1. M

    Calculate 15 working day SLA

    Hi all, I need to create a spreadsheet, which has an integrated 15 working day SLA. The SLA clock starts 1 day after the 'Claim Lodged Date' (Column A). The SLA clock then stops when a barrier is raised (on the day of the 'Barrier Raised Date') and then restarts when a barrier is closed (on the...
  2. V

    Creating highlighting rules based on string values

    Hey all, I'm doing some data analysis work on a bunch of spreadsheets and I'm seeking a way to automate part of the process. The entire row is highlighted based on the string value in column I, there's many different string values I'll need to create rules for. The longest string I've counted...
  3. D

    Overriding Conditional Formatting Color with Manual Entries of a different color

    Hi Everyone! (Sorry this is so dense) I am trying to find a way to use conditional formatting to override my existing conditional formatting, while still retaining it underneath. I want to do this by having the conditional format recognize when I have input a date manually VS. our...
  4. R

    highlighting if specific number appears multiple times

    Hi guys, very new to excel! I was wondering if there is a formula you can use to highlight if a specific word or number is repeated over a certain amount of times e.g. I want to highlight the cells that contain the number 19 only if it has appeared in the whole spreadsheet 3 times basically...
  5. A

    If then formula help with multiple rules - need help!

    Hi, I would like to create a drawing tracker sheet which shows if items have been issued or are overdue / days remaining. Thanks in advance! The way I need it to work is... For column E to calculate an overdue date or days remaining with positive / negative numbers in relation to todays date...
  6. M

    Organizing unique list ID's based off of flagged (Valid/Invalid) items

    Hi all, I have another question for today, I've been working through some list-based issues which seem simple but I just cant put it together in a workable format. What I'm trying to do, is match unique ID's found in column "A" with some values. Based off of some simple rules, I am wanting...
  7. L

    Conditional formatting based on number of blank cells

    Hello, I have figured out how to format my range (row) of columns into a single colour based on whether or not there is any blank cell in the specified range using the COUNTBLANK() function. However, I was wondering if it is possible to apply a gradient to this so that cells which have more...
  8. B

    Highlight Field in different tabs VBA or Rule

    Hi Everyone, Providing context. I'm creating a custom document which allows my company to be more efficient when compared with single users; this allows the single user to do multiple requests at once while pre-validating entire sets of data. I have a post validation tab that does all the...
  9. R

    IF / AND with exceptions

    Hi All - Looking for help with a problem. I have an IF function with an AND inside it, the AND has multiple rules. Currently, the formula works great but I am looking for one of the AND rules to allow for an exception based on words in a separate cell. Current Formula...
  10. T

    IF/OR Usage to format cells based on given value in any set of columns

    Hi, I want to format the A column depending on the data in I J and K column so i could make 3 different Formatting rules =$I1="True" But what if i want to do I J and K in the same formatting rule? Sorry if its a bit unclear
  11. A

    conditional formating rules vba code

    Hello I tried to record a macro from conditional formating rules, but to no avail. First request, how to record a macro from conditional formating rules? Second request, please write me the vba code of the following conditional formating rules.
  12. R

    What does top 10% means in excel conditional format

    I am having problem understanding the logic of the top 10% rules in conditional formatting. What does this mean?
  13. S

    Format Painter in a Macro

    Hi guys, Im having an issue I hope someone can help me with I have my spreadsheet (which is a work of art) but I have noticed an issue using too many conditional format rules in a single cell. When I have just checked the desination cell for the format paint, instead of copying my conditional...
  14. X

    How can I simplify this?

    Hi I've managed to come up with this code: Dim v, i As Long v = Range("D2:Q" & Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row).Value ' For i = 1 To UBound(v) 'N Is 20 If Left(v(i, 3), 1) = "N" Then v(i, 2) = "20" End If '0 = 20 If...
  15. S

    Import JSON into Excel 2019

    I have a Powershell script that pulls all of the Outlook Email Rules in our Office 365 Domain. I would like to output it to JSON as CSV drops columns. I have the export working fine but cannot seem to get the data to load into Excel. I have followed several videos on how to go to Data --> Get...
  16. N

    Cut/Paste in Table - Conditional Formatting

    I am cutting and pasting in a table, but this messes up the conditional formatting rules I have on the table. Is there a way (perhaps on worksheet change event) so that I can cut, copy, paste freely without affecting conditional formatting rules ? many thanks, Andrew
  17. T

    Conditional formatting nightmare

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help or advise I have a sheet that has 3 columns with multiple conditional formatting rules to basically change the cell fill to red, orange or green depending on the date and what is in adjacent cells. The conditional formatting is working fine on my sheet but...
  18. L

    Conditional Formatting rules are cleared out after running the code

    Hi Experts - i have a problem with my code. I have a conditional formatting rules i set that highlights the cell if it has a value of FALSE or DUPLICATE. It works right after i set the rules however the rules get deleted after running below code. Do the rules get deleted by any of the codes...
  19. K

    Applying Multiple Conditional Formatting Rules

    I am applying 4 conditional formatting rules to 184 cells. I figured out how to correctly apply the formula and the colors I want but it is going to take forever doing it one at a time (that's 736 rules). Is there a way to do this more efficiently? The rules for the first cell (O7) are...
  20. N

    Average on conditional formatted cells

    Hi all I need some help I've made some rules with conditional formatting on a spreadsheet Like when true - mark as bold or mark with a blue background. Now I would like to do some calculations based on those rules. For example, I need to calculate the average of all bolded cells (and only the...

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