1. M

    Index match with multiple criteria

    Hey All- I believe I am looking for a simple index match function based on two criteria, but I must be missing something basic (typically rely on vlookups). I want to return the ticket number for a specific NPI that the Patient Services team is working on. The intent is to combine this weekly...
  2. G

    Pivot Tables

    <tbody> Colleague TEAM Course id 123 Course id 124 Course id 125 Course id 126 Course id 127 Course id 128 Colleague 1 TEAM A Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Successful Colleague 2 TEAM B In Progress In Progress Not Registered Successful...
  3. R

    Turn Around Time (Above average Excel users)

    Hi Mr. Excel Users, I need to compute the turn around time below. Note: There is no way to change the way that they extract the data from server. Condition: 1. There are hundred thousands of duplicate "Case Number", perhaps thousands of unique Cases. 2. I need to calculate the turn around...
  4. R

    sum countifs, multiple criteria AND a less than date

    Hi, I have a list of items, with various status (open, closed, in progress, accepted ...) I also have a ' Last Actioned' date. I want to display a number which is a count of items with a subset of the status's (ie, "Open" and "In Progress" AND which have a last actioned date which is older...
  5. A

    formula to find if value meets criteria in another column

    Hi all, I'm having trouble figuring out a formula in excel, and was hoping someone may be able to assist. I have data for a number of people and the status of their work in another column. Essentially want to calculate an overall status. If they have atleast one work complete in 2018, then...
  6. R

    Inquiry: Creating a circular progress bar

    Hello Everyone, Would it be possible to create a circular progress bar? I'm well aware of creating a progress bar using form and label but I'm not sure it is feasible to do it in excel 2016 and display it in the userform.
  7. R

    COUNTIFS with multiple conditions

    I'm currently using the formula below to count the # of "In Progress" (column M) projects where the SI = 40500 (column K) and the deployment date is equal to / greater than 2018 (column N). However, the "In Progress" has been split into 4 different areas that still equate to being In Progress. I...
  8. P

    Progress Indicator

    Hi all, i need a progress indicator so that to appears on screen the percentage till end of any code which i run. Note that i cannot create the "User Form" and so if is possible to create it too. Thanks in advance
  9. N

    Count and sum?

    Hi, I have two tables, in two seperate worksheets. I will refer to them as table and table 2. In table one I have a reference number in col A and a value (%) which i would like to show in col B. Table 1 <tbody> Reference % Progress 1 2 3 4 </tbody> In Table 2 I have a unique...
  10. F

    IF, AND, OR conditions in the same formula

    Column A = "Status". Values: Unassigned, In Progress, Rejected, Not Proceeding and Complete Column B = "Date Closed". Values: Date I need a statement where I get a 1 value when all the following conditions are met: 1. Date Closed is not blank AND 2. Status = "In Progress" OR "Unassigned"
  11. B

    Excel for task tracking and workflow

    Hi all - thanks for your time and expertise. I'm considering using Excel to update the way my team provides monthly updates to the boss. I imagine having a shared workbook with a worksheet for each month of the year. Each row will refer to a task assigned to the ten staff in my work area...
  12. C

    Progress Bar while calling a macro

    Hi All, i have below recorded macro which is running fine and my data are accurate. i am calling all the macro in a below sequence. just wanted to check if i can add any progress bar to check the progress of the macro. Sub EveryThing() Call Macro3 Call test Call Macro1 Call...
  13. S

    Excel pop-up Progress Bar

    Hello, I was poking around trying to find some code to create a pop up progress meter when a large spreadsheet i have exceeds say 30 seconds. The file is large with many array formulas and a full file calculation can exceed 3 hours. I was looking for a visual indicator to show me what's going...
  14. D

    Is it possible to have a User Word Form to Populate Time Stamped Live Data in Excel?

    At my company we currently use an google sheet to track the progress of installations in progress, Installers have access and enter times manually. We have also recently created a Word Form that is essentially checklist of these same points for installers to follow and keep them on track. I was...
  15. R

    Using "For" for multiple macros, How to do it?

    Hi all, I have 3 macros called : RegGenerate AreaGenerate ZoneGenerate then i want to make 1 module to run all this 3 macros, using "For", you might ask why? this is because i want to use progress bar to inform user, what macros that currently going my current on going code is like this, i...
  16. T

    Animated Progress Bar For Map

    Morning, I'm looking for suggestions to achieve the following situation: We are having a charity bike rid from John O Grote's to Lands End on a stationary bike. We would like to display the progress from the bike ride on a TV from Excel. So a value of miles done will be entered regularly be it...
  17. Johnny Thunder

    VBA - Creating a Progress Bar While Macro is Running

    Hello all, Working on a new type of code for creating a Userform Progress Bar. Never done anything like this before so bare with me. I found this article on the web as a start to create the userform and bar visually - And it was...
  18. C

    Conditional Formatting help!

    Hi, is it possible to create conditional formatting of icon set as an indicator of task status, i.e. if an action is "in progress", i want to show a yellow circle icon next to "in progress", if an action is "completed", i want to show a green circle icon next to it. The icon set currently in...
  19. P

    Progress Indicator

    Hi all, i prepared a VBA command by which i issue management accounts and it takes around 20-30 seconds when i run it. I would like to add a progress indicator in percentage into the above command, so that when i run it to appear this information on screen, e.g. Management Accounts in...
  20. M

    Progress Bar While Running Bunch of Macros

    Hello Guys, I need to create progress bar using userform. I have bunch of macros and using those with Call function to run all macros. I have more than 50 Call functions. I find only simple progress bar codes with basic macros. But i need to accommodate all my macros. Anyone knows how proceed...

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