1. B

    ActiveX ListBox activation scrolls the worksheet

    Hi there. I'm doing VBA project, which incorporates ActiveX ListBox component. It's crucial for me to have a multiselect option with checkboxes. I use listbox change event to display information on selected items. However, I faced some strange behaviour of listbox when it scrolls the sheet if...
  2. G

    Conditional Formatting causing scrolling lag

    Good day. I have this formula for conditional formatting: =AND(AN$6=1,$AN$8:$BV$374<>"",$AN$7:$BV$374<$BX7) It strikes through the text if the conditionals are met... but the scrolling of this sheet takes a nose dive the moment I use it. How can I correct this? Should it be done in VBA instead?
  3. M

    Freeze pane bug when using Alt pg dn /up

    I'm using Office 365, and recently I've been having this issue that when I try to scroll horizontally with Alt Pg up/dn the view changes to the correct screen but my cursor goes back to column A. I've tried the following: Uninstalled all add-ins - didn't work Safe mode - didn't work Unfreeze...
  4. M

    Excel Worksheet Allowing Scroll Beyond Data

    Hi all, My Excel365 has just started behaving strangely. I create many simple reports of data in a month and for some reason (shown in the example below) the report has 11 rows of data but the worksheet allows scrolling way beyond that, indicated with the arrow on the image showing the small...
  5. E

    Stop Scrolling a select row

    I've searched this topic and all I can find is how to freeze panes which I already have in use but I need a solution if one is out there to selecting a specific row to stop scrolling at the top of the sheet right under my top 7 frozen rows. I have rows 1-7 frozen at the top of the sheet and...
  6. P

    Auto-Scrolling from Hyperlink in Multiple Sheets

    This is a followup question of a previous query I posted. In that thread, I was looking for a way to have Excel automatically scroll so that the hyperlink's target cell would appear in the top-left corner of the screen. Fluff was kind enough to provide the following solution (thanks again!)...
  7. P

    Auto-Adjusting View for Multiple Hyperlinks

    I have a single worksheet with lots of data in multiple tables. I'm looking for a way to let other users navigate to the specific data table they need. To resolve this, I created a series of hyperlinks leading to each table. This works fine, but the cell each hyperlink leads to would always be...
  8. sparky2205

    Issue scrolling on a spreadsheet

    Hi folks, I have a spreadsheet which I've been using successfully for months. I updated it this morning with some text. To achieve this I had to unprotect the spreadsheet and unfreeze panes. I made my changes, put freeze panes back on, protected it again and then saved it. Now when I try to...
  9. B

    Expand default size of Define Name dialog box

    I raise the Define Name dialog box frequently; it displays up to 10 named ranges without scrolling. Most of my applications have more than 10 named ranges, often a lot more, thus requiring scrolling to see most of them. Is there a way to change the default height so that it always comes up...
  10. A

    What did I do to the scroll bars in my UserForms?

    I was messing around with a calendar form and all of the scroll bars in all of my userforms, several different spreadsheets, stopped working. The "sliders" can't be grabbed and moved and the mouse wheel no longer scrolls. It's only in UserForms, the scrolling in spreadsheets works fine. I've...
  11. A

    Help Scrolling an IE modal

    First off, I appreciate all of your time in reviewing and potentially responding to my inquiry. I have a webpage that loads a modal that is longer than the page displays requiring me to scroll down to get the second screenshot. I have not been able to programmatically scroll the modal despite...
  12. N

    Scroll bar - what comes first

    Can anyone tell me what action comes first with a form control scroll bar- the assigned macro or the action of the scrolling bar moving? if the scroll bar moves before the macro is ran, can you delay the action of the scrolling? or is there a way to have a part of the macro run first? Thank...
  13. Z

    cell highlighting while scrolling with cursor

    I am trying to figure out how to scroll through a data set and have the row and column or just the row highlight as I am scrolling. I do not want to have to click to change rows. I have seen this on a few other sites but I cannot figure out how to complete this task. Any suggestions?
  14. xeven_

    Excel 2016 issues?

    I have to ask has anyone else noticed issues with excel 2016 being slow or is it my high quality laptop? I use a desk top at work and when scrolling large strings of data from top to bottom it is fast as it should be yet when at home on my laptop with this 2016 version and scrolling the same...
  15. B

    Alternating Cell Color based off ID Number

    Hi, I want to base alternating colors off the value in one column. For example below when ID changes the color alternates. This will make it much easier to know when a record changes when scrolling through a list with may rows and columns and the ID may not be in view. <tbody> ID Status...
  16. E

    Scrolling Through ListBox Items

    I have a small order management system in Excel. In one of the ListBoxes the user selects the order they want to look at. Now that there are lots of orders, users now have to do a lot of scrolling. If I make the ListBox wider, is there a way to wrap my item list more or less into columns so...
  17. B

    Excess Excel scrolling on an Apple Mac computer

    I have an Apple Mac Computer with Excel installed on it. When I scroll down while in a spreadsheet, I am unable to easily stop the scrolling by using the mouse and/or touch pad. My question is: Is there a fix or a process that I can implement in order to better control the continual scrolling?
  18. N

    Freezing Column / Rows

    I have a work book that I would like to set up a freeze for column A and then in cell C5 freeze the the column and row so when scrolling the dataset I do not want the rows in column A to scoll but stay fixed and have the data in all cells from column B the ability to scroll. There is a small...
  19. E

    Static Macro Shapes When Scrolling

    Hi, Would there be a way to stop shapes moving when scrolling I have 4 rounded rectangles that I use as macro buttons and would like the to sit to the right near the top of the screen when scrolling Not sure if its even possible Many thanks for any help
  20. K

    VBA scrolling to cell A1

    I am trying to return to Cell A1 in a very large spreadsheet however the window will not scroll with the Macro I have created. I do have the Freeze Rows and Columns turned on. The window stays on column BC. Does anyone have any solutions? Thank you

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