1. N

    Deleting Columns Faster

    Hello all- I am running a line of code to delete multiple columns of unneeded info, this is what i am running: Range("A:B,H:H,J:AD,AG:AK,AN:AX,AZ:BJ,BL:BN").EntireColumn.Delete Is there a way to run this code and make it go faster? I have a timer on for this line and its taking between 9...
  2. NicholasP

    simple code optimization

    I have a macro that takes ~22 seconds to run and ~18 of those seconds are in this piece of code: For A = x To Z Step -1 If Cells(A, 3) = "" And Cells(A, 4) = "" And Cells(A, 5) = "" And Cells(A, 6) = "" And Cells(A, 7) = "" And Cells(A, 8) = "" And Cells(A, 9) = "" And Cells(A, 10) = ""...
  3. G

    Recording changing cell

    Hi guys I have been struggling to find a solution to an excel problem I have. As the title says I have a cell in my spreadsheet that is constantly changing "H10" and I would like to record this for the last 5 seconds at 1 second intervals. But this would be triggered to start recording with...
  4. 6

    Swimming times in hours, minutes and seconds

    Hi I need assistance with Swimming times in hours, minutes and seconds. I have a small swim squad and I would like Excel to add the times in minutes and seconds for every 50 metres. Eg for 400 m swim. Example: Tom 47.04 49.03 51.12 54.89 It would also be advantageous to know how to...
  5. Z


    Trying to use mode on data with negatives times. <colgroup><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> -0:11 #value ! -0:06 #value ! -0:03 #value ! -0:05 #value ! 0.01 0:08 0.00 0:00 0.00 0:01 The #value is removing the seconds if present formula INT(CJ15*1440)/1440 I'm removing seconds...
  6. L

    recording marco timing

    Hi Can I change the timing in recording macro. For example I want to copy a cell and then paste it to another location after 3 seconds. Can I do that by Recording Macro. Not written a code. Thank you very much.
  7. C

    10% Time Improvements

    I am trying to use a formula to calculate 10% time improvements on my student's mile run times. I came up with a workaround to split the minutes and seconds into different cells, convert them into total seconds, multiply by .90, then divide by sixty to get Min.Sec. Not fully working though as I...
  8. N

    Convert duration in text to HH:MM:SS format in excel

    I have an extract of data where the duration for an activity is listed as ## hour ## Minutes ## Seconds ex. 1 hour 22 minutes 29 seconds. Is there a way to convert this a time format so I can perform date math between two activities? Not all entries have hour, minutes and seconds. There are...
  9. M

    VBA Code to flash text

    Hello does any one know if it possible to have text flash for say 15 seconds to tell the user of an error. I have an if statement in cell c2 with an error message and if the error messages appears I would like the message to flash for say 15 seconds. Thank you if any one can help
  10. M

    Please Help With Sorting by text: 7 days 6 hours 42 minutes 57 seconds

    Hello, I'm creating a pivot table and would like to sort by the below text under Column Time In Queue. What I've been able to do so far is convert the days, hours, minutes, seconds into a "d.h:mm:ss" format but it looks messy and I'm not sure it's correct. <tbody> Time In Queue Invoice...
  11. A

    AverageIF issue

    Hello, I am having a hard time figuring out this formula, any help is appreciated. I would like get an average of seconds based on certain criteria. For example, if using the table below, how could i get the average of seconds below 1:00? <tbody> 00:25 1:02 00:26 1:22 00:80 00:30 00:29...
  12. V

    Determining number of segments based off time

    I have a sheet that I have taken seconds and converted it to minutes. simply took the seconds / 60 to get a number. Need to determine based off those minutes how many 30 minute increments there are in a given number. For instance 66 minutes would be 3 segments. Any help would be greatly...
  13. T

    I have problem: Slow - VBA Copy Paste recalculate

    I was testing for bottlenecks in some project finance code to test for IRR and the bottle next appears to be on bit where the range is moved before a recalculation occurs to see how far away the answer is from being solved. Code: Call MoveDate(Names("CopyRange").RefersToRange...
  14. dispelthemyth

    Slow - VBA Copy Paste recalculate

    I was testing for bottlenecks in some project finance code to test for IRR and the bottle next appears to be on bit where the range is moved before a recalculation occurs to see how far away the answer is from being solved. Call MoveDate(Names("CopyRange").RefersToRange...
  15. M

    password protected excel file

    Hi, It is possible to write a macro, for closing password protected excel file, on wrong password entry and no-entry for 10 seconds. regards Metin
  16. O

    Date format Reordering

    Hi. Please see link to the relevant file, below:!AtIvkRgReIvwgRPV4fmLEL1-gjz- I have a problem that I can’t seem to solve. I have this list of times and positions, with the times in hh:mm:ss format. However, the times have the minutes and and seconds in the wrong...
  17. R

    Converting minutes and seconds as text to a time.

    Hi I have time in an Excel sheet showing minutes and seconds as text e.g. +08'30 and I'd like them to be shown (using VBA as there are thousands of rows) as 00:08:30 which is a number format. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. P

    Macro Running on each refresh

    HI. I have created a tracking sheet which takes data from another excel sheet by refreshing links every 30 seconds (would use share workbook but function not enabled by my work). I have created a macro to play every time a cell in a range is changed to a value above 0 but it reads every refresh...
  19. P

    ADO: Is my VBA now running too fast....causing Excel to stop responding?

    Hi I've built a spreadsheet where I've got a list of say 200,000 Customer Reference Numbers and I setup a loop like For i = 1 to 200000 Range("CustomerID") = Range("ListofCustomers").cells(i) Call ProcessCustomer Next i ProcessCustomer is the macro that does all the hardwork for the...
  20. Trevor3007

    msgbox not working?

    hi, using the following to prompt the msgbox:- Sub gototots()Range("AI4").Select Application.Goto Reference:="R999C34" ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-12 Range("AI983").Select If MsgBox("Enter Yes to goto A174?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then Application.Goto Reference:="R117C1"...

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