1. M

    Excel VBA Application.Iteration not able to be set programmatically?

    I've been trying to work this out and searching multiple sources and forums to no avail. MY APPLICATION: We are an engineering firm. I have a "Special" Workbook that peforms calcaultions that need to have Iterations=TRUE to get past Excel throwing up an error. There is not, in fact, a circuilar...
  2. M

    Excel caret/typing location issue

    I have noticed when using the conditional format screen, if I have scrolled left or right in the worksheet prior to opening the conditional format screen, my cursor click within a formula will not place the caret/ typing location where my cursor clicked. I seem to have to close the workbook and...
  3. D

    making excel recognize it's 20XX not 19XX

    is there a simple way to do this so that it's not PC dependent ? change the settings within the workbook? rather not use formulas
  4. D

    Advanced Filter

    I am starting to use Advance Filtering, and notice that when I try to clear the filter, the table formatting is cleared as well. How can I just remove the Advance Filter settings without disturbing anything else on the table?
  5. C

    Decimal signs "," & "." - causing issues

    Hi, I have a template that calculates costs for services per month based on input from managers. I have set dot/"." as default decimal sign whilst everyone else have comma/"," (applies to all excel files you open). Due to this, they can not see the calculated costs for rows that contain cells...
  6. S

    Macros not available in Developer-->Macros tab

    Greetings, I got back on my computer after stepping away and my macros are no longer showing up in the Developer-->Macros window. What could have happened? I visited the options-->trust center-->macro settings but without getting the macros back to visible. Also, clicked on all the files...
  7. H

    Special options on userform

    this is a very special settings I need for this task ... but it requires many setups i only have 1 Userform for a Main Matchlist but i know there will Be 127 Match's in my Knock Out system "CUPGAME" The Main Matchlist is Take action from the combobox'1 to set Players in to the Game and Referee...
  8. R

    VBE toolbars absent

    I have no toolbars in my VBE screen. So I can't right click on them. I have tried everything I can think of, including a complete reinstall. After the reinstall the exact same problem was there - so it must have picked up some settings. Please can anyone help, either with suggestions on how to...
  9. H

    Pivot Table

    Hey everyone its been a few years since I accessed the board. My question is I have a table that is generated through another program into excel. I created the Pivot Table off of this table. But ever time I generate the table the pivot table loses settings. How do I keep this static?
  10. mikecox39

    Alt-F11 does nothing, security set to allow all.

    Alt-F11 toggles the text in the green title bar gray and a tiny shadow appears around the window. Alt-F8. Displays my macros but Edit option only closes the window and the text in the green title bar blinks gray. In the Trust Center/Macro settings I have Enable all.... set. I also have the...
  11. S

    Excel slow when not in focus

    Hi everyone, I have a large Excel file with a long macro that needs to run. I am *not* looking for ways to optimize my Excel file or the macro code in order to increase its performance. Performance (duration of the macro) is perfectly acceptable as long my instance of Excel remains 'in focus'...
  12. D

    Can you change the windows regional settings to Australian with a macro?

    Is it possible to change the regional settings in windows to Australian with a macro? I need to know as I can build that into my spreadsheet as the users might not know how to change it manually.
  13. R

    What's the correct way to share macros in secure environments?

    I'm a fairly new Excel user but I've been actively creating formula's for my work mates. I would like to also share with them some saved Macro's that I keep in the 'Personal.xlsb'. My company has pretty strict security policies, so I'm hesitant to start asking anyone to change their Trust...
  14. A

    Date format independent from regional settings

    Hi guys, I have a file that is shared with several people. Some of them have Spanish regional settings, and some of them English (I don't think there's anything else than those two). The thing is that the file has a date column, and I have a format "mm - aaaa" which for those who have it in...
  15. R

    I have just reinstalled 365 and it will not load old applications

    Nor simple data spreadsheets - so neither xlsx or xlsm These were working fine until yesterday. I can create new programmes. I have reinstalled 365 twice - and tried repairing - when it reinstalled itself again. I have checked that Trust settings appear ok. Suggestions, please, to maintain my...
  16. J

    VBA code to change regional settings

    Hi, i need the code for changing regional settings in windows environment: 1. Check what regional settings are used 2. If RS are Windows default (in my case polish -pl) - change to US (United States) 3. If US - change to windows defaults. Cross posted here...
  17. X

    Excel Dynamic Table

    I have had this issue for awhile and can't seem to fix it. When i have table set up I will occasionally enter data on the next row outside of the table. The table auto expands as it should. However, i later realize that i don't need the new data i entered and delete. In order to make sure my...
  18. J

    Trouble pasteing using IE 11

    Don't seem to be able to copy & paste into a message using Internet Explorer 11.0.95 Have changed compatibility settings but still no joy. Has anyone got suggestions as to why?
  19. S

    Using VBA in other language excel file

    I am making an add-in and my excel has english settings, but my colleague has dutch settings in his excel. This is mostly not a problem, except for some worksheetfunctions I use: rounddown, min, max, averageif. Does any of you have a solution how to deal with this? Or are there any good...
  20. R

    Macro for creating a series of dates?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to using macros. I was wondering if it were possible to create a macro that automatically inserts a date onto a each sheet? For example, I have staffing tool that I created where each day is on it's own separate sheet. I currently have "settings" sheet where put in the...

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