250 every time and i will print...
  6. S

    Checklists data changes with each print per specific equipment

    Good day, I have a three checklists with a lot of checks for a specific equipment, Sheet 1, 2 and 3. The only cell value that should change on the checklist is the equipment number which is in cell A3. When i run the print macro, it should print out (a preview) the checklist based on the...
  7. D

    Check if printing entire sheet or just selection

    Good afternoon, I have a spreadsheet that is a continuous log of data with dates and times. I am dynamically changing the footer based on the user's selection and including the selected date range for the report as part of the footer. This is all working fine. What I would like to do is...
  8. H

    Restarting page numbers part way through report

    Hi folks, We have a report which consists of 10 sheets. Several of the sheets may vary in the number of pages that print. For example sheet 4 in the series may print 1 or up to 5 pages (varies with each report). For example: Sheet 1 - 1 page Sheet 2 - 1 page Sheet 3 - 1 or 2 pages Sheet 4 - 1...
  9. jlwalker63

    Print data from two worksheets onto one page

    Hi. I have a file with data on two separate worksheets. They need to stay on separate worksheets. But I need to print both worksheets on a single page, without scaling either. They're not large, they will both fit onto a single sheet without scaling. I did an internet search, my friend...
  10. jmacleary

    Watermark problems in excel 2007

    Hello folks. I have a problem with adding a watermark. I have followed the instructions given by a number of people on the web (including microsoft) and on this forum and added my jpeg into the header of my worksheet. In print preview, it looks perfect, but when I print, the watermark obscures...
  11. C

    Nested IFs?

    Hi everyone I'm using the below code which works fine: =IFERROR(IF(J29="As Required","Confirm Qty",J29*K29),) But I'm trying to work out how to add another if statement into the above code at the end so that the following also happens: If K29="Item Not Found" then ALSO in L29 print "Update...
  12. S

    Print using a userform

    Hi all, I have been searching for a code to print files from a company server (shared folder) but I can't get any working. On the userform I would like to have two comboboxes and a listbox. The first combobox would be populated by subfolders within a folder named "Projects" (which is saved on...
  13. I

    How to printout a specific number of sheets in a work book based on a value entered

    I have a workbook where in the 1st sheet I have a spot to enter a value and then I want to click a button and it will print the next corresponding sheets in the work book. For example if 5 is entered it will print the next 5 sheets in the workbook
  14. L

    Batch print hyperlinks in a cell range

    Hello, I have read the other threads on this topic and had no success. I am trying to batch print groups of PDF files. <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Example area 1: Column K, range K8-K13 S:\Engineering\4-DFdrawings\50168B04.PDF S:\Engineering\4-DFdrawings\50000C004.pdf...
  15. M

    using vba to save a pdf on a mac gives a prints error

    works fine on my pc but when the macro is run on a mac you a print error - and i'm only trying to save it. any ideas?
  16. W

    Print on both sides and flip short edge

    Good Afternoon, I have developed a form in Excel and Word have managed to create a User form for the user to select which printer they want the forms sending to. I have however now become stuck with getting it to do duplex printing. I am trying to find but am struggling how you tell both...
  17. L

    Add PDF to Button

    Could print to PDF be added to this button? My print area is B2:H53 Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim NxtRw As Long Application.EnableEvents = False If Range("J3").Value = "" Then NxtRw = 3 Else NxtRw = Range("J2").End(xlDown).Offset(1).Row End If Range("J"...
  18. S

    Excel Print Workbook

    Hello! How can we print excel workbooks in a one folder without opening the file? Thank you for your help!@
  19. D

    Get value if "1"

    Hi, How can i get the first line value of the collumn with "1" value and print the result on the last column like in example above: <img src="" alt="Capturar" border="0"> Thank you very much.
  20. I

    Printing to another printer than the default printer

    So I have this excelfile where I print labels to a Zebra printer. Normally I don't have the Zebra printer as default printer because I also print other stuff on a normal printer. Application.ActivePrinter = "Printer2 på Ne2:" I tried this and it works, but our server keeps changing the Ne...

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