1. I

    Nested For Next: Move to the next row after the middle loop

    HI All I would be grateful for the advice on the following: I have two "For Next" Statements nested inside each other. The outer loop takes a phone number from a spreadsheet, then looks the number up on a messaging service. The inner loop identifies the message conversations and drops each...
  2. Z

    Macro for a new row and new sheet based up on a new cell reference column

    I have a table of workstreams that on the go. There is a main page with all the workstreams on at the moment, and then sheets name depending on the reference for ease of tracking. So 'Home', 'ABC001', "ABC002' etc. Could I create a macro that would make a new row and record the next available...
  3. C

    Multiple Row

    Hello, i plan to make a macro where the data will be place in multiple row after click the submit button. below is the current situation: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Pocl3 As Object Set Pocl3 = Sheet2.Range("A99999").End(xlUp) Pocl3.Offset(1, 1).Value = Me.TextBox1.Value &...
  4. D

    Place Text String to Specific Row Number Identified by Number + Match ID to Same ID Embedded in String

    I need a formula that will place a text string in a row specified by the number from an adjacent column within a look-up table. Additionally, I also need a formula that will return a text string based on the same row number described above, plus a match of the ID number with the same ID #...
  5. L

    VBA Record when a new row of information is added to data set

    I would like to find a better way to record when a new row of information is populated in a data set. Currently I have some code that checks when the values are populated in adjacent columns C,D and E, once a value is populated in all of them it records the sheet name and row address in a...
  6. T

    Resetting Row Counter Loop?

    I have this code here that copies, and pastes from one sheet to another if the match is not found. However, I cant seem to get the row counter to reset to the top of the row. Once it is done looping through a row, it should reset to the second row (as the first row will be a header row)...
  7. R

    Copying formats, then formulas down to dynamic last row not working

    What I'm attempting to do: copy all the rows from an open workbook, insert them into my other workbook that is a template, between to placeholders with formulas. my data in the template goes from A:CE. I've got the first part working where I insert the rows, but I don't know how to paste formats...
  8. B

    How To Add Borders In Row?

    This might be a silly question , but i am not able to add a border between a Row, Here I Want to Add a Line Between two dates(Where i have highlighted with red color) Please Guide Me on the Issue. Thanks
  9. A

    VBA with IF and FOR to delete every row which contains a specific character in column B.

    Hello everybody :) In VBA Code i need to check if there is any cell in column B that is equal to the letter "S", and if so delete the entire row. I think it should be with the FOR function since in each time I have a different number of lines. One time I have 2 lines and another time I have 15...
  10. ibmy

    Sequence of Up->Down->Up-> repeat until....

    Hi, Is this possible to detect this kind of sequence in 250k-750k row data. 1) Count start at least the sequence of up-down 2) Stop the count if next value is not in squence of, increasing(up)-decreasing(down)-increasing(up)-decreasing(down),.... , example: i- up-down->down ii-...
  11. N

    Multiple Dynamic row to be filter on criteria to another sheet

    Hi All, Good Day .. :) I just started learn more about excel deep nowadays, I got promotion in office. I was assigned to small task in excel, which a am suck now, can anyone just lift me up from this issue. I have some multiple sheets with dynamic rows to be updated daily and another mail...
  12. auzanoo

    simple but not so simple formula needed (or vba?)

    dear experts, i have to make this (sample) data from this: to this: so, 1. the date just has to be unique, 2. the start time is from the first column, and then the end time is from the last column (of the date). 3. the row A and B must be from the summary. i just confused about how to...
  13. L

    Add row to sheet based on userform textbox input

    Each row in the database is assigned a unique ID number (5 digits long) I want to be able to enter than ID number in a textbox in a userform and have the row information (4 columns total) displayed in a listbox. I want the listbox to update after each 5 digit long ID number entry so I can keep...
  14. M

    Insert 2 blank rows after row with a specific text

    Hi guys I need to insert two rows after a row with some content like this: To this: I haved found this code: Sub InsertRows() Dim Rw As Long Dim Rng As Range Set Rng = Sheets(1).Range("A4") Rw = Rng.Row Do...
  15. M

    VBA to move rows based on multiple criteria

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can help with this following spreadsheet VBA – my knowledge to date, has been web searched, combined with a mixture of cut and pastes solutions posted on this forum ?. Unfortunately, my own knowledge doesn’t extend past that and I have been unable to get my...
  16. M

    2D =FILTER formula to reference row count

    Hello, I'm defining my max rows via a basic lookup =LOOKUP(8,1/('Data'!A:A<>""),ROW('Data'!A:A)) This will be named "Rownum" to call globally. So for instance Rownum = 345 or however long Sheet "Data" col A is. I'm looking to change the hard-coded "z20" and "aa20" to still reference the...
  17. M

    What is the macro to move data from column to different column and row

    Dear all, I am a beginner here. I would like to ask a help for someone who can help me to solve the problem. I have around 800 data in excel and I want to move data from one column to different column and row. It is difficult to say here, I will give the example in the table below. Please...
  18. J


    Can anyone help me with this code that I have problems doing for the last 2 days. What I need to do is find the last column in that particular row starting from column H onwards, if there is any text that shifts down the row in column G and repeat the action; when it finds the text in a cell it...
  19. H

    Macro to Reset formulas in a column

    Hi all, I'm new to VBA so trying to learn as much as I can but I'm stuck on this one. I'm trying to create a macro that when the appropriate button is pressed, resets the formulas in a column that have been overtyped. I can do this for a single cell, though I want to create one that performs...
  20. J

    excel vba clear cell value with if contain specific cell value

    Good evening everyone, I'm looking for some code in vba that can find specified dates in a line, if the date is not the same I need to delete the 3 columns, I want to leave only dates in the line that correspond to date1 and date 2 as in the example before later
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