1. J

    WORD: Macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black

    Hi, Can anyone help with a macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black? Thanks.
  2. A

    How to sum values and remove duplicates rows

    Hi All, I'm trying to remove duplicates and sum values. I have table which is looks like that. item number client Date Quantity 167 C10000038 28/01/2022 00:00 3 600831 C10008630 27/01/2022 00:00 1 600831 C10008630 27/01/2022 00:00 48 600827 C10008630 28/01/2022 00:00 1 950114...
  3. T

    Substitute, then substitute something else

    Okay, i have no idea what I'm doing. After some toying, i have =IFERROR(TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(A4,FIND(" ",A4&" ",FIND("@",A4))-1)," ",REPT(" ",LEN(A4))),LEN(A4)))," ") in order to extract email addresses from stuff like "Bhatia, Tulikaa <>" My problem is that i...
  4. G

    Remove list of keywords in Sentence

    Hello, this has been asked before but my problem is a bit different. I want to get rid of some words in a column using a Macro (or formulae) text revised text Text to remove This is a sentence containing keywords. For Analysis, for general. sentence,keywords,analysis,general is this is a...
  5. D

    Remove older overlaping date periods

    Hi I have a query in Power Query like: Site id | Start Date | End Date | Value 1 | Value 2 | Value 3 | The date periods are random and dataset comes every month as a txt file. Newer txt often contain corrections of older ones but do not necessarily share start date or end date. My goal is to...
  6. E

    Sum and remove duplicate rows

    Hi, i wrote a macro that will Sum and Delete duplicate rows. The code works fine, however it seems to me that i wrote to much code for a simple task. Can you sugest a simpler approach please? Thanks. Option Explicit Sub test() Dim lrow As Long, k As Long, i As Long, q As Long...
  7. M

    Remove samrad datepicker

    Dear All, I was trying to add a date picker on my userform and I installed Sam Radakovits Date Picker Excel Date Picker — Sam Radakovitz. In the end I've never used it because I don't like it and also because I don't want to install it on all the PC of the users. My project worked on any...
  8. D

    Remove Bitcoin Symbol From Number

    I paste my current cryptocurrency exchange order into column A. I use several macros on it then clear the contents for the next trade. So the contents of Column A changes with every trade. The problem I am having is now Bittrex puts the Bitcoin symbol at the beginning of the number like the...
  9. R

    Remove Text String from Text String

    1 need 00001 help please-__- need help please-__- KXY247 with KXY247 this with this 35 major 35 brain fart major brain fart Column A is showing a string of what I need removed from Column B with the final result being Column C. I have about 33000 rows this needs to run on :) wish me luck...
  10. P

    Delete Prefix in each cell

    Is there any VBA Or Custom Function or Formula which help in removing the prefix numbers and alphabets at the starting of each sentence. AB1RAW DataExpected Output21. TAS Balagopal – Export management – HimalayaTAS Balagopal – Export management – Himalaya32. Varshney & Battacharya –...
  11. P

    Remove Numbers at Beginning of text from a cell

    I have huge text data contains list of topics and course contents.I am facing a challenge to remove intro section numbers and session Numbers and much more to a normal text pattern. Individual removing them is taking a lot of time and effort. I need the help of Mr. Excel Experts in resolving...
  12. P

    Remove a text string in column B based on column C

    I am very thankful to the Mr. Excel forum in providing right solutions. my data consists 70k rows and would be helpful if you Provide a solution through VBA Match every comma separated string of column C with Column B at each row level (C2 with B2) If found - it should be remove the word...
  13. S

    Remove old connections with VBA

    HI, I have seen multiple posts about removing old connections using VBA but they remove all connections. I have a sheet with 62000+ connections that have built up over time and would like to remove them and retain the 100 usable connections. Is there a way i can filter against the "Last...
  14. H

    IF statement Help

    =IF(C7="Rosemont University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Clayborn University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Branch College",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Eastern Wisconsin University",E7*$P$28)))) My issue is that I can seem to remove False from my cells. Any help is appreciated
  15. tourless

    VBA to replace/remove

    Hi Folks, I have a list of customers in column A. All of them start with "zz" which is simple enough to remove using... Range("A2:A" & lRow).Replace what:="zz", Replacement:="", _ LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, _ SearchFormat:=False...
  16. A

    VBA - Remove rows where a cell in a column is NOT blank

    Hi all, I am trying to remove rows based on if a cell in column C is not blank for that row. Ive searched multiple threads but nothing is seeming to work for me. I have this one below that works great for removing rows where a cell IS blank. But I need to remove if the cell actually contains...
  17. N

    Remove all authors name from Excel

    At this link I did not get an answer to my question. Maybe I'll have more luck in this forum. It is common knowledge that with SaveAs in the (MS Office) window you have the option to enter the author before saving the Workbook. Just type in one letter and Excel will list all the authors that...
  18. A

    remove quotation from excel while pasting the data

    Hi All, When ever i'm pasting data from Excel to TXT i'm getting quotation mark (") for each cell. How to remove them. Remember i have copy lot of cell's so i can't use F2 and copy data and paste.
  19. I

    Removing Outliers with standard deviation

    Hello, I am working on a project and told to remove all outliers by using the ? +- 3? approach. I am wondering how i should go about this? do i need to calculate the mean and all quartiles to remove the outliers or is there a single excel function that can remove the data outside 3 standard...
  20. I

    Removing duplicate Data

    Hi, I am working on a massive data set containing more than 100,000 rows for a project. I am told to remove all duplicate data or rows that have been entered by mistake but when I highlight the data and click the " Remove Duplicates" button i get a message that there is no duplicates to remove...
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