1. L

    excel macro file as windows associated program

    Hi All, I got to this forum after wondering the net for a solution to my problem, it's a little bit complex, I'll try to simplify it. I'd like to open specific ext. files (.SCF) on my windows system with specific excel file located in specific path on my pc (let's say C:\TEMP\SCFParser.xlsm)...
  2. L

    workbooks.add, open and close

    Hi Can I say workbooks.add is the same if you open Excel program -->New ? same thing is the same if you open excel program --> Open Also, workbooks.close is the same thing if you click on [x] to close Excel program? Thank you.
  3. B

    Keeping ADO connection open at all times

    Hi, I have an application built from an excel userform where users connect to an access database to pull and write data. However, now we have a decent amount of users using this program I want to keep track who is in the program. The best way I could think of was to create a second database...
  4. M

    Storing Variant into another program

    Hello All, I have a program where I declare some variables e.g. a number for a header of a column this program then calls another program that opens other workbooks and runs some code in the workbook and needs to references the declared variable in the "main program" to add into each workbook...
  5. N

    Simplifying this Macro Help

    Howdy all, I need some assistance to make this macro more streamlined. I have a worksheet that has certain cells that are input cells, but I want to have text in the cell that reads "Please Select Program" What my simple macro skills have allowed me to do is the following: The code is input...
  6. wadergirl

    Macro to open another program - shortcut target has a command line switch

    So, in my spreadsheet, I have an existing macro that uses: Shell ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe") So I'm pretty sure that it is the base of what I need to use for this other program, but the other program I need to use a shortcut which has a command line switch...
  7. A

    Ticking checkbox to link in other sheet

    Hi Guys, Please help me on my project. I am creating an inventory/monitoring form that I have a multiple checkbox on my userform and when when i tick the checkbox1 it will automatically go on that particular sheet. I made a simple program like this. Sheets("Apple").Visible =...
  8. D

    Match function in reverse direction

    Is it possible to use the MATCH function to find the ordinal position of text, but going up instead of going down. X Y Program A B C Program R S Here In the cell with "Here" in it, I want to be able to find the position of the first time that the word, "Program," appears, but going up instead...
  9. P

    Sum if vlookup index match

    I’m trying to accomplish the following: (my formula will bebased on a specific month, year, program name and look at a program descriptionto give me the year to date total.) I will have several lines with the same year, same program and same program description looking for the Year to date total...
  10. T

    Writing multiple for loops together

    Hi, I am writing a program in excel VBA where I want to write two for loops together. For example, For x = 1 to 10 and For y = 1 to 10 do something ... Next But if I write "and" between two for statements the program shows error. If I put : between the for statements or write them...
  11. W

    Checking a textfile name for changes and enable a label

    Hi. Is there a way for excel to check a certain .txt file at startup (in a spesfic folder(and file)) for changes made (like higher number(versions)) then make a label enabled in the program ? (label7.enable) Example. Versions.txt (inside the file it says v1.0, then if i change it to example...
  12. C

    VBA Shortcut issue

    Hi guys, I've searched for an answer to my question but don't seem to have any luck since this is somewhat of a unique problem. I have a very extensive vba program that I've designed for my company. I figured that before I'd start adding even more to it that it would be a good idea to...
  13. M

    Code that exits excel completely??

    I typically use Application.Quit with a command button to quit out of excel in my user form. However, when I use this line of code and go to click to start on my program again, it acts all finicky as it loads. My program starts up best when I click the x button in the top right corner. Is there...
  14. P

    lottery software program

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum so please bear with me. I run a small lottery for a local junior football club and I would like to know is there an Excel program that would do the check automatically for me. The lottery is any 4 numbers from 1 through to 24 Thanks in advance
  15. B

    Can i use a ribbon editor within excel with out having to get other users to download the editor program

    I am recently self taught on using a ribbon editor to set up some ribbon on my excel program that other people use on different computers (not linked in any way) and all is working well, however i was wondering if it is possible to have the codes in my ribbon editor somehow included in my excel...
  16. D

    Print button that prints the listed parameters

    I am fairly efficient with the internal commands of excel, but VBA's are very new to me. It took me 4 hours to program a saveas button, but with a lot of internet searching I was able to determine where my issues were. Now I have been trying another button on the same page for a "Print"...
  17. N

    Access 2010 statement gives error message on Win 10 system

    I have an Access 2010 program that works fine under Win 7 but gives an error message when running under Win 10. The problematic statement appears to be: DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, , , Me.EmailAddress2, , , Me.EmailSubject, Me.EmailContent, False An message appears stating an error has...
  18. T

    Excel to Copy and Paste to a non MS Program

    Morning, I am trying to figure out how to get Excel to integrate with another program that is not a MS program. All i am wanting to do is take a selection of data out of Excel, cell L:L and paste it to the fields in this program into the Normal Bin Location. How would i do that with VBA?
  19. SlinkRN

    Button needing 2 clicks after changing focus to another program

    Hi all, I am using an Excel automated sheet to prompt users on what to enter into another program. After they switch focus to the other program (not Excel) to enter data, when they come back over to the Excel sheet, the button shape that I have added with code attached only works on the second...
  20. H

    Paste HTML data into Excel with VBA

    So I tried looking this up online and I found something but what I'm using doesn't work. I am trying to paste invoice data from a .html file to excel so I can parse it. I found the following program and it sort of works: Sub test21()'Thanks to...

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