1. J

    Clear cells if

    Hi, I'm looking for a code to delete cells C2:AE2 if AB2="TRUE". I need this for each row down to 2000 - so clear C100:AE100 if AB100-"TRUE" etc. Can someone help with this? Many thanks Jim
  2. D

    Filter on row numbers not cell contents

    Hi, Is there any way to filter on a large amount of row numbers not the contents on the cells? Thanks
  3. S

    Pick a row randomly for each user

    Hi All, I am having a set of data containing several rows and columns. This data contains "User Name" in one of the columns; however another column contains the Date on which he accessed a document. One more column has this document ID. Now, I need to randomly pick the entire row for each of...
  4. D

    Conditional Formatting with two values

    <tbody> 123456 Murdock 123555 Murdock 123456 Murdock </tbody> I'm trying to get the first and the third rows to get filled in a Color since both the ID and the Name are the same value. The second row should not be filled. Any ideas?
  5. J

    conditional formatting or formula to change cell color

    I am looking for help to change a row of cells color based on a date. Here is the problem: If a person is to leave a job on a future date (X) and I want the row of cells containing that persons data to change colors based on how close today's date is to that future date. If the future date...
  6. M

    Remove empty rows from .txt file

    Hello all, I have created a VBA script that pulls data from one document, and exports that data into several different files. There is a blank row in my data (which I want to keep, row 17, i.e. the blank row in between the "Quad#" values and the PlateData value), but instead of showing up in...
  7. A

    Macro to autofill month end dates between start date and end date

    Hi Guys, I found a macro in this forum that list all the dates between end date and start date but I can't seem to figure out how to make it only display only month end dates! Can any excel ninja here help me with this? Sub FillDates() Dim StartD As Date, EndD As Date StartD =...
  8. U

    VBA - Replacing cell values based on specific range

    <tbody> A B C Oct 2019 % Share Vegetables Apples 10 50 Lettuce 10 50 Total 20 100 Fruits Oranges 10 50 Blueberries 10 50 Total 20 100 </tbody> Hi guys, little bit of an involved question here. The above is an example of my table for sales. I currently have two...
  9. S

    VBA Help - "Delete Method of Range class failed"

    Hi folks, i'm getting a Run-Time Error '1004' "Delete method of Range class failed" for the following code. Sub Satisfied() Dim MasterSht As Worksheet Dim ImportSht As Worksheet Dim LastRow As Long Dim x As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set MasterSht = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Master...
  10. A

    Copy Fill Row to other Sheet

    Pseudo Code If any cell between (A1:D9) have color orange than Select the row of that orange cell and copy to the other sheet first available empty row and put current date to right side of copy row I have write some code but its not working Sub copy_next_Row2() If...
  11. H

    Formula to be copies from sheet 16 onwards

    I have the following formula's on shets16 onwards in Col 1 =IF(A25="","",VLOOKUP(A25,'New'!A:AL,COLUMNS($A:AL),FALSE)) =IF(A100="","",VLOOKUP(A100,'Used'!A:AQ,COLUMNS($A:AQ),FALSE)) I would like a macro to insert the first formula in Col I row 25 and copy this up to row 98 from sheet16...
  12. K

    How to copy all rows above a specific text

    Hello there, I am trying to write a macro to copy all general info from an order. This is always row 1 to x, where x is the row where the text "Type" is placed. So this row varies per order. Now I was wondering if it is possible to write a macro where it copies all rows up until the row where...
  13. S

    Go to cell in specific column of the active row

    Hi , small question. What is the code for going to the cell in Column AT of that specific row. For example : active cell is Z4 and when running macro it has to go to AT4 This is an easy one I think :-) Thank you Sapron75
  14. S

    VBA to Loop through Excel list and Delete rows based on Criteria

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet, close to 50,000 rows, for which I have a VBA macro to autofilter on a certain criteria to reduce the number of rows (by deleting) to only have the ones I want left. I now want to have the macro loop through the list to delete rows based on criteria in three colkumns...
  15. L

    Copy and Paste with VBA if a certain condition is met

    Greetings all, I am updating an estimating spreadsheet that I wrote probably 15 to 20 years ago. I wrote a macro back then that transferred information from the cost part of the sheet to the estimate sheet below, but it was in the old XLA format and I can no longer save it or make changes to...
  16. P

    Mimicking ROW() function using VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to broaden my horizons. Is there a way to mimic Excel's ROW() function in VBA? The following code is close:Function MYROW() MYROW = Selection.Row End FunctionBut if you have a range that spans more than two rows and hit Ctrl + Enter, it will only output the top row of the...
  17. M

    In the VBA formula, need to get starting row number from the cell value

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> In the cell H6 I have a formula =COUNTIF(D$6:D$100,G6) which start counting unique data of column D from the starting row 6, I need help how can I change starting row number 6 to x row "in the formula above which I am running via VBA" does it is possible VBA formula can...
  18. I

    SUM if Row+Column > X

    hi guys, I'm having a little brain freeze here I would like sum values in cross table xy based on sum of x and y. <tbody> 1 2 3 4 1 0.10 0.12 0.25 0.30 2 0.05 0.10 0.32 0.40 3 0.14 0.13 0.10 0.15 4 0.18 0.11 0.16 0.21 </tbody> For example: sum values if Column + Row >7.5. We...
  19. S

    Additional code required to save document to PDF and to automatically adjust with row macro code

    Hi wonderful people. My last enquiry is that I now have one more question. I have written a macro to automatically pdf my document, but when I had rows, I then have a to manually adjust to suit my macros for adding columns and rows. Is there anyway for this code to automatically update when I...
  20. B

    Return All Matches and Then Move to Next?

    Hi, I have been racking my brain with this for days now trying different things but keep ending up with circular references when I think I am close - I do not think there is anyway to do this without VBA if it is even possible with VBA as I haven't found anything close in searching. In the...

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