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    Excel vba export csv to onedrive works perfectly on my machine but not on clients who has share

    I desperately hope someone can help.I have some simple VBA code that makes a copy of a worksheet and saves it to a shared folder on Business OneDrive, the main bit of code is just: Sheets("Data").Select Sheets("Data").Copy ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="https:// blah /bla". ...
  2. A

    Excel iPhone 7

    I can't format a. cell in the IOS version of Excel on my IPhone I had a date format in my dat column that was formatted as such 10-0#-18 so all I da to do was type the day say the 12 and the cell would show 10-12-18. Now when I share my spreadsheet with my Mac it works, but when I share it back...
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    How to set Share Point 'ContentTypeProperties' at generating pdf in (Excel) vba

    Hi, I have used VBA to generate a pdf of an Excel worksheet. The pdf is saved at a Share Point site. Share Point settings require document properties to be able to group the files. For saving an Excel file the Share Point, the file properties are set with...
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    Formula to find second 4 digit number in cell?

    Hi Everyone, I have to sort some data and the text is all combined into one cell, I'd like to pull out the stock code number. now this is the second 4 digit number in the cell the data is in column A here's a few examples but the 4 digit can be anywhere in the cell but I'll use a few to give...
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    Graph values from 2d table where series switch places

    Hi I have a problem that I'm not able to overcome. I have the data as shown below (dataset much larger, but follows the logic below). - Cells A1:C1 are merged, so are D1:F1 and so on - I want to show a graph with Months on the X-axis, and Market Share on the Y-axis, and then different lines...
  6. V

    Can we make password protect o share workbook

    Can we make password protect o share workbook..?? If, yes can anyone guide pls..I need that in code
  7. I

    Ranking and Splitting Values Equally

    Hi, Looking for some assistance with ranking. I have a scenario where i have a pot of money to split based on ranking. I can use the rank function but if the value i am ranking against is duplicated i want to be able rank equal but share the pot accordingly: Person 1; Score Value = 4; Rank =...
  8. R

    Macro Not working when I share with other co-workers

    I have a simple macro that saves a sheet in the workbook as a PDF. It works perfectly on my computer but when I share with co-workers it doesn't work. It appears as though the ChDir is pointing to a path specific to my computer. Is there a way for that to be dynamic to the computer it's...
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    extract full column from another sheet

    Hi Mr. Excel, there are few date columns in data sheet and I want to collect 1 column that match the latest date column to another sheet is there any simple way that does not need to use VBA, because VBA doesn't work when I share this worksheet to others. thanks, Tranh
  10. M

    Remove gaps in lines of text ?

    How do I remove the 'Gaps' in Col B of my Excel Sheet ? Screenshot Link Anyone care to share Excel Function or Code, instead of doing it manually ? Thanks in Advance.
  11. S

    Looking for a Macro to browse for a folder

    I am looking for vba code to browse for a folder. Does anyone have existing code that they could share that will do this? 64 bit compatable
  12. G

    Share a workbook

    I'm working on this workbook that I need to share with two other people. Everything will be working inside Forms with VBA codes. These 2 people will be working on different functions/pages, so there will be no data conflict. But the new Excel Share system (Cloud) does not work with VBA, shared...
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    Power Pivot Slicers; Hide Data Items with No Data (Against Specific Measures)

    I have a typical Fact Table and a typical Customer Table. My Measures include Market Share within Country and Market Share Globally... for example; the country market share is calculated as follows; Total Revenue Last 12...
  14. G

    Nested IF-formulas + commas to decimal points

    Hi, I have a quite cumbersome (?) question I would love to receive tips regarding. So I have a cell (W48) where I will have a share price. However, this share price will have commas instead of decimal points. Now, I want to turn this number to a "correct" one in cell W39. So let's say cell...
  15. M

    Sharing an individual worksheet rather than the entire workbook

    How do I share one individual worksheet rather than the entire workbook? I often have to share one worksheet of a large workbook with a coworker. Right now, I copy the one worksheet and save it in its own workbook but was wondering if there was an easier way.
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    Sharing A Excel Workbook With Macros.

    I have this Excel spreadsheet that will basically work as a database. It will always be around 400 rows and 10 columns. The information in the columns varies according to the entry in the Userforms. I'm managing the process of producing parts in the Factory with this worksheet. Everything runs...
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    You are not authorize to use this macro.

    Hi all, I have macro that I want to share with ten people in my team. I have doubt that they can share this macro with another team. I have a excel file in which from A1: A10 are username of ten employees.This file is located in share drive /F:/Temp files/Book1.xlsx. Every one can access this...
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    share workbook, protect workbook/sheet sequence

    Hi If I click on Share Worksheet then Protect workbook/sheet will be grayed out. so I should first pportoct workbook/sheet firs then share. What is the idea behind this sequence.? Thank you very much
  19. E

    Share user form on One Drive?

    Is it possible? thanks.
  20. M

    How to get a file to auto update fron a shared file.

    Ok, This not so easy in my case. I have a shared file with shapes on multi monitor for each working position as a share file. To edit shapes you have to un-share the file, that I do in code and re-share in code when complete (10-30sec). My problem is the when on share I lose the...

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