1. R

    How to rank items based on user input?

    I need to create a list that shows the outcome of everybody's ranking of a list of items -- from most important to least important. Whatever item gets the most "votes" for being the most important will be the first in the list, the next item with the most votes gets the second, etc. My users...
  2. M

    Dynamic ranking but always including certain a product

    Hi, I've managed to make a dynamic ranking with a custom TopN filter, output is a table with brands ranked by TopN filter and the rest is always summed up by a total under "Others". This is because there are several subcategories. So within a subcategory the dynamic filter is working on...
  3. H

    Automatically enter a fix value based on ranking of customers while keeping the historical data

    I have a list of 100 customers which are ranked from 1 to 100. Those are from 1 to 50 should have 2 customer visits per year, the second visit is 6 months after first visit. Customer ranked 1 has visits in Jan and Jun, customer ranked 2 has visits in Feb and Jul, customer ranked 3 has visits in...
  4. C

    Ranking help

    I am trying to rank students in such a way so that if they receive a zero it will not rank them it will skip over them but then if two students have the same score they will receive the same rank. I also would like it where it will not jump around with the ranks. Example of how I would like it...
  5. R

    Rank table of Percentages from another table.

    Hello, I want to rank lists of percentages that include ("N/A", Negative and Positive % Values), based on the highest percentage that has to be 1st and lowest percentage (till highest negative percentage) last, if the value is "N/A" return "N/A". The rank should relate to the symbol. I want...
  6. E

    Ranking and probabilities about games and league table

    Hello everyone, I need your help to answer these questions on which I have spent a lot of time but am not making any progress... Construct the current League Table - ordered by points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw), goal difference and then goals scored. Produce prices for the upcoming fixtures...
  7. A

    ranking winth group WITH DUPLICATE BUT without skipping numbers

    hello , can u help me to ranking within group with duplicating within group but without skiping value as for example 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 ...... for each group with multi column thank u F94 4
  8. E

    RANKX with COUNT/SUM function

    Hi all, Stuck with the following : Name Due Status Active Overdue Person 1 On Time 0 Person 1 Overdue 1 Person 1 Overdue 1 Person 2 Overdue 1 Person 2 Overdue 1 Person 2 Overdue 1 Person 3 Overdue 1 Person 3 Overdue 0 Person 3 On Time 0 The above is the table...
  9. N

    Top15 words on worksheet 1

    Hi all, Recently I found this post on MrExcel Using Thesaurus with VBA Great tool, which I use to collect first associations with images. Since a synonym would also have done the job I decided to add up to 10 of them using the code mentioned above. Currently I use it on worksheet 1 (only the...
  10. R

    Single Ranking with Two Data Sets in One Column

    I'm trying to rank scored participants from highest score to lowest with one added criteria. Those who fouled, designated by an asterisk before the score, are still given a score but ranked lower than all the ones who did not foul.
  11. D

    Select registers without best results by category

  12. V

    Exclude some records from a SUMPRODUCT ranking formula

    Hi, I have a table of SalesReps with a two ranking formulas. The resulting rankings are used on dashboards on other worksheets. The formulas rank the performance of SalesReps within each RepGroup in ASC and DESC order (so that we can report on the top performing and bottom performing reps)...
  13. B

    Ranking with Tiebreakers

    Need some help ranking, this is just a small sample. I found a formula on here to rank the teams based on columns D & F, but can't figure out how to use L as a tiebreaker instead of order in the spreadsheet. Obviously this is just a small sample of the sheet there are more columns so the...
  14. M

    RANK(SUMPRODUCT Unique Ranking With Tie Breaker Problem

    Hi there... I am having a bit of trouble with the formula below which is intended to provide a unique (no duplicates) ranking of Productivity scores (highest to lowest) using another metric as tie breaker as needed (lowest Score is best). The formula is used in cells AM7:AM31 and the tie...
  15. M

    IF AND Formula with a Date and Percent

    I am trying to create an IF AND formula that looks at a cell with a Date to see if it is 30 days from Today and then looks at another cell with a ranking percent and return true/false text. Below is my formula which is not working. =IF(AND(D2=TODAY()+30,G2<0.8),"OK","REVIEW") What is a better...
  16. J

    Formula(?) to create a ranking + a count of the values in a column?

    Hi there, and thank you in advance! I really, really appreciate this forum! :) I have data which was not set up in an easy manner to pull information from, so I would love to see if this is possible to do: I'd like to use a formula beneath each column, which would display values in a column...
  17. W

    ImportXML function to extract data

    Dear All, Kindly need your help. I have a task to extract some data for multiple websites. I found out that it's possible to do with ImportXML in Google Docs. That would be superb but I'm a bit lost how to write the formula. An example, I need to extract the ranking number from the following...
  18. rskip

    Rank using 2 tie breaker columns

    Hello, I am needing to rank a table that has columns for Names, Point Totals, Avg Race Position, and Avg Qualify Position. The ranking should be by largest point totals, however if there is a tie, the first tie breaker would be by lowest avg race position, and if still a tie, by lowest qualify...
  19. J

    RANK by two columns to exclude rows with a specific cell value in a third column

    <tbody> A B C D 1 BRANCH CLIENT FILECNT RANK 2 12 ABRE01 50 1 3 12 AEVA01 45 2 4 12 NIEX01 46 5 12 NIEX02 47 6 12 CAI00 29 3 7 32 ABRE02 15 3 8 32 AEVA01 45 1 9 32 NIEX05 9 10 32 NIEX07 47 11 32 CAVI00 40 2...
  20. JenniferMurphy

    Showing the direction a value is moving

    I sometimes create sheets to track the standings of sports teams. Some of these sheets contains rankings. Over time, the rankings change. In the past, I have calculated the change in rank by subtracting the old ranking from the new one (=NewRank-OldRank). This works, but can be a little...

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