1. A

    Need to add Suffix in specific file name

    Hello All, I have a Macro, where it will open Previous file and Refresh the data. After Refresh it will Save the file. Now I want to add "_Refreshed" in the File name without changing existing file name. Example: File Name Before Macro Refresh "Markets_ 29 May'20.xlsb" and If i am doing...
  2. M

    Rename the worksheet based on cell value

    I want to rename the worksheet based on cell value and delete the row where cell value 1.Worksheet 1 contains cell value A1 have fruits. Worksheet 1 will be renamed as fruits. In the worksheet fruits, Cell value row should get delete. Worksheet 2 contains cell value A1 have vegetables. Worksheet...
  3. T

    Using VBA to combine headers (based on name) and concatenate columns based on conditions

    In ponctualy receive a file that I would like to reorganize. I am thus looking for specific headers names and either renaming them and copying data or doing more complex operations. In the simplest case, I am only renaming columns and pasting the new columns headers and content in a second...
  4. CKinTX

    Excel VBA Script to Access Files on an SFTP Site

    Good morning, all - I download files from an SFTP site, but the files don't always have a unique name. Files on the site have a naming convention of File_Name.xls for the first file in the group and File_Name_X for each subsequent file in the set where X is an incrementing value from 1 to the...
  5. U

    VBA Copy, Move and Rename based on Cell Value

    Hi Guys, I have below data on a sheet with tab name "Data" Date NUM NAME TYPE DATE Subject Note 1 Note 2 10/1/2000 1 Ben Student - Math - - 10/1/2000 2 Ann Student - Science - - 10/1/2000 2 Cher Student - Math - - 11/1/2000 2 Joy Student - Science - - 11/1/2000 2 Sam Student -...
  6. S

    Error in code to rename existing folder

    Hello, I have the following code to rename an existing folder but it gives me error in the line: OldFolderName As NewFolderName. Can I please have your help to make it work? Thank you. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() If Me.ComboBox1.Value = "" Then MsgBox "CAR can Not be Blank!"...
  7. M

    Rename table headings using Names in another column.

    If I import a table in Excel PowerQuery, what functions and syntax do I use to reference another table for the names of the different columns?
  8. S

    A convenient way to batch rename ( not caption ) multiple command buttons on Userform ?

    Hi, I am creating an Userform with several command buttons on it. Is there a way to batch rename them as : cbButton1 cbButton2 cbButton3 cbButton4 cbButton5 … ? Note: I hope to give new names to them. not to change their captions. The way I am using now, is simply click on them 1-by-1, and...
  9. D

    VBA to generate hyperlink to new sheet and assign to shape

    Hi All I'm new here so please bear with me if I make a mistake with this post. I have assembled code (mostly not written myself but altered to suit - I am self taught & not an expert) which copies a sheet "AltPF Master - Rev 1" and allows the user to give the new sheet a name (the sheets are...
  10. R

    rename specific worksheets

    Hi - everyday i always have 3 sheet (sheet1, sheet2 and sheet3) and need to copy to new workbook. but before that, i need to rename it with - sheet1 = backlog approval - sheet2 = backlog release - sheet3 = backlog pr instead using manual effort, can you please help to create vba macro to run...
  11. Y

    Rename an Item In Listbox

    How can i rename an item in a listbox that is already loaded on a userform with a textbox value?
  12. G

    Code to split and rename files

    Hi all, I have a PDF with 20 pages and I want to split it into 20 different pages. I wonder if, appart from the first petition, could it be possible to rename those files that are going to be splitted, based on a list of names that should be in an Excel file. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for...
  13. L

    Rename header rows based on excel workbook names

    Hello I have hundreds of separate excel workbooks saved in a single folder. Each workbook has the same set of 28 variables with the same header row titles and contains monthly data on the cost of drugs. I want to run a loop to merge these workbooks into one. There are two main issues (1) the...
  14. S

    VBA to download images and rename

    Hi i have an excel file with links to images in column L i need to download them and rename them with the list in column M Thanks !:):nya:
  15. I

    Macro to rename numerous files

    Morning. I was wondering if its possible to rename a bunch of pdf files that reside all in the same folder ? Currently the files are just named like, 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf All the files have a date modified next to them for viewing purposes. Can we run a macro that will rename these files & get...
  16. T

    Renaming multiple copied pictures in VBA

    Hi, I am copying charts from one excel workbook (model1), and pasting them in a second excel workbook (TempFile) as a picture. There are roughly 60 of these images. I would like to rename these images. The image names keep changing, which leads to problems for the next steps. Does anyone...
  17. H

    Code to get worksheet name into a cell

    Is it possible to have the worksheet name autopopulate into a cell? Example - I want the sheet name to appear in cell F1. Is that possible? Also, if I rename Sheet 1 to 12345, the info in cell F1 would change from Sheet 1 to 12345.
  18. Y

    Rename pictures in a particular cell

    I have pictures on range F7 in all sheets. unfortunately the names of the picture varies in all the sheets. how do i give it a uniform name like "mypic"
  19. S

    VBA - Renaming identical headers

    I have a spreadsheet with more than 600 columns. Unfortunately several of the headers are identical. I would like to rename these headers so that they become unique. Lets say that part of the headers looks like this: <tbody> a b c d d d d e f f f f </tbody> I would...
  20. J

    Replace Directory name referenced in ALL Macros in a directory?

    We just changed from Dropbox to OneDrive. I have many macros and files that reference c:\dropbox\directoryname and I need to change them ALL to read c:\onedrive\directoryname instead. Can someone help me write a macro that would open each XLSM file in c:\files, then change the word "dropbox" to...

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