protect cells

  1. R

    VBA Question - Protect all cells from editing but allow viewing?

    Hell All, A VBA related question. I have used the following to save all worksheets as values only - removing formulas etc. Sub Saveasvalue() 'Updateby Extendoffice Dim wsh As Worksheet For Each wsh In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets wsh.Cells.Copy wsh.Cells.PasteSpecial...
  2. P

    Pivot Table Auto Refresh on a Protect Sheet

    Hello - is there a way to have a protect sheet with a pivot table auto refresh when the source data is no protected? I am trying to export the pivot table (which is on a protected sheet) to a share folder access. The Pivot table is protect so each employee only sees the information they are...
  3. N

    Lock Specific Cells if Text entered in another

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this issue. I need to create a timesheet for staff to complete (see attached) In cell AI19 where at present the word 'Manager' sits the line manager will change this word to his initials. After this is entered I would like the cells that correspond to that...
  4. D

    Help With Protecting Date Based Ranges

    Hi there, long time reader, first time poster. I am working on a production KPI table and I want to be able to lock all data entered prior to today's date and I would like this protection to be enacted upon saving. I found the code beow and adapted it for my purposes and the dates are in column...
  5. J

    Locking an empty cell after data entry

    Hi, Is there a way to lock a cell after data entry, with specific named users having access to write in any empty cell, but not able to overwrite data that has already been entered? I'll explain in more detail below.. I found a method of locking a cell with a password after data entry (i.e. if...
  6. K

    VBA Only Protect Populated Cells

    Hello, I need to create a button that allows a manager to lock all data input, but will then allow other users to add to the sheet below what has already been locked. I know how to set up the button and password, but everything I do to protect the sheet ends up protecting everything --...
  7. A

    Protect Sheet Using VBA

    Hello, I have a sheet that automatically updates based on information entered by the user. I need certain cells to be protected, and others not to be. I've tried the following script: sh2.Range("B2:D2").Locked = False sh2.Range("C4:D4").Locked = False sh2.Range("C5:D5").Locked = False...
  8. M

    How do you protect a sheets or cells or columns in a workbook, instead of the whole workbook?

    Hi, I have a few sheets in a workbook, which have macro`s, formula`s. When someone wants to input information they can do in the main sheets, where there are no formula`s, only input information. How can I lock or password protect the sheet or stop keying in the sheet, protecting the cells...
  9. R

    Clear cells in workbook while leaving Formulas and headers intact

    I currently use Excel spreadsheet to enter time sheets before I send them off to be processed. I currently use the current week time sheet (adding and deleting employees as needed) - and then after I enter the weekly time I save as the current week but use SAVE as new workbook and clear cells...
  10. J

    Lock cells with a random password

    Hi I need a way to lock cells permanently, so not even I can get back into it. e.g. Lock cells A1 to A10. I can't know the password. I can't alter the VBA code to get back in. Is this possible? Cheers!
  11. E

    Macros and Sheet Protection Criteria

    Currently, my excel has multiple macros that are linked to buttons and another excel embedded. The only purpose of the buttons are to hide/unhide rows. Right now, when I protect my sheet, I check mark the boxes labeled "Select unlocked cells" and "Edit Objects". My macros are set to unlock the...
  12. G

    Auto Protect when saved

    Hello All, Can anyone help with auto locking cells when the saved button is pushed. I used the code from the following thread, but the thread has since gone dark: My problem is similar...
  13. V

    How to Protect Sheet from editing in Multiple Workbooks at once?

    Hi, I would like to protect a particular sheet from editing in various work book files available in particular folder. In the sheet i need to enable editing option only particular cells which. Rest all i want to protect For Ex: File Name: workbook1.xlsx Sheet Name: sheet1 In a folder i have...
  14. T

    My macro does not work when I protect worksheet

    Hello All, I have placed an ActiveX controls button in a worksheet that will perform a macro. I want to lock the worksheet so that users can only access the cells I designate and also run this macro to validate their data input. My issue: When I run the macro with worksheet locked, the macro...
  15. F

    How to auto protect worksheet and allow user to edit range

    Hello, I currently use a VBA to auto protect my worksheets upon closing the document. If users do not have a password, they can view the document but, they cannot edit. I want to allow those who do not have the password to only be able to edit a range of cells. How should I write the code...
  16. C

    vba to automatically switch on cell protection in unprotected cells

    Hi I have a locked table in which some columns contain protected cells which always remain locked by the macro. Other columns are not protected to enable users to input data or select drop down menus. I need to change the unprotected cells in a row into protected cells so the macro will then...
  17. T

    Protect Past Data from editing (<= TODAY)

    Excel Experts, I need your help in creating a lock for past data for my Inventory List in Excel 2007. Ideally, I'd like to record macro that will select a list of data that were input before today, and lock these cells. I know selective cells locked can be done by doing this; Lock or unlock...
  18. C

    Is it possible to protect different columns with different passwords in the same Sheet?

    Is it possible to protect different columns with different passwords in the same Sheet? I am trying to protect different columns with different passwords so different users can only write in their own column? Many thanks
  19. P

    Deleting ranges and protecting sheet not working as expected

    Hello guys, I have used below code to delete ranges and create ranges and then protect sheets. For one sheet (Scorer) it is working perfectly but for second sheet (Instructions) it is giving Protection error when I clicked on C2 cell. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here? Sub...
  20. H

    Protecting cells so they cannot be input into

    Hi! This very probably has been covered before, but I can't find it. I have set up a sheet for users to input amounts into. I don't want them to alter any headings or totals. How do I best 'protect' the cells I don't want to be changed (ie messed up :) ) I get I can protect the whole sheet...

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