1. P

    Lookup and Find

    I feel like I should know this but am drawing a blank. I have a table of 3 columns and 10 rows and two values to locate. In column 1, I want to find the number 29850 and I want to locate in column 2 the term "report" and return the value in column 10. So an idea is as below: <tbody> Sequence...
  2. H

    YTD Data from Monthly Input

    I'm working on a quarterly Board report which i'm trying to set up so that you don't have to amend any of the data when you open it. Currently there is a month-by-month break down of all the figures in one worksheet, then the report itself is on a different worksheet. Is there a formula that...
  3. H

    TYD Data from Monthly Data Input

    I'm working on a quarterly Board report which i'm trying to set up so that you don't have to amend any of the data when you open it. Currently there is a month-by-month break down of all the figures in one worksheet, then the report itself is on a different worksheet. Is there a formula that...
  4. R

    Need some guidance on how to approach this

    Hi Everyone, I need a little help with something. I have a report that I get twice a day, on emails that were sent to some of our generic inboxes. Each email has it's own row. Column C of this report contains a list of all the email addresses the email was sent to. There can be one or a...
  5. F

    Deleting empty rows code doesn't respond

    Ok. Desperation is setting in!!! I have two worksheets, "Clash Check" and "Clash Report". The sheet "Clash Check" gathers data which ends up as a list of names etc across 3 columns with lots of blank rows in it. I have a code which can run through the list and take the blank rows out based on...
  6. C

    Automated Daily Production Report - Excel

    I am in need of a vba module that would allow me to do the following: I currently have a workbook which is Titled "Aspen DPR 10-19". The "10-19" changes based off of current month-year. This Daily Production Report has a tab titled "Monthly Report" and also has a tab for each day of the month...
  7. L

    Power Query - Pull Over Latest Date From Another Column

    This would seemingly be simple to do. I have a "Report Date"column with hundreds of rows of dates. I need a custom column that indicates with an "x" or a flag of some type if each row in the Report Date column contains the latest report date within the column itself. Not today's date but the...
  8. F

    If And Statment to include three columns

    Hello, I am looking to expand a formula to include a third column. The current formula is; if(and(n2="",o2="")m2,n2), Basically I am trying to say if column N & O are blank then report the data in column M to the new column. If there is data in either column N or O then report this data instead...
  9. A

    Macro for a large report

    Hello, I run a report which lists all 31 teachers on my staff and the number of lessons they have graded during a particular grading period. The format looks something like this(see below). What I have to do for each teacher is copy and post their grading information into another report. In the...
  10. S

    VBA PDF Export printing 1 page

    I have used this VBA code for publishing a PDF report which does work, but what it is doing is showing 2 blank pages below the PDF report been published. Is there anyway to say to the report to export just the range I want leaving just 1 page instead of throwing out good paper!. Private Sub...
  11. P

    If Statement

    Hi - looking for help please I have 2 columns which vlookup values within my tab, they are Team Name last month / Team Name this month. I wish to know if these change and report in Column 3. I have about 7 different team names - for this example - North, South, East, West
  12. T

    Copy Row 2 and 3 from a closed workbook and paste it into my active workbook

    I'm trying to create a macro that sets up my reports with a header and spaces above and before the data Essentially what I want to do is add a column in the front of my data, add 6 Rows above my data, turn gridlines off, and open my workbook that contains my header and copy and paste it into...
  13. A

    VBA Macro Problem

    Hello, I work for an online school and supervise 31 teachers. Twice a month, I run a report which gives me the number of hours each teacher has spent online. I output the report in an excel workbook. The output has 31 tabs for each teacher's information. The tabs are Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc. I...
  14. A

    Report Lookup Data

    Hello, I am struggling with a solution to select data within cells and skip cells that are blank. The following is a description of what I have going: Group 1 - Book Size 6 cells in 1 row Cell shows the size based on selection made. The selection can require up to 3 sizes. Group 2 - Book...
  15. M

    how to report number of cells in a colunm (searching up) between a number and the first instance of a larger number?

    Probably pretty basic question - only starting t play with excel - simple data set - daily nasdaq prices in descending data order; looking to report the number of days it takes to get back to equal or greater price after two consecutive drops - so for 3/8, second drop was 13 points - want to...
  16. S

    Run-time error '1004'

    I have a monthly report which has a macro that combines data from two sources automatically and updates several pivot tables. This report used to work flawless on ex coworkers computer. He sent me the report and now I cannot make it work. I receive below error: Run-time error '1004' : We...
  17. A

    Date extract

    Hi Folks, I have a training report generated. The report comes out with the following for date <tbody> 2014/12/31 12:00 AM America/New York I only want the date and want to remove the time and location. How do I go about it. Thank you, AFD </tbody>
  18. M

    Multiple Reports from single static report based on column value

    Hello, Either it’s Monday morning, or I’m overestimating my abilities, or both. I’m trying to figure out a way to generate multiple reports automatically based off a static report and the values in it. We get a report with hundreds of thousands of items on it, and they’re all grouped together...
  19. C

    Report Queries Back End vs Front End

    Hello All~ I created and administer an MS Access DB. Back End sits on a Network Drive, 20+ End Users have the Front End on their respective Desktops. The Application has a Reporting Tool where the user has the option of selecting and running about 20 or so different reports. Currently I keep...
  20. R

    Formatting a Text String in VBA

    I have the following macros that work: Sub AAA_test_MAR() Set Mail_Object = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") With Mail_Object.CreateItem(o) .Subject = "Monthly Action Report (MAR) " .To = "" .CC = "" .HTMLBody = MAR_Message_SECURE .Attachments.Add "" .Send End With End...

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