1. I

    Conditional formatting: If the total of two cells is lower then another cell

    Hello, I would be really grateful if someone could answer the following If the TOTAL of two cells is less then the value you of another cell then post cells red, for example; if A3+A4 is less than C5 turn cells red thank you in advance
  2. A

    Restricted Access Not Allowing Approved Users Access

    I have a workbook with multiple tabs (months) to keep track of employee's work days and time off. I want everyone to be able to open and read the workbook to see their time and schedule, but I only want a select few (supervisors) to have permission to make changes without needing a password...
  3. F

    Vlookup but exclude "this value in search"

    Hi all, I need in 1 list to find if any values are the same. And thought that Vlookup would be the easiest way to do it? Example Value Name Name Value Name with same value 1 test 1 test 1 1 test 11 2 test 2 test 2 2 3 test 3 test 3 3 4 test 4 test 4 4 5 test...
  4. N

    Notes "crushed" by Autofilter--How to prevent?

    I frequently use autofilter on tables/lists containing cells with attached notes. Excel has this *maddening* behavior of changing the size of the attached note based on how many rows have been filtered out. I have attached (in pictures) a sample small table I created with names and ages. I...
  5. G

    Going back to the top of a list

    Hello everyone, First of all, I don’t have the files available so I’ll try to do my best to be clear ! Let’s imagine we have two columns, in the first one we have the employee’s number (it might be a number of numbers with letters). In the second column we just have a number (we can suppose...
  6. E

    Fill out empty slots with a loop

    Good day! I have a problem I can't solve in VBA. I have two tables, the first one with three columns: The name of players (distinct), date when they are available from and date when they are available to. In the second table I have four columns. One date column, one column that contains slots...
  7. D

    Vertical Scroll Bar fake copy?

    So I have been having this same problem for a long time. I just work around it, by scrolling with my mouse, which can be tedious. We used to have MS 2016, now we have Office 365. Problem existed on both. The document is a shared document, old school, not the internet sharing because I need to be...
  8. G

    RANGEs into COLLECTION: deleting them in loop, cause row ranges move to left?

    Hello I have a strange Problem: if I loop through a collection, where I put Range into it, and delete them with VBA, the last row somehow "grabs" a range from "right" and pull it to the left. Please see the pictures: Procedure_1: here you see the spreadsheet Procedure_2: This is my Listbox1...
  9. S

    Unable to copy or move sheet in Excel 2016

    Hello everyone!! i have this excel version when i try to make a duplicate sheet in workbook it showing like this, only 2 button are working that is View code and protect sheet: why other are not working??? please help me , i am worroy about this
  10. D

    Export to PDF macro fails on Excel Office 365, not on Pro Plus 2019

    Hi, I have a button inside Excel workbook which exports certain pages to PDF with one click on a button. The Excel version I am using is Professional Pro Plus 2019 and my customers version is the same build, but an Office 365 version. If I hit the button in my version it works, but if my...
  11. L

    APPLYING CALCULATION "E time" the IMEI + MAC ADDRESS by 11, then apply NCK calculation then you get "11 digit HEX"

    Hi there.. Can anyone solve this riddle for me... i was so confused in this.. hoping for your help... this are the samples "E TIME by 11" IMEI MAC ADDRESS 864436032939937 5C:C3:07:8B:C0:0B calculate in NCK THEH HERE...
  12. B

    Conditional Formatting keeps changing alignment

    Hi, I have simple to do list in a table with one rule in Conditional Formatting. If the text within cells D5:D19 are changed to "Completed", the entire row should color green. Somehow once the Conditional Formatting is applied the alignment is also changed. I already tried to save the Excel file...
  13. B

    =unique formula giving duplicates

    Hey all!! I have a unique problem... pardon the pun haha. I have a really simple equation =IFERROR(UNIQUE('Lims Report'!D7:D5000,FALSE,FALSE),"") This formula has always worked for a simple list with no duplicates, and now I have a list using this formula that has given me a duplicate :( Has...
  14. thelukeee

    Importing .Txt files based on date last modified, then sort file by Comma Separation (VBA)---Error: "Run-time error '76: Path not Found"

    Hello everyone, I'd appreciate some coding help in Excel using VBA. I'm very new to this. Background: There is a new .txt file made for each machine run, which contains details about the part and the weight gain. The .txt file is created automatically in the system, and goes unedited by...
  15. G

    Answer this

    In A15:B22, create a Data Table that calculates the estimated wage cost for wage rates from $24 an hour to $36 an hour in increments of $2 an hour.
  16. K

    Problem with Advanced filter in excel 2007

    Hello, i cant find what Iam doing wrong, I have quiet complex table (9199 rows actually and colums from A to FE) I wish to use just 2 columns for filtering, but i need to get few combinations of data extracted. 1st column iam using for criteria should search for like values Data1 - Data6 and...
  17. T

    Double Negative and If statements

    I have the following formula in cell A13 IF(AND(H6>0,J8<-0.02,L6>-0.02),"MANAGEMENT SIGN-OFF IS NEEDED",""). If the value of J8 is -.01 the true statement appears but -.01 is not less than -.02. I know it has to do with comparing double negatives. The problem is sometime the result in J8...
  18. P

    After transfering data from a userform one sheet becomes hightlighted

    The problem is when i use a userform to transfer data to a worksheet that worksheet becomes highlighted. the problem is this started at row 54 and continues on the rest of worksheet as i add data from the userform this problem didnt happen in the previous 53 rows. What i have to do to get the...
  19. B

    using a cell reference in a range command in VBA

    Hi everyone, I am new on here and have a small problem. I want a command button to copy a range of cells and past somewhere else on the sheet. Simple enough I know, but if I have range("A1:A10") no problem, but I want range(A1:A&H1). I know this won't work, but I want the value to change to...
  20. masud8956

    Problem with NETWORKDAY.INTL Function

    I have used the formula below several times in my worksheet. I am using Excel 2016 so not facing any problem. But some other users are getting errors who are using Excel 2007/2010. =IF($K$7="","",IF(NETWORKDAYS.INTL($K$7,$E$8,7,$T$35:$V$67)<1,"-",NETWORKDAYS.INTL($K$7,$E$8,7,$T$35:$V$67))) When...

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