1. V

    Reading properties of a Word document

    Hi, I have a file that contains two columns: A - file path and B - Title. To select a file, I double click in column A (let's say, A14), which opens an Explorer window. I make my selection and the path of the selected file is inserted in the double clicked cell. Now, to get the title of said...
  2. M

    Worksheet form control shape properties not all available when workbook is minimised

    I have been using the function Workbook("file name.xlsm").Worksheets("Sheet 1").Shapes("command button 1").texrframe.characters.text = "my text". This works perfectly and changes the text on the command button. .Caption and .text don't seem to work at all However, if the workbook is minimised...
  3. Jyggalag

    Neutralize/reset "info", "properties", "related dates & people" in Excel/PowerPoint

    Hello everybody, I am currently looking at excel/PowerPoint, where you have the following when you open a document: In the cases above, I have simply opened a blank document. However, what annoys me is that if I use a template from any prior documents, it will say the names of the authors...
  4. M

    VBA Save File to SharePoint and Choose Property Type

    Hi I had an excel file where one of the macros saved the file as a new workbook to the users last open folder. I now want to save the new file in to a SharePoint library folder but as the user has to choose a content properties, its coming up with a debug error. The content is a droplist of...
  5. S

    Temporarily unlock VBAProject password to run code

    Hi Experts, I have a number of workbooks (20+) that are being used by multiple users, and the code is password protected in order to hide sensitive information. Currently, I'm working on implementing a UserForm, that will be the same for all workbooks. The form is be imported on open, and that...
  6. K

    changing properties of command button

    many sources mention that when i add a control button from form controls into worksheet and right click on it, there should be option for properties from which i could change font, color , name etc.. but unfortunately when i do right click only options i see are: cut, copy, edit text, grouping...
  7. L

    Remove file ownership properties when saving

    Hi I work at a company with a "Shared" drive, however, any files saved on to this drive by a user are owned by that user and it means nobody else (with their own respective logins) can then open the file in NON Read-Only mode. It always opens the file in Read Only. Is there any way within VBA...
  8. ACommandLineKindaGuy

    Excel Ribbon: Change a control's default screentip/supertip

    Some built-in controls (eg, idMso="FileSaveAs") allows customization of the screentip and supertip properties. Others, such as idMso="CellFillColorPicker" apparently do not. Is there a way to override these properties? TIA John
  9. Z

    VBA rotate picture then then set the properties after the rotation

    im trying to get a picture uploaded then rotated then set properties. this gets my pic uploaded to the properties i want, but not rotated <code class="_34q3PgLsx9zIU5BiSOjFoM" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-stretch: inherit...
  10. T

    how do i resetthe vba scroll bar to the top position?

    Hi everyone, I'd like a macro that resets the vba scroll bar to the top, I mean the actual bar in the scroll bar, I can do it manually within the properties under value but can't get the vba to set it. can this be done? Thanks Tony
  11. B

    having a problem with the date formula

    In col A I have the date and time together. For example: 1/05/2019 8:09:22 PM In col B I wanted just the date, so I wrote a formula: =LEFT(A2,10) I'm not getting "1/05/2019" the way I'd expect. Instead I'm getting 43470.8398 When I go to Short Date or Long Date I'm seeing the same result...
  12. H

    Insert New Checkbox into next empty cell

    Hi, I am looking to insert a new checkbox into the next empty cell. I can get this far, but then can't specify the properties of the box. See below: ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add "Forms.CheckBox.1", Left:=1206, Top:=(Range("T" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Top) + 2.25, Width:=12, Height:=12...
  13. C

    VBA ReadOnly:=True failing - what's wrong?

    I'm using this code to open a workbook so I can grab some of the builtin properties. Function OpenHidden(ByRef szFullName As String) As Workbook <other code="" here="">... other code here ... Set OpenHidden = Workbooks.Open(szFullName, UpdateLinks:=False, _ ReadOnly:=True...
  14. M

    List properties of images in workbook

    Hi, Does anyone have some code that can loop through each sheet in the activeworkbook and list all shapes/images and their dimensions / properties? I am most interested in the resolution of the images, but it would be useful to know other info too. Can anyone help? thanks, Mark
  15. T

    File Properties

    Does anyone know if it is possible to prevent users from clicking on File -> Properties-> Advanced Properties? I have written code to hide named ranges, so don't want them "revealed" via the above method. Thanks
  16. G

    How to change the width of Ribbon Bar sections - specifically for changing the width of the Table Name field?

    When an Excel Table is selected, the Table Tools tab appears on the Ribbon Bar. The first section of this ribbon is Properties and includes a field called "Table Name:" (This is "Change Table Name" in the "Customize the Ribbon" Excel Option). ... as in the top left corner of this screenshot...
  17. G

    Linked Advanced Properties Not Updating on Info Screen

    I am looking to populate excel file metadata in SharePoint 365 from specific cells within the excel file. I am able to create the linked Advanced Properties within the file, import it into SharePoint, and auto populate the values on the initial load. The problem is, when users update the...
  18. S

    Create a ToggleButton

    I believe I would like to create a ToggleButton. With my limited development background, I believe I want to layer an invisible togglebutton over a cell, so that the user, when they click on the cell will change the visual properties between three states: TRUE - green background with...
  19. L

    Selection.Address in vba

    Hi Why Selection.Address is acceptable syntax. I checked using object browser, that Application.Selection is a property of type "Object". I tried to search for Object, could not find any entery in object browser. My question, What is Selection and how can I find what its functions and...
  20. J

    Data Properties Tab Grayed Out on unprotected and non-shared workbook

    My main issue is that cells are not being refreshed after a macro is run (updating source data). A REF error is generated when Cells are being refreshed post-macro. One of the resolution leads is a correction via Data Properties and the External Data Ranges. Though the Properties tab is...

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