1. F

    Share only specific Tab from Workspace

    Can you share specific tab's from a workspace without sharing the entire workspace?
  2. earthworm

    Skip Macro with IF Condition

    If i want to skip one macro if the value in cell for example A1 is 0 then move to next macro . How can i do this. I am not sharing any example because i only want to understand the formula construction
  3. Mel Smith

    Sharing linked workbooks

    I have a number of linked workbooks that I need to share with one, or possibly two, other team members. We work in different locations. I have trialled sharing these workbooks with one colleague via OneDrive, which wasn’t without some problems but I wonder if there is a better/smarter solution...
  4. L

    Sharing Workbook Ideas

    Hi, I have not had a viable solution to share a workbook. Does anyone know how? Thanks
  5. A

    Sharing a Workbook that can be filtered

    Please help! I have been searching for days to find an answer. I'm sure that I am not the first person to want to share a worksheet and allow each user to filter to their needs. There has to be a solution. So I have a worksheet that has several macros and VBA's that I would like to share and...
  6. D

    Sharing vs. Collaborating - without Office 365

    Can someone help me out "sharing" a workbook without Office 365? If all four users have the desktop version of Excel 2016 and the file is on our network server, when the file is shared, can the users see the active cell of each of the other users? I believe I saw this in a demo of Office 365...
  7. D

    Sharing/Permissions on PowerPivot Workbooks

    I'm very new to PowerPivot and the underlying data structure, so forgive me for missing any obvious answers here. I'm replacing a manually updated workbook with a data model and PowerPivot features and ultimately going to be sharing a dashboard-like file with external users. I want them to be...
  8. H

    Sharing Excel W/ Macros and Userforms

    Is there a way to Share Excel with Macros and Userforms enable using Excel online that exceeds 5 mb?
  9. J

    Revenue sharing in excel to a certain value

    Hi, Thank you in advance for helping. The company has a revenue sharing contract for 10% of the revenue starting when the company reaches $100,000 per month (month 7) in revenue until all $125,000 of the contracted amount of paid off (month 13) <tbody> Revenue <tbody> $20,947 </tbody>...
  10. H

    Count days of a range within a weeknum

    Hi all, I have a bit trouble wrapping my head around this little roadblock I came across. I have a cell with a start date and another cell with an end date let's call them a1 and a2. I want to count how many of the days between the 2 dates are the same week number. example: a1= 4/11/18 a2=...
  11. G

    Anyone used the new Azure B2B External sharing?

    Has anyone used the new external sharing capabilities as shown in the latest Guy in a Cube video? Assigning one of our licenses to a client is quite attractive given the number of users (internal and external) would be way below making premium capacity attractive. Is it easy to use? Any...
  12. S

    Excel VBA exercises

    Hi Friends, I am new to Excel VBA. Trying to find exercises to improve my skill on excel VBA. Can anyone please help me by sharing Excel VBA exercises. Thanks & regards, Shashi
  13. A

    Don't Save Read-Only Excel File

    Hi, I have a read-only file with a userform which allows multiple people to use the userform without have the read-only prompt come up. I have done this so that I don't have to use sharing feature in the workbook as their are multiple issues that occur when doing so. I would like people to be...
  14. M

    If PowerPivot data is “in memory”, why can I not distribute an Excel file loaded up with a DataModel WITHOUT the supporting Access data?

    <tbody> I have built a report using a PowerPivot datamodel. I am using office 2013 pro plus. There are about 650,000 lines of data; 30 measures and it drives 3 pivot tables. The source data comes from Access. All is well. My question is... if the powerpivot datamodel is "in memory" why can I...
  15. J

    Linking Excel Through Email?? Automatic Update?

    Is it possible to create a excel sheet and then send it via email in such a way that allows multiple users to access it, but updates to every sheet? I am not sure if that is clear. But I want to have multiple people be able to open the sheet on different computers/locations/times and be able to...
  16. R

    Shared Spreadsheet cell colours change

    We have a shared spreadsheet setup between two of us. We are using a VBA and a colour formula. (these will be stated at the bottom) Basically the formula looks at a specific column and looks for a specific colour, it then counts up that colour and displays it within the specified cell. While...
  17. C

    [Sharing] Microsoft Excel 2016 Ultimate Shortcut Key Free for Everyone, Only Except Knows how to use these keys.

    Hi Friends You may get the complete shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel 2016. hope you like it. These Microsoft Excel 2016 keyboard shortcuts will help you become a spreadsheet master |
  18. M

    File Path Problems & Sharing Power Query Solutions

    Last night I was at my desktop developing a great Power Query solution. With all of the source files in Dropbox, I decided to take my laptop and go work somewhere else. Well, the file paths and folder paths were no good and my queries errored out. It's understandable why that happened, but is...
  19. K

    Making my Macro distributable as a ribbon icon

    I have this code, it works brilliantly with one workbook, but if I add it to my ribbon button it doesn't work on other workbooks? My experience of Excel is very limited and this code has been cobbled together over a number of weeks, is there something really obvious I am doing wrong? My aim is...
  20. N

    How to Prevent an Excel File from deletion by mistake/wantedly

    Good evening to the forum, Actually i had made an excel file for sending automatic mails using outlook and that can be accessed by eveyone in my office, unfortunately today the file was deleted by somebody, luckily i was taking a backup of the file using batch file every one hour. I would like...

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