1. M

    How to create a Word report using Excel?

    Hi There, I am fairly new to this but I am trying to make a report in Word, I have a template that I am working from but I can't seem to find what I need online. Basically I want to be able to type details in excel such as company name, address, products, specific products used. I have started...
  2. S

    Run-time error '1004'

    I have a monthly report which has a macro that combines data from two sources automatically and updates several pivot tables. This report used to work flawless on ex coworkers computer. He sent me the report and now I cannot make it work. I receive below error: Run-time error '1004' : We...
  3. mole999

    Sub is this possible

    I'm having a big problem with a set of routines (I won't explain them) Is it possible to call a routine from a Sub, and return the ID of the calling Sub (maybe its not worth doing) I want to list each sub entry and a time stamp to be able to focus down on what the issue is Sub One Reporting End...
  4. S

    Writing sql for a table to extract information for reporting

  5. C

    Vlookup or any other function

    Mr (or Ms) Excel Community, I need your help to figure out the formula as I hit the roadblock. I used the following formula to come up with the reporting liters value of the below table: =IF(AND(B4>=D2,B4<=E2),C2)*B3 The outcome I am trying to achieve that we manually input gallons value (B2)...
  6. R

    Recording a long formula is splitting it and destroying it

    Hi all, I'm trying to record a sumif with 6 different criteria pointing at different workbooks, when I record it, it seems to cut it after a point and replace a bunch of it with a " _ & " As a result, I think I fixed it with this but I still get application or object defined error...
  7. P

    Multiple Reporting

    Hi - looking for help with regards to multiple reporting. I have 4 Elements Business Areas - up to 100 Products - up to 20 UK or Europe New or Used Product I am trying to report the volume of all products within each area and whether they are New or Used in UK and Europe This would be...
  8. R

    Data Reporting/Extraction on specific dates

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Excel and need some help for my project. I want to extract a particular cell value on weekly basis. The start and end date of project is known. The cell value named 'percentage of work completed' updates every day, but I want to know the status only on weekly basis...
  9. L

    Create new column with macro

    Hey all, I'm currently working on a private equity report that I want to automate. Ive made a rough draft of what I am looking to do below. Assume the first two columns are manual entry (Company Reporting, 6/30/2011). I want to be assign a macro to a button that, when pressed, will...
  10. M

    Auto Update Date Every 7 Days

    Hi All, I'm a newbie to Mr Excel so please bear with me! I have a small problem on a worksheet and have searched for a solution with no luck. I have a date box (cell A5) that controls a range of dates on multiple pivot charts on a office report which is auto emailed daily. At the end of the...
  11. J

    EXCEL form not opening for other people the way it is supposed to

    I have a form i created that is protected so that the supplier can only fill out certain areas that i want them to. when i send it out to the suppliers they are reporting that the single page document opens in 4 pages. how can i stop this so that everyone can open it the same way?
  12. R

    MACRO HELP NEEDED: Complex comparison, text coloring, and reporting between an old and new sheet.

    I have a complex macro in my mind that I want to build, but such little macro experience that I just can't build it alone. One workbook. Three sheets. Several hundred rows, but only columns A through G. Sheet1 "Old" Sheet 2 "New" Sheet 3 "Final" Sheet 4 "Report" Each workbook has the exact same...
  13. S

    Extract all rows from a range that meet criteria in columns

    Hi, i have a list of dataset from A1 to AZ200. The row A1 to A200 are list of projects that company has. Columns are name of the officers in the company and also the months of each year (Jan-Dec18). The excel spreadsheet keep tracks of the monthly revenue and expenses of each project as well...
  14. M

    DAX code to track project progress as at reporting date

    Hi all, First up, I have posted this query on another forum I am working on a dashboard that can track all the projects that are currently being undertaken. The aim is to report on the progress of the various projects over a period of...
  15. Y

    Need help in forecasting

    Hello all, I hope someone can assist in this - and thanks in advance. I hope I can explain this without much confusion. I have a sample survey size of 1,120. 60 people out of 1,120 responses are reporting site errors (so 5% of the population is reporting site errors). It is assumed that these...
  16. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Code to Look into Folder Directory for File and Download to Specific Folder Location

    Hello All, I have a project which requires a tool that is capable of looking at a set list of file names, a specified sub folder and seeing if the file exists, if so, then make a copy of the file to a specific Directory and update the workbook that I will trigger the code form with a "Saved...
  17. M

    Open file based on changing date value

    Hello, I am trying to createa vba code that will open two spreadsheets based on the changing year and monthvalues. I have the below codethat will first enter the date value needed for current reporting period andprior reporting period (3/31/18 and 2/28/18 respectively).I am having...
  18. M

    Power BI replacing Reporting Service

    I just started learning Reporting Services of Ms SQL Server and found it is no match with Power BI from a beginner view. Anyone is still using Reporting Server and please advise if I should continue with MS Reporting Service or simply jump onto Power BI instead ? What is the advantage of...
  19. I

    Splitting data out into 100s of worksheets

    Hi there, I have been asked by someone in my organisation to try and improve an excel file they use for managing account transactions. They basic format is this: We generate a tab delimited TXT file from our banking portal which lists all of the transactions made for the month. This is then...
  20. J

    Excel sheet to report if Word documents have certain values

    Hi guys Firstly, a big thanks to the community here. I have always seemed to get the answer to my queries so hopefully today won't be any different. I am NOT a vba coder but have managed to bluff and blag my way to get to this point. I have made a spreadsheet where the user loads a list of...

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