run time error

  1. A

    Run time error 9: subscript out of range when opening a workbook in VBA

    I am trying to open a new workbook in VBA. I have pasted the relevant part of my code below. I'm new to VBA so bare with me :) I have tried various .open formats, but each time I get the same run time error. The file I am trying to open is a Excel 97-2003 file (contains macros). Any help would...
  2. M

    System Error &H8000FFFF (-2147418113)

    What is this error? And how can I avoid it in this code? Private Sub AssessmentForm_Initialize() AssessmentSubject.AddItem "Mathematics" AssessmentSubject.AddItem "English" AssessmentSubject.AddItem "Science" AssessmentSubject.AddItem "Geography" AssessmentSubject.AddItem...
  3. A

    Run time error '91' (Object variable or with block variable not set) for IE

    Hi, I am new to VBA coding to access IE and fill the web form over Intranet. I am trying to click a button HTML code below: HTML- <INPUT onclick='return btnAddNewLine_OnClick();WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions("ctl00$contentPH$btnAddLine", "", true, "", "", false...
  4. O

    VBA Code - Run Time Error on Renaming a Sheet

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will give feedback. Why do I get the following run time error when I don't have any of the exceptions to the the name of my worksheet "Run-time error '1004': You typed an invalid name for a sheet or chart. Make sure that: -The name that you...
  5. O

    VBA Code Run Time Error on Double Loop To Name Range

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will provide feedback. I am trying to name range cells which start on row 6 and end on 51 between columns D (column 4) and Z (column 26). The names are a combination of what's in row 6 through 51 in column A and columns D through X in row 1...
  6. A

    Run Time Error

    Hi There, Greeting for the Day! I Have a Query regarding Run time Error. I have one old VB Script which is used to extract data from a web database. Now if i am running the same macro i'm unable to execute it completely and i am getting the below error. " Run time error '-2147467259...
  7. B

    Run-time error '-2147024809 (80070057') The index into the specified collection is out of bounds

    Please bear with me...learning as I go I have a macro that I have run successfully in Excel for the past two years but continue to get the following message on my latest project: "Run-time error '-2147024809 (80070057') The index into the specified collection is out of bounds". I am referencing...
  8. N

    New run time errors in older code 1004, 424, -2147024809 (80070057)

    Windows 10, Excel 2016 The code is in a Module. Three years ago, this code worked. Now it throws errors. Thetext of the error messages is different from that in the other threads I have seen with thesame error codes. The code attempts to locate a button and delete it. There isonly one button...
  9. P

    Runtime Error 91, even tho I set the variable

    Getting the Run Time error 91 on the bolded line, even tho I set the variable. I added a bunch of watches, and everything else is running like it should, I just can't get around this error. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :) Public Sub UpdateCapacityTimeline(ByVal aWorksheet As...
  10. D

    "The Slicer Cache already exists" error macros

    hi all, Im working on a macros involving different pivot tables and slicers. When I run the following: ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches.Add(ActiveSheet.PivotTables("sAPivot"), _ "KPI 1 Percentage").Slicers.Add ActiveSheet, , "KPI 1 Percentage", _ "KPI 1 Percentage", 155, 490, 145, 200...
  11. M

    Excel VBA based Error - "run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)':

    Every time I try to run the Macro that i have inherited from previous employees here, i get this new run time error. run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)': automation error ClassFactory Cannot supply requested class when i hit debug it takes me to the following line Dim objDataControl As...
  12. S

    Run-time error 1004 Copy and Paste

    I have tried a number of different variations to copy and paste but they are not working. I keep experiencing a run time error. Sub Filter() Dim Wkb As Excel.Workbook Dim ws As Sheets Dim i As Long Dim LastRow As Long Dim LastRow1 As Long Dim Rng As Range Dim deleteRange As Range Set...
  13. E

    VBA debug - run time error, unable to figure out how to fix it

    Hi, I've created a macro which selects cells, sorts by one column high to low, then selects a range of cells, pastes in a different cell as a picture, names that picture, then opens powerpoint, selects a slide then, selects the named picture and pastes into position on the slide. This is then...
  14. G

    Run-time error '1004' While trying to generate PDF

    Hello all, I am encountering the following error message when I try to generate a PDF from a checkbox list of multiple sheets. "Run-time error '1004': Document not saved. The document may be open, or an error may have been encountered when saving." Any help would be appreciated with helping...
  15. K

    Run time error (I believe) is causing Excel to crash

    Hi All, I have what I believe to be a basic marco which usually runs fine but at times the code seems to get stuck in a loop and I have to force excel to close. Is the code in a bad format? How can I fix this issue? I believe it might have something to do with the loop or "On Error Resume...
  16. T

    Excel Crashes after Delete Visible Rows (Filtered selection) VBA

    Hello, I have a macro that basically pulls in data for current month, spits it into my workbook, then extracts data from the previous month, pastes into my workbook. Within my workbook, I have a formula to detect which ones are "duplicates", and my VBA filters my data by "Duplicates" and...
  17. D

    Run time error

    hello i have developed code but it shows a run time error can some one please advise whats is the issue Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Range("A2").Select While Not ActiveCell = "" Mail_To = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0) Mail_Subject = "testing" Mail_Voting = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4) Set myolapp =...
  18. J

    Run Time Error 13: Type Mismatch

    Hi, I am receiving a "Run Time Error 13: Type Mismatch" with the following code. Any thoughts? I cant figure out what to do. On this line: Ins = Sh.Cells(n, "A").Value Sub InsertRows() Dim End_Row As Long, n As Long, Ins As Long Dim Sh As Worksheet For Each Sh In...
  19. J

    Run Time Error Issue

    Hi! I used the code below in a hidden worksheet so that if text is entered into a template and then deleted, the formulas will reappear. Sometimes, but not always, I receive the following error. Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)' Method 'Formula' of object 'Range failed This is the code...
  20. D

    Automation error

    Hi i have the following error -2147418104 (80010008) automation error - the object invoked has disconnected from its clients ,but this error occurs very rarely after 70-100 data entries for few people and rest they don't encounter this problem, does anyone have solution for this ? please help...

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