1. A

    Add value of subtotal onto value of row

    Hello all, I'm unsure if this is something that can be done. However, I'm wondering if it's possible to add a subtotal (from a measure) onto a row value? In the attached example, I would be looking to add the Inbound actual excl recharges value, with the inbound unallocated actual value on the...
  2. M

    Array Formula Extract Records tutorial not working for me

    Having watched a MrExcel YouTube video about pulling records based on a condition, I attempted to reorganise a large question bank we have for learners. Unfortunately, the formula doesn't seem to work as it's getting caught pulling correct row numbers and always returns 0...
  3. N

    Count values greater than zero in a row that has a defined value in a column

    Hi, I'm trying to count how many weeks a specific Product has been active. The Product has been active if they have a value for that week. The value in Column B has to match a defined value (i.e. A, B, C, D - the data in cells B12-B15), and then the data from columns C to G have to be...
  4. M

    Count if multiple criteria with corresponding rows

    Hi All, Please see below. I need a formula (in yellow cells) that will return how many times the number is counted as well as the corresponding row returning a "yes". So for example, cell BA3 should be 6. Bit stuck with this one so any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  5. M

    A VBA code to Insert new row if sequential numbering not matching

    Hello I'm trying to figure out a code that could insert a new row where the sequential numbering mismatching. As you can see in the picture a row is missing for POS 2. I would like a code that could insert, in multiple places, during the sequence. For example, in some cases the sheet could be...
  6. C

    Check Row Matches a row in an array

    Hi All I have 2 workbooks and i want to check if a row matches another row in another book. Lets say in Workbook1 you have the following Workbook 1 Workbook2 A B C D T Y U O W E R T A B C D I have the following formula but its not working...
  7. C

    Check if cells are on the same row

    Hi all Need to check if both matches are on the same row =row(A6)=row(B6) which works, but i need it nested within my other formula =IF(AND(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'["&$F$1&"]"&$E$1&"'!$A:$M"),A6),COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'["&$F$1&"]"&$E$1&"'!$A:$M"),B6)),"Match","No Match")+ Cant work it out, could...
  8. P

    INDEX MATCH -> multiple results from 2 columns

    Hello, I'm trying to get 2 multiple results from 2 different columns under 1 column and in order. Column E = Matching Apple in column A -> returning C value {=INDEX($C$1:$C$6,SMALL(IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH($A$1:$A$6,$E$1,0)),MATCH(ROW($A$1:$A$6),ROW($A$1:$A$6)),""),ROWS($A$1:A1)))} Column F =...
  9. A

    Search for texts in adjacent cells and highlight

    Hello all, I'm quite new to VBA searching for guidance. I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to write an excel VBA script that would do the following: 1. Search column B for a cell containing "Checker Plate". 2. And if the adjacent cell (Column A) contains a "6" or a "9" then highlight...
  10. D

    Help me understand my VBA code please (easy) - thanks!

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a stock (inventory management) portfolio in Excel. In this, I have my current inventory quantity in column I and two columns in column J & K which I can use to subtract & add amounts from my quantity, so: Column I = Current quantity Column J = Enter any...
  11. L

    Resize the same size [width] for all cells in row 7

    Hello community, I want to resize to the same width the row 7 (brands) except A7. I want the size 190 px. How to do it? Thank for your answer.
  12. H

    Create New Rows based on Start & End Date

    Hi Experts, I am looking for a macro code to create rows per employee based on the start & end date. Each employee will have LOP dates with From & To date, I need to create each row per employee for the dates available between dates. Attached screenshot for reference. Regards, Harish S
  13. D

    Is it possible to populate a combo box with a range or values that exists 1 row and not a column?

    I have a dynamic range that all the info in is 1 row and I want to use it to populate a combo box but I can only get the value in the first cell to show in the combo box. Range named adbk is on a tab named Admin and the data starts in b1 and stretches out on row 1 below is the line of code that...
  14. L

    Move Pivot Table to align with last row of other column

    I'm pretty new to using VBA, so please excuse my lack of knowledge or choice of words to describe my question Alright so I have a; -Pivot table 1 @ (A25:B29) -Pivot table 2 @ (A31:B34) -A regular table @ (D1:K50) ~ this table is constantly changing it's height (row count) could be K50 upto...
  15. W

    Return MULTIPLE corresponding values for TWO Lookup Value, Horizontally, in one Row

    Similar to this link(reference the bottom)- I am trying to return multiple corresponding values with two look up conditions, horizontally, in one row. Then I can apply it down other rows. Not sure how to go about this- I have been stuck for days. I provided a sample below: ID Name Qty A...
  16. S

    VBA to Move row to bottom in table depending on cell value

    hello i’m new at work and i need help with a very easy task but i dont know how to do it with tables just with ranges in VBA, but its important to keep it as a table to my boss, what i need is a row goes to the bottom depending on the cell value on column O when it says “ DONE” and i prefer not...
  17. Z

    (=sheet!) drag horizontally, column increment issues

    Okay so I've been struggling with this for a while and I can't seem to formulate my question that great either, bear with me please. So, I have created an excel sheet that collects exercise data into columns extending for several weeks. In my data sheet I am trying to collect these data points...
  18. O

    Need AGGREGATE to list when category is mixed up with others under one cell

    Hello, I have a Data-Validation Drop Down on Cell A1 that contains Board Game Categories and whenever I click them, I need excel to pull all the Board Games associated with that category and list them down in COLUMN A. So far, my code is only pulling Board Games that has that specific category...
  19. T

    Macro to pull all amounts into a message box or userform and ask me which ones to edit etc

    Hi Everyone, I have a list of direct debits, sometimes I need to edit or adjust the amount i'm paying for one or more of them for that month I need a macro that can ask me which ones I want to change and by how much and then add reduce the following months amount by that amount? So here in...
  20. M

    How to make a row auto populate

    Hello, Thank you in advance for your help! So I would like to have a separate sheet for certain data that is entered in another sheet, but all located in the same book. Is there a way to do this? For instance, if the text in cell D2 matches a certain criteria, then excel will auto-populate...

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