1. V

    SUMIF Issue?

    Hi, I have a formula that I need to fix that presents the total amount of products owned within all my worksheets. I have a master sheet & have this formula in it currently =SUMIF(I:I,"GOOGL",S:S) to search and sum up the total amount of products in reference to Google's stock symbol. I...
  2. V

    VBA Formula in Excel to locate criteria

    Hey everyone, Just recently started to learn VBA. I will keep this as detailed but short as I can. I am working on a project with various amount of worksheets.. I have one master sheet that has all of my info that correlates with the remainder of the worksheets. I need to find a VBA formula...
  3. G

    formula not working

    Hello,, I am trying to use the following formula to determine whether within cell L2, one of the products detailed is a investment, the cell contains various products seperated by comas, for example bb111, rc3333, fd4444 , some products do have a gap eg xxx xxx2 on the list tab column b...
  4. M

    VBA loop the place product names in a given ceel

    I run a report every month for dozens of products the number of products differ each month (we add and remove products on a monthly basis) the product names are in a worksheet called "cross reference" they start in cell GZ18 and go down to any line I need to place the product name in cell EX20...
  5. A

    Calculate SUM of ALL products from Validation List ?

    Hello, I am looking for a way of calculating SUM of ALL products from a validation list. Can I calculate the sum of all the Prices? (Note that in reality I have 120 products) Price. Discount. Total. Product A Product B Product C
  6. J

    Calculate the potential combination of a core products + options

    Hello, I'm hoping you could help me out with an urgent query. I'm about to launch a new range of 8 products which in turn have 6 possible options - how can I calculate the total amounts of combinations for every product? Thanks in advance for your help. Jan
  7. A


    Hi, Hopefully somebody can help me with this as it is puzzling me. I am trying to auto add the total annual sales for a group of products as follows: Tab "Customer Analysis" - cell F8 = total annual turnover of a group of products, I have one tab with a product group (Data) and one tab with...
  8. D

    optimizing weight of historic forecasts to apply to future forecast

    First of all, I'm an Excel novice and much of the information on here is over my head. With that being said, I'm not expecting to be spoon-fed the solution but would love someone to at least point me in the direction of additional research I need to pursue. I'm looking for a solution to a...
  9. B

    Formula to calculate results based on various criteria

    Dear all, I have a massive sheet where all our clientes products are registered and how many licenses a cliente has. I need to calculate the total price per client, based on what products they are subscribed to and the quantity of licenses. So what do I need to do: 1) Establish which...
  10. F

    SUM If Adjacent Values Are Unique

    Hi, <tbody> PRODUCTS LOT NO. ERROR TYPE ERROR COUNT TOTAL LOT QT. PRODUCT1 1 ERROR1 2 200 PRODUCT1 1 ERROR2 3 200 PRODUCT1 1 ERROR3 5 200 PRODUCT1 2 ERROR1 2 500 </tbody> I have a similar table to follow production errors. To be able to create a graph later, I don't use a Pivot...
  11. S

    Getting info from another spreadsheet

    HI, I have one workbook with 8 spreadsheets on it. 7 sheets refers to the days of the week and the 8th one is for the calculations. On each sheet I have: Column A with names of 5 buyers represented by numbers from 1 to 5; Column B with 10 products represented by numbers from 1 to 10 ; Column C...
  12. W

    connecting to rows and cells in another sheet (adding new lines/products)

    Hi I have spreadsheet to store tonnes captured over a weighbridge. There are 12 sheets for each of the month. There is also another sheet which is for my boss but uses the same tonnages but this sheet is setup completely different. It captures the tonnages from the monthly cells and reflects...
  13. B

    Replace Pivot table with sumifs

    Hello community, Is there a way to replicate the results of a pivot table with sumifs for example. The issue is that the particular pivot table has some items filtered in report filter and I do not know how to handle this in a formula. I have a report with say 30 columns and 20 000 rows. The...
  14. T

    Complex macro to pull price by giving matching 4 criteria?

    Hi Everyone, Really stuck on this I have to find a product price for the data I have in sheet "Products" from Sheet "Prices" any I don't find I need a "No Match" input to the cell! heres what I need to do the products are described using 4 columns in sheet Products AA,SKU AB,size AC,Num...
  15. V

    Print invoice with fixed format in a sheet

    Hi, I've enclosed a file, It would be very helpful if some one can help me on this. In the enclosed file if the number of products to be billed is more than 8 in the then print area adjustment is becoming very difficult. I should print it in two or more pages now. Here header (from cell A1...
  16. W

    Extract data from multiple excel files to one spreadsheet

    Hi I have 100 excel files from my vendor which files have the same naming eg P17_Mug, P17_Bottle, P17_Plate... From these files, I need to extract some data in one of the tabs - Products (it is the same name across all these files). These data are in the range eg cells M1:N50. For the time...
  17. O

    Countifs with multiple criteria

    Hi. This is my first time in this forum. I have a table in this link and i cant figure a formula that works The criteria are inside file, but i need a formula that counts products sold in each day, by year, between a min and max value. this is the easy...
  18. C

    Determining Box size from Product Dimensions (LxWxH)

    Hello all, First time poster here. I am creating a comprehensive product analyzer for my company and I am stuck on one part of it. To preface this problem, I will give a little bit of background about the business to hopefully shed some light on the issue. We are an e-commerce company that...
  19. S

    SUMPRODUCT using odd and even rows

    I have a column of numbers, say 1,2,3,4,5,6 in cells A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6. I want the sum of the alternating products, i.e. A1*A2+A3*A4+A5*A6. I have tried SUMPRODUCT(--(MOD(ROW(A1:A4),2)=1),A1:A4,--(MOD(ROW(A1:A4),2)=0),A1:A4) but this returns a zero value. Any ideas?
  20. S

    Vlook vallue and sum after certain dates

    Dear freinds, kindly help me in below issue. i had certain products whose inventory i had counted on certain dates like below: <tbody> Products inventory date of counting todays inventory A 100 15-06-17 B 100 15-06-17 need to...

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