ribbon customization

  1. S

    Run addin through customized ribbon

    i'm fairly new to Excel VB, it would be great if you can provide your input on following questions: 1. if we make customize ribbon it loads from excel startup folder, is it possible to load it from a different location? 2. if i have a addin, how can i transform it to customize ribbon and load...
  2. A

    VBA Customized Ribbon disappeared

    Hi, I have built a customized ribbon in VBA. This worked well and suddenly it disappeared... In VBA I added "loss of state" and the physical address of the ribbon, but how can I retrieve it now? Many thanks for your quick reply.
  3. Manolocs

    Excel for Mac 15.17

    Hello, I am really tired to tried to find a way to edit/customize the ribbon, I need the clear contents button be accessible without having to open the dropdown list every time. Thanks in advance...
  4. E

    Importing Customized Ribbon from Word to Excel / Changing a Word Document with Macros & Customized Ribbon into an Excel File

    Was hoping someone might have an answer for this... I am new to working with macros and customized ribbons and have a Word document that was shared with me but I believe it will be more functional being used in Excel. Mostly to do with formatting and how the macros seem to work. I have the...
  5. S

    Custom controls not showing in Add-ins ribbon tab and XML error

    Hello.. This is my first time posting a question so I'm sorry if I don't follow protocol exactly. I'll try. We are using Windows7 with Excel 2007. We have old code from excel 2003 and earlier that was adding a msoControlPopup with other sub-controls using the code below: Set HelpMenu =...
  6. R

    Customizing Ribbon Excel 2010

    I'm just finalizing a VBA application I've been working on for some time. I was about to make a Table of Contents sheet with links to various sheets and a bunch of buttons to run various macros I've written when it occurred to me it would be really nice to have instead a tab on the ribbon where...
  7. C

    Ribbon and Quick Access Buttons not executing macros assigned to them

    Yesterday, I noticed that my custom "Close without Saving" button stopped working. I checked the VBA editor and my Personal workbook was missing and all of my personal macros were gone. I restarted excel, same issue. Rebooted my machine and they re-appeared. Not sure how what happened, but...
  8. B

    Customising the Ribbon VIDEO

    I found this very helpful video on the Contextures site http://youtu.be/eJslb49T0Bk does anyone no how to make that customized ribbon or know of a video on it .
  9. Ivan Howard

    Custom Ribbons

    Hi All, I have recently migrated to Excel 2010 from Excel 2003. In Excel 2003, I created an Add-In that had 20 bespoke macros in it. Everytime a user opened Excel 2003, the Add-In was deleted and re-installed (from a shared drive) using VBA coding within the "Personal.xls" workbook. This...
  10. J

    Symbols for Macro Buttons - Ribbon Customization

    Dear All, Is it possible to edit and/or add extra symbols for the macro buttons? I mean to extended what the pallet offers Cutomsie Ribbon > Rename (As it is used to be before ribbon age with the ultra primitive built in symbol editor) Many thanks in advance,
  11. imashish

    How to create a "WrapText" lookalike button in Excel 2007 Ribbon ?

    I have developed a customized ribbon (AddIn) in excel, thanks to all the free tutorials available on the net. But now i want to take it up to the next level, i am facing a challenge that how should i build a button which shows an image(pic) with the screentip/supertip as i hover the button...
  12. B

    Show only one TAB from the ribbon

    Hello Everyone, Is it possible to show only the File tab from the ribbon and hide all the other tabs?
  13. N

    Ribbon GetEnabled Callback

    Hi, I've been battleing over this for sometime now. I've created a custom ribbon with a range of buttons and dropdown menus. So far I have been able to get code to run when using OnAction commands for buttons, but I am now trying to use Callbacks to change the enabled state of a dropdown or...
  14. L

    Custom Toolbars and Add-Ins WITHOUT VBA or XML in 2007

    I have only very VERY basic knowledge of VBA, and none of XML. I had a custom toolbar in Excel 2003, with button images I'd created myself, linked to macros I'd created. I'm trying to achieve this in 2007. I've successfully got my macros into my 2007 "PERSONAL.XLSB" workbook (by simply copying...
  15. L

    Custom Ribbon Button and Macros

    I have a macro which I assigned to a custom butoon in Excel 2003. This macro was run by many users in my organization. I would like to duplicate the funcationality in Excel 2007. I have created the xml code to add a custom button to the Ribbon using the CustomUI Editor. This works well. I...

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