1. M

    quick naming question

    Sorry for a dumb question here but how do i take the .xlsx out of a filename/string? The filename/string is dynamic in length. I have some .xlsx files i am saving as .PDF files and for some reason (prolly because i coded it that way) it is saving them as a "file name.xlsx.pdf" . The "file...
  2. J

    Macro to pick up the last autorecovered file and rename it with the original file name

    Hi all, Unfortunately, in my work, we are experiencing quite often some excel crushes (electricity cuts, etc...) and then, the operators restart the pc and reopen the Excel file where they introduce the production data and they are struggling everytime that it happens because they don't know...
  3. R

    VBA - Rename all sheet names by adding year

    Hi, I have a workbook of sheets in descending working-day order in "M-D" format as follows: [ 12-30 ] [ 12-29 ] [ 12-28 ] [ 12-23 ] [ 12-22 ] ... [ 7-1 ] etc. This goes back multiple months. Given the new year, I would like to write a macro that will rename all sheets in "YYYY-M-D" format. In...
  4. D

    Renaming a file in VBA

    Hi all, I am new to VBA & I'm a little confused with this code. I am trying to rename a file so that it will be uploaded to a shared drive. Variable oldname has only been used at this instance, which is to assign the old path to it. My main question here is that it's hence, redundant right...
  5. Z

    VBA: find duplicates and change

    I am a beginner at Excel VBA. I just wanna know what code I am going to use for changing the value of the selected column if found duplicate. For example, I want to create a code that changes the duplicates found from their original name to their original name + "_01" (or something similar). It...
  6. E

    Code to Create or Rename Subroutines from Inside a VBA Macro

    I have a model containing some internal code that I want to be able to programmatically remove from the model before saving it as an "external" version. I searched and found code to remove an entire module that works great. However, now the resulting "external" file gets compiler errors when...
  7. R

    Prevent changes to specific worksheet (VBA)

    Hi, I would like to disable the option to delete, move, copy or rename one specific worksheet in a workbook, regardless of the activated worksheet in the workbook. I cannot protect the workbook structure, because I want to still be able to delete other worksheets in this workbook without the use...
  8. U

    VBA - Loop through every file in folder and rename, save in destination folder.

    Hello, I'm trying to rename all files in a folder based on values in the file and then save them in a user selected folder. Below is what I have so far. It is able to rename and save the file but I have to select the save folder through each loop. Is there a way to select the destination...
  9. D

    Vba copy sheet and rename with input box then hide new sheet

    Hello fairly new with vba but having some issues... I have a workbook with 3 sheets. Lets say sheet A sheet B and sheet C. Sheet B is a a form with data entered in certain say cell C5 , F11 and G15. In a nut shell I want to make an archive by copying a sheet, rename it, hide it, and clear the...
  10. U

    Change folder name based off of selected cell

    Hi experts! I am looking for your help with a project of mine. This is what the end state of my idea is. When I place a number that is associated with a folder inside the orange box it will rename that folder "Folder" without a number. When there is nothing or a 0 inside the orange box all...
  11. 2

    Renaming a query

    Hello, How can I rename a query (not its shortcut)? I've a query that is part of a 'Group' under 'Custom' category in Navigation pane. When I right click on the query I see option of renaming the shortcut. How can I rename the actual query (not only the shortcut)? I am using MS Access2016...
  12. G

    Renaming multiple tabs from cell - how to limit to 30 characters?

    I have a monthly report to produce, I have 51 .xlsx sheets to combine. I have found how to import all into different worksheets. I have found how to rename each worksheet to a cell value. Problem: the tabs can only be 31 characters or less, or the script doesn't rename it. Question: How can I...
  13. K

    Renaming Worksheet VBA to insert in Longer VBA

    I am trying to split out a workbook with about 100 tabs into separate excel files, so I can PowerQuery them. I have it to the point where it splits out my files and renames them and puts them all in a folder, BUT I would LOVE if I could figure out how to also have the VBA rename the worksheet...
  14. M

    Need to make multiple copies of shift report with different dates in the name of the xlsx file.

    I am a lead maintenance mechanic and trying to figure out how to create dated shift reports. Our naming system is (Master file is named "Shift Report.xlsx") Shift Report 7-16-2021 D1 Shift Report 7-16-2021 N1 Shift Report 7-17-2021 D1 Shift Report 7-17-2021 N1 etc... I have to generate these...
  15. B

    Rename multiple Worksheets by a cell value (Date)

    Hi all, I tried to google a day to solve this issue but it did not work. Can anyone help me to give me a solution, please? How can I rename multiple worksheets (from sheet2) from a column value (Date) as the photo attached by using VBA code? Thank you.
  16. A

    VBA move and rename file issue

    Hello all, I have a fairly simple code that selects a source file and then moves it to a new location and renames it. My issue is, if I put the location directly in the code it works. If I try to use a cell reference that has the same location in the cell, it doesn't. Not sure why as similar...
  17. A

    Need to add Suffix in specific file name

    Hello All, I have a Macro, where it will open Previous file and Refresh the data. After Refresh it will Save the file. Now I want to add "_Refreshed" in the File name without changing existing file name. Example: File Name Before Macro Refresh "Markets_ 29 May'20.xlsb" and If i am doing...
  18. M

    Rename the worksheet based on cell value

    I want to rename the worksheet based on cell value and delete the row where cell value 1.Worksheet 1 contains cell value A1 have fruits. Worksheet 1 will be renamed as fruits. In the worksheet fruits, Cell value row should get delete. Worksheet 2 contains cell value A1 have vegetables. Worksheet...
  19. T

    Using VBA to combine headers (based on name) and concatenate columns based on conditions

    In ponctualy receive a file that I would like to reorganize. I am thus looking for specific headers names and either renaming them and copying data or doing more complex operations. In the simplest case, I am only renaming columns and pasting the new columns headers and content in a second...
  20. CKinTX

    Excel VBA Script to Access Files on an SFTP Site

    Good morning, all - I download files from an SFTP site, but the files don't always have a unique name. Files on the site have a naming convention of File_Name.xls for the first file in the group and File_Name_X for each subsequent file in the set where X is an incrementing value from 1 to the...

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