1. ask2tsp

    In VBE properties pane is completely empty and cannot be closed

    Starting a few hours ago, when I open an Excel workbook and start the Visual Basic Editor there is a completely empty properties window showing only "properties ******** name>" and the X on top. Clicking the X does nothing. :confused: I use this to change the codename for sheets to address them...
  2. T

    Minimize-Maximize-Resizing-Scrolling in a Userform

    Hello. Is there anyway to enable minimizing, maximizing, resizing, and scrolling with your mouse in a userform? I noticed that my userform does not have these capabilities and I can't find the properties to enable this functionality. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. M

    x-y grid lines in graph

    Hi, I am trying to format a graph so that the x and y axis are identical to a Cartesian plain. So the Y axis crosses the X axis at the origin. It seems that I can't get this to work. I tried highlighting the Y axis and going to properties, then changing the min and max from auto to fixed...
  4. J

    When Excel lies about Dates and Percentages

    Wondering if any of you have others experienced the following... 3-4 years ago, while using imported dates from a database in Excel 2003 (or maybe 2010 - can't remember) I realized that some of my dates were not calculating. I checked their properties - Excel said they were in fact dates. I...
  5. D

    Hard to read the "Properties" Window

    My vision is not great. I have my code window set to a font size I can easily read. Can I change the font size for the Properties and other windows?
  6. B

    Hiding entities without values

    I have a model with 3 tables: Fin_Data, Dim_Prop, and Dim_Calendar. The Fin_Data table contains financial data for properties, the Dim_Prop contains property attributes, and the Dim_Calendar is a calendar table. Some of the properties do not have financial data available for every month. I...
  7. seba64

    How to know the interior.color of a shape

    Hi. I have an userform with a 2 buttons. The first, open a visio document with one sheet. The visio image have a serie of circles with diferents colors and diferents numbers. The second button get the properties, for each shape, and write the id and the text in a worksheet. I wan get the...
  8. T

    Hide Advanced Properties

    I have a workbook with a number of worksheets very hidden. Is there a way to stop users accessing the info in Advanced Properties?
  9. JenniferMurphy

    How to set default text box properties (object positioning)

    I almost always want text boxes to keep their size and location regardless of what happens with the surrounding cells. So I end up manually right-clicking the border, selecting Size and Properties, clicking Properties, and clicking Don't move or size with cells. This page says that I can set...
  10. G

    Power BI dealing with N/As

    Hi all, My dataset includes a column for the size of a property (in square metres). For a minority of the properties, this column shows an N/A. I need to use this column in measures, for example total property size, and then segment in a visual by say region. In order to make that work I need...
  11. G

    Dynamic segemenation. How to then split by a column?

    I've used the Clustered Sales example from sqlbi (Dynamic Segmentation – DAX Patterns) to good effect. In my case, the properties is effectively the customer and UnitTape contains the sales. OrigNumberOfPropertiesClustered = CALCULATE ( [NumProperties], FILTER ( ADDCOLUMNS (...
  12. A

    Chaning properties of active x option buttons simultaneously

    Hi there, ") Is their a way to change an item ( for instance "Groupname") in the properties menu for let's say 9 option buttons at the same time ? Thanks a lot ! Regards, Andres
  13. N

    VBA for slicer

    Hi all, I've got a 'Summary' worksheet with a number of slicers and on a different sheet (called 'Risks') I have a macro that creates a new slicer on the 'Summary' sheet based on the name entered in a specific cell and sizes and places it according to numbers entered in specific cells. The...
  14. L

    Folder properties

    Hi all, I'm looking for a simple code that can obtain the properties of a windows folder. On windows if you right click a folder and go to properties you can obtain the number of files/number of folders etc. in a few seconds. However, if you use the recursive method of looking through each...
  15. M

    Excel Timeline slicer disable moving and resizing

    I am trying to lock down the "Timeline" slicer from being moved and resized but still allow the user to adjust it. I know with all other types of slicers you can check the box under position properties "Disable moving and resizing." When I look at the position properties for the Timeline it...
  16. R


    Hey all, I have been searching for the last 3 and a half hours so I finally admit I need some help. I currently have an excel document, and it has a list of hyperlink functions to a few different word documents. I wanted to track all of these word documents in excel. So I hyperlinked...
  17. W

    Scroll Bar (Slider) Problem

    Hey everyone, I need to make my scroll bar move by 0.1 each time the arrows are clicked (I believe this is the 'small change' option) but when I go to enter it in it comes up with an error message saying "Invalid property Value". Also I've set the minimum to be -1 and the maximum to be 2 however...
  18. P

    Is it possible to loop through properties?

    Sub mac2() Dim Temp() As Variant With ActiveSheet.Shapes(1) If Not Not Temp Then ReDim Temp(UBound(Temp) + 1) Else ReDim Temp(0) Temp(UBound(Temp)) = Array("Top", "Left", "Height", "Width") For Each element In Temp(UBound(Temp)) .Properties(element) = 100 '.Top = 100...
  19. L

    VBA How to Retrieve File Properties from web site files

    Within VBA, I can easily download a file and then obtain properties from that file using URLDownloadtofile to download a file and .getdetailsof to obtain file properties from the file on disk. However, I want to avoid downloading the file if it does not meet certain criteria, so I want to find...
  20. S

    VBA classes - Difference between Get Property and Function

    This may be a philosophical and/or best-practise question, but what is the difference between the usage of Get properties and functions within a VBA class? For example, a class holding information about people may store the Date of Birth with associated Let and Get properties. Should the...

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