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  1. A

    Started Receiving "Compile Error: User-defined Type Not Defined" when trying to email

    Hello all, I have some code that would send an email for me. But after having Outlook updated or reinstalled, now it no longer works on this particular computer (though this code does work on another computer). Sub DQ_Comp() Dim OutApp As Outlook.Application, OutMail As...
  2. A

    Attaching PDF files based on cell value

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet which I will require to attach and send PDF files. I need to create some functionality that a command button (or anything functional) will review a value of a particular cell and will attach the corresponding PDF files to an outgoing email. For example, if a customer...
  3. P

    VBA copy & paste ranges and send multiple emails

    Hi all, This forum has helped me alot in the past when I had Excel problems. Unfortunatly I did not find my current problem in the forum, I hope there is someone here who can help me. I have a macro that opens a file with a list of transactions and copies it to the macro Excel file. The...
  4. R

    If cell value Send, else Display

    Hello everyone, I have a code to send an e-mail, adapted from the one found in rondebruin page, and it works almost perfectly. The thing is, I have a cell where I write Yes or No, which answer if I want to send the e-mail automatically. But inside the code, it is not working: If...
  5. M

    excel to pdf conversion and sending email from outlook

    Hello! Everyone I am new to VBA. My issue might sound very simple but I am stuck with it. I have my data in excel. Sheet one has email ids and names that has to be given to the PDF. Sheet two has a certificate and the cell range of it is A1 to P36. I need a macro to convert the cell range in...
  6. A

    Need help with If statment, reading Cell Values.

    Hello, What I want is for when a number in the column passes a value that I have set, a message will be sent to me. The code that I have to send me a message is working its just not reading the values that I have in my columns correctly and sending me to many messages even when I have nothing...
  7. A

    vba insert multiple ranges from excel to body of email - how???

    Hello, could you somebody help me with really hard vba code for me? Im beginner and I need to do replace an email with date ...and copy multiple ranges from excel to the body of reply email. Why my macro doesnt work? do you know it? thank you very much.... i tried RangetoHTML for first time...
  8. L

    Sending specific sheets from workbook via email

    Hello i am competent when it comes to excel and basic macro's but now what i need to do is out of my depth!! I have a master spread sheet with 2 tabs (called "results" and "readings"), these two tabs will then be inserted into existing spreadsheets, where they will vary in their position in...
  9. C

    Macro to create and attach pdf

    Good Morning All, I am attempting to make a macro that will create a pdf, then attach it to Outlook email. I have succeeded in getting it to, create, address correctly but not attach the pdf. Below is my script: Dim SheetName As String SheetName = ActiveSheet.Name...
  10. H

    Adjust VBA Code to email open excel file with change in name.

    Gents, I'm using the below famous code to attach the currently open excel file by email. Everything works fine, but I want the macro to rename the excel file before attaching it to be "original file name_range(A1)". I did alot of search, but I need the code not to offer Save As dialog, and I...
  11. E

    VBA to send attachments as email

    Hi all, I have been using 2 of Ron De Bruin's codes to send emails with attachments from Excel. Actually they are great and working perfectly but I need to combine 2 of them so I would only send one email to each receipient rather than 2 emails one with external attachments and another with...
  12. T

    Email to Does not send latest Excel File

    Hi everyone. Just a quick question to make sure I'm not going crazy. This is the third time this "bug" (or me going crazy) has happened to me. I have an excel file with no information in the sheets. All the sheets are blank, and I'm continuously working in the vba of the file. Now when I'm...
  13. S

    VBA code to Open Outlook

    I have code that sends an email through VBA code in excel. I want to test to see if Outlook is open (not everone will be using this on their primary email box) and if not, to open then send the attachments. I have simpliefied the code below, would appreciate it if someone can give me the...
  14. K

    Problem E-Mailing XLT/XLS Files

    Wonder if anyone can help as this is driving me crazy. We have a template XLT which is saved on a network drive for staff to open and send the form for team changes. When you open the XLT it opens the template as an XLS file as it should, all ok so far. The problem arises when the form is...
  15. D

    Email send not working with To and CC

    This code works beautifully when there is email addresses in the CC field, but when there is no value in the CC field than an error code 2295 pops up stating unknown message recipient. I need help with what I think should be a conditional snippet: if Me.CC = " ", then Me.From only else Me.From...
  16. S

    Send a Range as rich text in body through lotus notes

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 144pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=192 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=3 width=64><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 12.75pt" height=17><TD class=xl65 style="BORDER-RIGHT: windowtext 0.5pt solid; BORDER-TOP: windowtext 0.5pt solid...
  17. A

    Routing Slip Button

    I want to create a button to bring up the Routing Slip. I want the user to be able to choose recipients, enter subject... the same as the Send to>Routing Recipient form the file menu. How can this be done?
  18. A

    Sending an encrypted email from excel

    I need to send an email from excel vba. I've got the code to create a temp file and send a specfic range. What I need now is to add a password to the excel file and zip the file and add a 2nd password. Does anyone have any code that code password protect and zip a temp file?
  19. N

    Send Email Using MACRO only when the cell is updated

    Hi All, Can someone please help me with this code i have a code that works perfectly, it sends the email fine, however i cannot work out how to modify it to send the email only if the cell is updated please see code below, it would be perfect if i could get it to send in when the spread sheet...

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