progress bar

  1. F

    %Progress bar for calling other macros?

    Hello, I have a sub that calls multiple other macros that mainly hide, clear and adjust rows as well as copy paste certain areas to others. Sub Hide_And_Adjust() Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayStatusBar = False...
  2. A

    Progress bar VBA based on time not steps

    I have a progress bar which is based on a loop code. what I need is some code that will run the progress bar based on a time value located in a cell. The macro I am running is a mixture of copying & pasting from one sheet to another, running filters, deleting data and re-sorting. I have no...
  3. A

    TimeValue in Macro linked to cell in worksheet

    Hi I have the below progress bar which goes from 10% to 100% changing every 2 seconds and runs in the status bar. This works fine.. I run 12 main macros that need the progress bar to run and each macro will have a variable amount of records to process, and changes each time I use the...
  4. C

    Progress Bar while calling a macro

    Hi All, i have below recorded macro which is running fine and my data are accurate. i am calling all the macro in a below sequence. just wanted to check if i can add any progress bar to check the progress of the macro. Sub EveryThing() Call Macro3 Call test Call Macro1 Call...
  5. P

    Excel VBA Progress Bar while the macro is running in the background...

    Does any one has the code on how to incorporate excel progress bar as the code below is running? Please help. Thank you. Sub SaveAll() Dim strValRange As String Dim rngVal As Range Dim rngDep As Range Application.ScreenUpdating = False strValRange =...
  6. T

    Animated Progress Bar For Map

    Morning, I'm looking for suggestions to achieve the following situation: We are having a charity bike rid from John O Grote's to Lands End on a stationary bike. We would like to display the progress from the bike ride on a TV from Excel. So a value of miles done will be entered regularly be it...
  7. Johnny Thunder

    VBA - Creating a Progress Bar While Macro is Running

    Hello all, Working on a new type of code for creating a Userform Progress Bar. Never done anything like this before so bare with me. I found this article on the web as a start to create the userform and bar visually - And it was...
  8. A

    Progress bar in excel, then call another macro

    <tbody> 0down votefavorite I have 2 macro. One for progress bar, and the other one is the main process. The main process consist of 4 sub process inside. What I want to do is the progress bar increase 25% for each process. I have created the progress bar macro as below: <code>Sub code() ' '...
  9. D

    Simulate progress bar when userform shows

    I have this userform that shows when opening the work book, it displays my contact info along with some information of the macro file (version, date modified, etc.) I want to add a fake loading bar to this userform to make it look less annoying for the user. The main point of this userform is...
  10. A

    How to add Progress Bar on existing macro script

    Hi All, Can somebody help me on how to add progress bar with this existing vba script? Been trying to incorporate the progress bar based on the available data found on the net but feels so unlucky on how to make it work. Below is the whole process script of my activity. The process time...
  11. F

    VBA Progress Bar for Sub which Calls other Subs

    Morning I have a main sub which calls 11 other subs whithin my module to run all my code Sub Runall() 'calling all my subs Call UniqueDates Call CallsTaken Call CreateCol Call AHT Call WrapUp Call HighWrapColumn Call HighWCount Call HighWrapPercent Call ShortCalls Call SortTableCalls Call...
  12. M

    Please wait, your macro is running.

    Hi, After reading a lot on Internet, I'm asking for help. I've a macro which takes around 3-4 mins to complete. I want to show user a notification while that macro is running that "macro is running" and automatically disappear the notification once macro is completed. I've already checked...
  13. A

    Adding a progress bar for multiple macros

    Hello! I created a master workbook for my job that automatically opens multiple excel tracking sheets, formats the data, copies, pastes into master, moves the files to a completed folder so on and so forth. Seeing as these are work computers it takes anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on the...
  14. FalconMechanic

    Progress Bar on Mac 2011

    I want to create a progress bar on Excel for Mac 2011. I used Conditional Formatting > Data Set. I followed this method: This normally works for Excel on Windows. On Mac Excel, it fills half the bar and never changes according...
  15. E

    Return current running code line

    Hello, Here is the story: I am trying to create a progress bar that it's max is the number of code lines in the macro's module- C = ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("macro1").CodeModule.ProcCountLines("module", vbext_pk_Proc) This will return how many lines of code I have, thus...
  16. B

    What's wrong with my code? (cells reference and calculations)

    Hi, the following code runs OK from within a simple macro. But when run triggered from a command button click, it hangs at the line in Bold font below. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? The purpose of this code is to replace certain rows (row 16 until last row) of each column with a new date...
  17. D

    Form Type Progress Indicator Requested.

    Form type progress indicator requested. Could anyone code a progress indicator into the following (I'm having a heck of a time trying to decipher VB): Sub addComments() ' first we'll clear existing comments For Each cmnt In ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Cells cmnt.ClearComments...
  18. T

    XL2003 - Create A Macro Execution Progress Checklist with Userform

    Hi, I have 24 macros that each execute two web queries, pull the data into a sheet, do some fancy manipulation and then put some values into another worksheet to display for me. Each macro calls the next until the last macro. These executions can take some time to complete and so I was...
  19. S

    Control UserForm through procedure iin module

    I have a module with a procedure called Upload() and a UserForm where the user should insert both username and password and click the command button. I want to control the UserForm through the procedure Upload() instead of using cmdUpload_Click and such. Something like Public Sub Upload()...
  20. F

    Progress bar with remaining time

    Hi everyone I've managed to pull together a nice simple progress bar to let users know how long it will take to collate certain data. Example below: Sub ProgressBar() frmProgressBar.Show End Sub Sub Main() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim pctCnt As Integer Dim cnt As...

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