1. F

    Excel Workbook Licensing/Security System

    Hey Team, Was wondering if anyone has had to use / build a security system for a workbook before? At our company we have a workbook that we make copies of for each project but we only want specific people to have access to it. We also do not want them to be able to take it outside of the...
  2. I

    Excel REQUIRE MACROS Solution: "Smokescreen" Technique

    Finally, there is an updated and legitimate way to require macros, which I will share with you here and stumbled upon via trial of various methods. The common methods found online, such as toggling worksheets visibility, are flawed at best. INTRODUCING, the very simple yet effective...
  3. I

    Microsoft Excel - REQUIRE MACROS

    Hello, Mr. Excel users! Excel w/ VBA are such a great duo when used in tandem. It seems one is able to lock out all use of Excel via VBA events and also use Auto_Open() to bypass the application.enableevents if it set to false. However, the one issue I am running into time and time again is that...
  4. I

    Exactly HOW secure is Microsoft Access?

    I am very curious in comparison between Access and Excel the security differences in each. Without the advent of quantum computing, I understand getting into a binary excel file that has a 255 character password is nearly impossible. However, in contrast, ACCDB is clearly not binary format - nor...
  5. F

    Lock Down Spreadsheet to Specific Users

    Hey Team, Curious questions here. My company has just finished developing an Excel Spreadsheet full of VBA code and functions that we wanted to protect. Is there a way that we can lock down our spreadsheet from an access perspective. Like you have to have some credentials to be able to sign...
  6. S

    Importing operating system information into excel.

    Hi all, I am currently wondering how to allow only a single user to use my excel spreadsheet. That is I send it to the person, they download it, and then if they try to send it to someone else, the formulas in the spreadsheet stop functionning. My inital thought was to make a formula ,using...
  7. bobsan42

    Compatibility or security issues Excel 2019

    Hello everyone. I stumbled upon an issue which i can't seem to solve immediately. I am currently working on a project - automating excel as a relatively simple database. There is basically a front-end (with the intention to make it an excel add-in) and a simple xlsx as a backend. It has its own...
  8. F

    Bypassing Website Security Certificate in Excel Refresh

    Hi, I currently have a code that runs when I open a workbook that simply refreshes all external data links, sorts information into order, saves and closes. A couple of different websites that I'm linked to have issues with certificates, and a popup appears halfway through the refresh all...
  9. G

    General Question. Is there a way to distribute (sell) an Excel File but protect the contents from being hacked, copied?

    I enjoy writing Code for Excel files. Is there any way I can ever sell an Excel file and protect it so that it can't just be copied and distributed freely to anyone who wants it?
  10. D

    Permantely Disable the prompt SECURITY WARMING: Autmoatic update of links has been disabled. FOR ALL WORKBOOKS

    Hello Everyone, Is everyone having as much fun with Microsoft Excel 365? It's terrible, honestly I don't understand what Microsofit is doing. Its' the worst Excel, not too mention the new the entire operating system is garbage. I feel like they regressed a decade. I hate it so much. Anyway...
  11. D

    efficient way to lookup and return multiple values?

    currently i i want to look up a unique security ID to another tab and return the inventories its in. the problem with obviously vlookup is that it would only return the first inventor result found.....what would be a way to return all the inventories the security ID is in? i suppose this can't...
  12. D

    How to Simplify this Time Consuming Tax Via Macro

    Here's the link to a sample spreadsheet I made: Essentially, I want the macro to go to the "Final" tab -filter for each unique security ID -insert a new sheet and name it that security ID -and copy and paste that info into...
  13. S

    Crashed/Recovered excel ... enable macros greys out everything!

    Desperate: My excel crashed. I rebooted, and downloaded a backup copy of it. Now when i open it, it says: "SECURITY WARNING some active content has been disabled. Click for more details." I instead Enable Content, and when it does so, most features are grayed out, including saving it and even...
  14. J

    Locking cells

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with some formulas in to represent a receipt. I want to be able to lock the cells with formulas. I think this is easy enough. My trouble is I want to lock some cells to accounting GBP currency. basically so a figure can be entered but so that somebody cannot delete...
  15. T

    Restricting use of a file

    I have a report that I generate weekly. Our users (about 15 or 16) go into the report and add accounting details. Over the last few months, data has been damaged by users dragging their data down and sometimes over the data entered by other users. I would like to create an AutoOpen macro that...
  16. C

    Macro disbled

    Hi, Trying to enable macros to run on excel binary sheet. I have changed the trust centre settings to enable all macros but still get the security warning and unable to run any macros ? Thanks in advance
  17. B

    Need help opening excel file from access form button

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a BETTER way to open an Excel file from a button in a Form. I have tried using a hyperlink which works however I get the "A potential security concern has been identified". What I am looking for is either code or a method to get rid of the "Security Concern"...
  18. G

    Excel Security

    I have a spreadsheet that has confidential information. I know how to lock the sheet and hide the confidential info that is not the problem, What I want to know is there a way to have two levels of security. Two different passwords to open more or less. Some people need to see the confidential...
  19. J

    Need a formula that can calculate employers cost on employees payroll with the following.

    Employee wages = x Social security tax rate = 6.2% Social security limit = $128,700(no tax payed after) FUTA tax rate = .6% FUTA limit = $7,000 Medicare tax rate = 1.45% No limit
  20. M

    Native DB Query Prompt - when sharing workbook

    Hi There I have a workbook which uses Power Query. I have tried the various suggestions I have found online for disabling the Native DB Query security prompts which seem to work when I refresh the workbook on my machine. However when the workbook is shared with other users it seems to ignore...

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