1. ibmy

    Check if Number Exist in Row Range

    Hi, Sample of 100+k rows data: DEFGHIJKLM1MaxBIBexpected result :231.207021.207024Max Exist41.207021.2067551.207021.2088961.207021.2030271.207021.2070281.207031.207031Max X91.207031.20701101.207061.207063Max X111.207061.20702121.207061.20705131.207061.20702141.207021.20699151.207241.207246Max...
  2. ibmy

    Count Distinct Value In Row Range

    Hi, Sample of 100+k rows: FGHI1Bexpected result...
  3. M

    Locking cells / rows after a specific date. VBA?

    dear all, I'm currently stuck with Excel and I hope you guys can help me. I am looking to lock specific rows (in the screenshot: the forecast quantity) D6-O6, D9-O9, D12-O12, D15-O15, etc (until D24-O24) after a specific date has passed. This date will be defined in D3-O6. So the way it...
  4. A

    SUM function not functioning

    Hi, I am able to assemble a cell range (O21:O162) using this formula: =CONCATENATE("O21:O",ROW(XLOOKUP(INDEX(B21:B670,MATCH(TRUE,B21:B670<0,0)),B21:B670,A21:A670))) But when I insert it into a sum function, I get a #VALUE! error. Can someone show me what I'm doing wrong...
  5. J

    VBA to compare rows in two different sheets, if match highlight cell

    Hello. New to this board. I found some code that compares two worksheets (sheet 2 with sheet 1) to determine if there are any differences in the rows. The code works perfect for highlighting the entire row. If there is a difference in the row on sheet 2, it is highlighted in red. Instead of...
  6. T

    Power Query: transpose column to one comma seperated cell

    Hi I have a list of 4 digit numbers in a column in Power Query, for example: 1234 3827 3845 4028 3957 The file is refreshed with a new list each week with a differing amount of numbers. I want PQ to combine them so they end up in a single cell in the following format...
  7. D

    VBA based on cell value search for it in the table and then copy a row (help with existing code)

    I managed to have to make it partially work; however, it copied and pasted a whole range from Data sheet - I want only the row that matches C6 from Entry sheet . Here is the code: Sub Find_Order() Dim entrySheet As Worksheet Dim dataSheet As Worksheet Dim checkSheet As Worksheet...
  8. T

    Combining Index, small, if, row

    Hi All I'm running into a bit of an issue I can't work out, granted I have a horrible cold right now... I have this formula to find content in a sheet called "Test", it works perfectly until later (G94)...
  9. J

    Need to sum the bottom 5 cells that have values....

    A B 100 1 100 2 500 3 400 4 100 5 200 6 7 200 8 100 9 100 10 I want to sum a maximum of the bottom five rows that have values. I want to skip the blank rows. So the results of the formula in B10 should be 100+100+200+200+100 = 700 I will use this formula in an adjacent...
  10. R

    Highlight active rows in a 2 or more table

    Hello! I'm trying to highlight the active row in a table. I have multiple table in 1 sheet and I already formatted the sheet to highlight the row when selected. However, when selecting the row in a table, it also highlight the same row in all the tables. is there a way to only highlight the row...
  11. ibmy

    If Both C=1 And D>0 ,then ... ?

    Greetings experienced, With my limited knowledge of Excel, only know basics, I was thinking to use function "=IF(AND(N4=1,O3>0), , ) " & "(INDEX(O:O,ROW()-O3-1" ,in formula but do not know how to structure/complete it. When cell in Column N =1 and above row of it, cell in Column O >0 , assign...
  12. L

    Using INDEX...SMALL...IF...ROW and COUTNIF in order to match multiple peoples names to single email for mail marge

    Hi there, I have found some old posts on this topic but nothing that seems to solve my issue. I am using the below formula in order to pull a list of individuals names that have correspondence through the same email address. For example if Mr John Smith, Mrs Jane Smith and Miss Janet Smith are...
  13. brendalpzm

    Copy data from a range and paste it in the next available row in another sheet

    I have a range ("A31:AB31") in the "Input incidents" sheet, so I need to paste it (only values, no formulas) at the next available row in a data base ("Incidents_Accu"), the columns are also A:AB in the data base, the information should be accumulated in the data base by clicking on an ActiveX...
  14. G

    Need VBA Help on Unhiding Row Based on Value + Rows Below

    I tried putting together a code for a checkbox in Sheet "Budget" which will unhide 4 rows on Sheet "Vendor Cost". When the checkbox is ticked, it should unhide the row on Sheet "Vendor Cost" which contains value "1000L" on column A and 3 more rows underneath it (no value on column A). I can't...
  15. E

    Create mails with table - standard header specific row

    I am trying to create a code that can create Namelist amount of emails. Each email should include some specific cell variables such as name and email AND a table in which i need the header from the excel sheet and a specific row. I have tried to incoporate a take one row at a time approach but...
  16. S

    Hide Corresponding Rows based if first cell (a7-a72) = 0

    Hello, I am very new to VBA and looking for help hiding rows if the the first cell (Column A) in the row (7-72) is zero. I would also like to unhide the rows if the cell is not zero and ideally not have to manually run the code each time the values in column A change. Column A is dependent on...
  17. S

    Sort from a specific row onwards

    Hi, I am trying to sort some data, if I indicate header:=xlyes it only exclude the first row. However, I need the first 2 row to be excluded from sorting as I have the first 2 rows as header for my table. Does anyone knows how i can exclude the first 2 row when sorting my data using VBA? if it...
  18. B

    Delete last checkbox if table row is deleted

    Hi guys. I have a table with a row for each employee of my company. In each row is created a checkbox in column B (with a macro that runs in every change made on that sheet). Is there any way that I can delete a checkbox if I delete a table row? It doesn't need to be the checkbox in that same...
  19. B

    how to add the above row x times in excel based on the number y which can change

    I am trying to make an excel file for my parents so that they have it easier than writing all the info in a book X amount of times. i have A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; and L columns and want to automate and duplicate the data in A to G in rows below xn-1 times when there is a number on Hx...
  20. G

    copy and paste a row but not the entire row just between A:J

    Hello, I'm trying to copy and paste row value, by knowing if there is data or not, actually i'm using this code : Sheets("Data_Sheet").Range("A" & i).EntireRow.Copy Destination:=Sheets("Data_transfert").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) The i variable here is for the condition...

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