1. S

    Remove old connections with VBA

    HI, I have seen multiple posts about removing old connections using VBA but they remove all connections. I have a sheet with 62000+ connections that have built up over time and would like to remove them and retain the 100 usable connections. Is there a way i can filter against the "Last...
  2. H

    IF statement Help

    =IF(C7="Rosemont University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Clayborn University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Branch College",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Eastern Wisconsin University",E7*$P$28)))) My issue is that I can seem to remove False from my cells. Any help is appreciated
  3. T

    VBA to replace/remove

    Hi Folks, I have a list of customers in column A. All of them start with "zz" which is simple enough to remove using... Range("A2:A" & lRow).Replace what:="zz", Replacement:="", _ LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, _ SearchFormat:=False...
  4. A

    VBA - Remove rows where a cell in a column is NOT blank

    Hi all, I am trying to remove rows based on if a cell in column C is not blank for that row. Ive searched multiple threads but nothing is seeming to work for me. I have this one below that works great for removing rows where a cell IS blank. But I need to remove if the cell actually contains...
  5. navic

    Remove all authors name from Excel

    At this link I did not get an answer to my question. Maybe I'll have more luck in this forum. It is common knowledge that with SaveAs in the (MS Office) window you have the option to enter the author before saving the Workbook. Just type in one letter and Excel will list all the authors that...
  6. A

    remove quotation from excel while pasting the data

    Hi All, When ever i'm pasting data from Excel to TXT i'm getting quotation mark (") for each cell. How to remove them. Remember i have copy lot of cell's so i can't use F2 and copy data and paste.
  7. I

    Removing Outliers with standard deviation

    Hello, I am working on a project and told to remove all outliers by using the ? +- 3? approach. I am wondering how i should go about this? do i need to calculate the mean and all quartiles to remove the outliers or is there a single excel function that can remove the data outside 3 standard...
  8. I

    Removing duplicate Data

    Hi, I am working on a massive data set containing more than 100,000 rows for a project. I am told to remove all duplicate data or rows that have been entered by mistake but when I highlight the data and click the " Remove Duplicates" button i get a message that there is no duplicates to remove...
  9. E

    Remove hyphen and separate / copy numbers

    Hi all.. So my problem is as follows and not sure if it can be done... In Column B and starting in B2. I have descending data in format of 1-2-3 I need a macro to remove the hyphen, then copy 1 to C2, 2 to D2 and 3 to E2 This needs to be repeated down entire B column and on different sheets...
  10. A

    VBA: How to remove all extra spaces or a given character in the beginning and end of all cell data?

    1. VBA: How to remove all extra spaces in the beginning and end of all cell data in a sheet ? 2. VBA: How to remove a given character in the beginning and end of all cell data ? 3. VBA: Remove cell data if no text charterer found.
  11. countryfan_nt

    VBA to hide ribbon, done, but now vaidation deactivated

    Hello friends, Hope all is well! thanks to you, I succeeded in hiding the ribbon by using the below line. problem now: validation dropdown menu is not active. if I remove the below line the validation works. please help me remove the ribbon and allow the validation's dropdown menus to work...
  12. F

    Removing first character and last 3 in range

    I'm a bit stumped trying to remove some characters from a string with VBA. I can sort of get it working with a formula using =Left... but I can only get one side working, but I'd prefer to use a command button to set it up, so I'd like to accomplish it in vba. In range AJ1:AJ200 I have a...
  13. A

    Date extract

    Hi Folks, I have a training report generated. The report comes out with the following for date <tbody> 2014/12/31 12:00 AM America/New York I only want the date and want to remove the time and location. How do I go about it. Thank you, AFD </tbody>
  14. H

    Removing Duplicates with formula

    Evening everyone, Please can yyou help with an issue. I am trying to remove any duplicates from a sheet using a formula so this does not have to be done manually. However the 2 formulas I have used, do not work when there is more than one entry. Can anyone help...
  15. D

    Advanced Filter

    I am starting to use Advance Filtering, and notice that when I try to clear the filter, the table formatting is cleared as well. How can I just remove the Advance Filter settings without disturbing anything else on the table?
  16. W

    How to remove characters and then split string at a specifc character

    I have a lot of strings that follow the same format. T4290 Benareby (Härryda kommun) Steps: 1.) Remove the first 5 charcters, T4290. =RIGHT(A2;LEN(A2)-6) 2.) Remove leading spaces from Benareby. Maybe with TRIM. TRIM(B2) 3.) Remove ( kommun) and keep Härryda I am stuck at step 3 right...
  17. G

    Index Match with Right Function

    I have an index match that gives me results for prices with a string of text I want to remove. Example: USD 41.99 In a separate cell I have the RIGHT function to remove the "USD ", but I would like to have a single formula in one cell...
  18. K

    Help modifying VBA code

    I'm using the code below which works great provided the word "Remove" is somewhere on the sheet in column F. However, when the code runs on a worksheet where the word "Remove" is not present it removes the first row of the worksheet which is the column headings and also removes my alternate row...
  19. O

    Removing Lines that change location from downloaded Reports

    I would like to find out if it is possible to remove lines from reports I download daily. The lines change position, say lines 20-22 could be on one report and the next day the same report shows the lines I want to delete on lines 30-32. The last line always contains specific words "data can...
  20. A

    Remove blank rows for large data set

    Hi, I've got a data worksheet with over 1 million rows. I need to remove blank rows so that I can chart the data. The following code worked fine for worksheets with tens of thousands of rows but Excel stops responding when the data set goes into the hundreds of thousands of rows: Sub...

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