1. N

    Maximize Allocation Based on Price

    Hello, I am not sure if it is possible to do in Excel, but is there a formula or way to use Solver to allocate based on the selling price, and is contingent upon (1) the allocated amount must be less than or equal to the capacity, and (2) the sum of the allocated amount by part number must be...
  2. S

    Revenue split by month

    Hi, I have the total charge along with the start and end dates and need it spread over months. Scenario A is pretty simple where all costs have been allocated evenly Scenario B if the revenue start date is less than the invoice date I need it to calculate the total back dated charge and...
  3. R

    Change Multiple Measures Using A Slicer

    Hello, I have a matrix in Power Bi structured as shown below. I would like to use the same visual to show different measures, depending on the slicer selection. By that I mean that if "Revenue" is selected the visual will show revenue values for Actual, Budget and Prior Yr. and the same for any...
  4. K

    Monthly Weekly Daily Target Turnover

    Hi, I have the yearly turnover target for a company and would like to calculate the monthly, weekly and daily targets to meet the yearly. I want to be able to put the actual daily revenue and automatically recalculate the next day target and the next month target. For example if my yearly...
  5. I

    Required to make monthly revenue sheet based on the months days

    Required to make monthly revenue sheet based on the months days
  6. JackDanIce

    Clustered column chart - highlight specific column if condition met

    Hi, I have: A time line from A1:A10 (months) Revenue data: B1:B10 (+ve values) Cost of Revenue: C1:C10 (+ve values) Difference: D1:D10 with formula =ABS(C1-B1)<1000 I currently use A1:C10 to show a clustered column table comparing Revenue vs Cost of Revenue over time I've been asked to...
  7. C

    Excel Formula to sum customers List with criteria and show return the customer with highest Revenue

    Ok, I have been unable to solve this formula. I have a list of financial transactions on a sheet named Income Stmnt Transaction. In Column I is the customer name, Column M is the revenue earned for a single transaction, and Column N is the account type. the customer who earned the most...
  8. V

    Two different sheet data to be pasted on one another sheet

    I have a excel sheet where Sheet 2 named as 'master sheet' and sheet 3 named as 'revenue data'. I want to enter the company name in cell G2 in sheet 1 which will search the same name in column F of 'Master Sheet' and paste it in sheet 1 below master header. Similary the value of G2 needs to be...
  9. F

    Break Revenue Down By Month - Start End Date and Amount

    Hello, I have two dates and an amount field, I want to break the revenue into each month. I have a formula =(IF(AND($B2>=D$1,$A2<=DATE(YEAR(D$1),MONTH(D$1)+1,0)),MIN($B2,DATE(YEAR(D$1),MONTH(D$1)+1,1))-MAX($A2,D$1),0)/($B2-$A2))*$C2 It breaks down the revenue incorrectly across the months. I...
  10. V

    Need a VBA Macro to hide/ unhide rows based on a string in a cell value

    I have a column (A) that has below values in different cells (A1, A2 and A3 and so on). PPC Revenue - 2015 Non-PPC Revenue - 2015 ROAS - <Enter PPC 1 Name> - 2015 ROAS - <Enter PPC 1 Name> - 2017 Non-PPC Revenue - 2016 Non-PPC Revenue - 2020 I need a macro that can be used to hide/ unhide...
  11. E

    Company name list

    Hey guys, so basically I have a list on the left of companys (company a, company b as example) and list of products for each company (P1, P2, P3) and the revenue Now I need something like the right hand side where all the products for each company are in a single cell (or even how to have...
  12. L

    Help: Sumif with criteria and between values

    Hello, thank you for taking time to read my message. I need some help, and after searching, I dont seem to find the answer. Hopefully, I can find help here. The goal is to sum revenue based on a average sales price per item. I want to group this sales based on price point to learn the...
  13. K

    How To Sum A Column Against Each Unique ID With Multiple Conditions

    Hi, I have a sample data as below, original data is around 90 thousand. Please Note:- That in the below sample data the value in the column "Approval Status" is show "Approved", but this is not the case it can be other values as well for example like "Rejected" or "Submitted" etc., Sample...
  14. S

    Analysis? Which of 7 factors affect revenue? HOW

    Hi. Urgent as need to hand in tomorrow. Completely lost. I have revenue each day; there's multiple factors; TV ads, radio ads, Facebook likes, Google ads, temperature and precipitation for each day too... In excel- what do I use? What stats to do a quick job on what factors affect revenue...
  15. R

    Accrued Revenue Ageing Formula

    Hi, From the below, I need to work out the ageing of the balances. The figures in column M (highlighted yellow) are the values I'm looking to achieve, which incorporates the following: 1) The Bf balance in column C. For Project 1 this is 61 days for the £5,000. 2) The formula will understand...
  16. O

    complex if/then and also reference another worksheet

    Below is the current If statement that I am using-- Sample of file format: A B ColumnC ColumnD ColumnE ColumnF ColumnG 62 Task 1 $500 63 Task 2 $850 64 Task 3 $900 What I am trying to do: If ColumnC = "Yes" then "Recognize Revenue OVERTIME". If...
  17. W

    A better formula?

    There has to be a better, more concise formula than this. I have revenue, and I want to compute favorability between a new period and an old period. Higher revenue in the new period than the old period is good, less is bad. The % increase or decrease should follow suit. If the old period had...
  18. S

    Cannot get multiple criteria search to work. Ok, its been a whilesince retirement and I am REALLY rust but I just can't get either the lookup ormatch to work in the sheet linked below. I am working on a rental trackingsheet that I need to...
  19. Z

    Dynamically merging multiple columns of data into one column, organised by a specific criteria...

    Hello, I am working with a spreadsheet that is split by Parts as you can see below. I need column A to pull revenue from columns F, H and I organised hierarchically by the date. So for example, cell A2 should contain "14/02/2019" because that is the earliest date and then B2 should...
  20. D

    Challenge :) formula or VBA

    I have an issue that I don't know how to easily resolve. I need to convert the following line of text. Column 'C1' would typically be this (but will be multiple lengths); Case Is = "400000","400100","400200","400300","400400","400500","400700","400900" Column 'D2' would say 'Revenue' What I...

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