1. L

    Record real time changing values horizonal at time interval

    File Link I would like to thank you all for your assistance to the excel community beforehand. I have real-time stock information in Excel on column K for each ticker. I want to capture the price information at regular intervals horizontally for each day for example (every 1,5,10 or 15...
  2. S

    Runtime error 424 when copying RTD(real time data) data every 5 min.

    I have a column at Q in sheet OC where values are there Q3 to Q24. These values are fetched in real time. It changes every millisecond. I have raw data in different sheet which changes every millisecond. I use vlookup function to format and give meaning to it in OC sheet in Q column. I have...
  3. T

    Calculating Max and Min Value of RTD without capturing them.

    Hi, I trade in stocks using RTD function in my excel sheet. Can anyone tell me if there is any way to store the maximum and minmum value of RTD (which are always updating continuously) of a particular time-period without storing them. To be specific, In my excel sheet, from 10:00 am to 10:05 am...
  4. R

    VBA Function Background Operation

    I wrote custom VBA functions in Excel that stop continuously calculating when I activate a different workbook. They are populated with RTD streaming from ThinkorSwim and generate audible alerts when certain conditions are met. They work great until I open/activate another workbook and then...
  5. M

    Capture auto updating values (RTD values) in a single cell to adjacent cells

    I have a sheet where Multiple cells in row A captures live data using RTD function. I wish to store the same data upto last 10 values in rows B to K For Example If last RTD value in cell A1 is 10 and when A1 auto updates itself to say 11, it should store 10 in B1, and when A1 gets updated to...
  6. r1998

    Worksheet_Change Event problem

    Dear friends and respected seniors, in excel in sheet1, whenever the value in cell F2 changes, it will store the new value in F14 if its blank, then another value in F15 if its blank and then another value in F16 if its blank... I am using this vba code Option Explicit Private Sub...
  7. J

    1 second rtd data to 1,15, and 60 minute intervals

    I have rtd data in the following format copied at 1 sec intervals; <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Open High Low CLOSE 90 90 90 90 94.5 94.5...
  8. M

    RTD function not returning all values

    Hello, I have an intermittent problem with an RTD add-in that provides live stock/options quotes into excel. The add-in has been provided by the company ("webiress"). I am requesting about 270 quotes at a time (or might be double this if (ask + bid)/2 in one formula is counted as two quotes)...
  9. D

    Possible to regulate the pacing of RTD data requests?

    I'm requesting stock quote data via RTD from my brokerage's server, but they have a limit of 50 quote-requests / second, and the server disconnects you if you exceed that. The worksheet is currently set to execute 500 rows of formulas at once (each requesting 1 symbol quote), which I need to...
  10. T

    Create Trend Cell by watching a dynamically updated RTD cell

    First... my GROVELING: (If youd rather just see problem, look below) Hi everyone, I have dropped by this forum on several occasions in the past when I have pretty much pulled out my hair with tyrying to solve a problem with excel. In this case I've searched far and wide including purchasing...
  11. M

    RTD losing sync with thinkorswim

    Hello, recently I've tried to write calculations in Excel's VBA using the RTD from ThinkOrSwim's trading platform. I am losing sync from ThinkOrSwim after a couple of hours. My research has found that if Excel is calculating during a refresh, because of too much code, could cause it too crash...
  12. D

    Macro wont run when a Cell changes due to incoming Real-Time Data! How to bypass need for manual intervention??

    I want to run the bellow macro whenever cell F3 increases. I need this to happen without manual intervention because F3 is increasing due to incoming RTD server data. As it stands, unless I manually update something in my sheet the macro does not run. Public Prev_Val As Long Private Sub...
  13. D

    Calculating change in cell

    My Real-time Data tool is going to be changing an integer in cell F2 every couple seconds. I want Cell I2 to measure the change. When F2 goes from 10->35, I2 should read 25. Is this possible?
  14. D

    Running totals based on single RTD cells updating.

    Hi. Please forgive my inexperience - first post. Im using RTD to pull in financial data from a stock simulator. My objective is to calculate Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) on a continual basis every time a trade occurs. VWAP = (Cumulative(Last price * Last volume) / cumulative Volume)...
  15. R

    DDE, RTD from multiple sources.

    Does anyone know if there are issues with data from two DDE or RTD sources at the same time, in the same instance of excel? Before I start a project I am asking around. Thank you.
  16. S

    DDE, Worksheet_Calculate, run once or wait 1 minute...help needed

    Using Excel 2013: I need some assistance or pointers in the right direction. I am presently using a DDE feed to obtain data. I use the worksheet to calculate the DDE data by assigning a calculation to a cell that reports a true (1) or false (0) condition. When the assigned cell reports true...
  17. V


    I am/ was using E- signal Q link 2.0 which was running on DDE, and I deleted & upgraded to Esignal Q link 3.0 which runs on an RTD. The uninstall, re-install process was messy and the rep that assisted me even had me delete some Q link files from the registry. After the Q link re-install I...
  18. J

    Trying to replace specified values in my formula, with a value input in a different cell.

    Hello, What I'm looking to do is the following, I hope someone can help! In cell A1 I have an RTD formula: =RTD("qst.rtd",,"quote!ls!ESH13") In Cell B1 I would enter some text, example ESM13 Then, back in cell A1, =RTD("qst.rtd",,"quote!ls!ESH13") would be replaced with...
  19. G

    Using COUNTIF Function to count formulas, not values

    I am trying to count the number of RTD calls in a given worksheet. The formula that I used was =COUNTIF(A1:FF1000, "*server*"). Server is a particular word in the RTD call that is exclusive to any RTD call in my spreadsheet. The problem is that the countif function does not see formulas, it only...
  20. S

    RTD data missing when re-opening workbook

    I have a workbook with a few RTD links. Since I want to update my data manually I've set the RTD throttleInterval to -1 and force an update by running a macro with the code "Excel.Application.RTD.RefreshData". That seems to work fine. But when I close and then open my workbook the RTD data is...

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