1. J

    Need to sum the bottom 5 cells that have values....

    A B 100 1 100 2 500 3 400 4 100 5 200 6 7 200 8 100 9 100 10 I want to sum a maximum of the bottom five rows that have values. I want to skip the blank rows. So the results of the formula in B10 should be 100+100+200+200+100 = 700 I will use this formula in an adjacent...
  2. S

    Copy linked formula but skip rows

    I have three spreadsheets I am hoping to link to one main one, with the dates and 3 locations (FH, SH, WTN) down the rows, and variables along the columns. Master with linked data: Data spreadsheet 1/3 On the summary spreadsheet, I can link the data for the first location (eg. in C4)...
  3. M

    copying data from one sheet to another and skipping 9 cells in destination sheet

    hi i am trying to copy values from sheet to another. in the data sheet i gave numbers from F5, F6 and so on. and in the destination sheet need the data in M24, M34, M44 and so on. i was doing it by =F5 in M24, but i have 700 values to be copied every day and it wll take a long time. if any...
  4. N

    vba - skip the loop on ThisWorkbook's folder

    hiii! i'm currently working on looping subfolders to retrieve data from the spreadsheets in each subfolder. However, the masterlist spreadsheet (aka thisworkbook) is in one of the subfolders. I need help on asking vba to skip the subfolder that contains thisworkbook. What i did was "If...
  5. A

    skip the blank cells

    Hello Excel experts, I use a formula in Sheet2 from B10 to B100 cells. =IF(DATEDIF(Sheet1!C10,Sheet1!$F$9,"Y")>=59,Sheet1!B10,"") i want to skip the blank cells in Sheet. Sheet2 protected only B10 to B100 cells are not protected. Thanks in advance.
  6. W

    VBA: Merge duplicate rows into one row

    Maybe my search words are lacking what they need for me to find the answer, so I need help. I have a table like this, where you can see Mod "a" was duplicated on 2 rows. I was trying to write the code to where if it was matching in column A, pasteall skip blanks, but It's not working for me. Any...
  7. T

    Function arguments

    I have the following If Not Intersect(Target, Range("H7:H37, I7:I37, N7:N37, O7:O37")) Is Nothing Then If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub As in the above example, the range of cells will continue to be 2 columns and then skip 4 columns, 2 columns and then skip 4 columns, etc. This pattern...
  8. earthworm

    Skip Macro with IF Condition

    If i want to skip one macro if the value in cell for example A1 is 0 then move to next macro . How can i do this. I am not sharing any example because i only want to understand the formula construction
  9. S

    Create PO number List skip blank cells

    Existing data is Sheet4!E2:Sheet4!E700 and appears as below: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Retailers PO 9608561996 blank blank blank blank 5008561749 blank blank blank 4908561680 </tbody> I need to pull it to another sheet (column A) but skip the blank rows. I have...
  10. C

    Skipping Specific Row Within a Loop

    Good day all, I have a quick question: I am running a loop which copies certain cells from rows according to an IF statement from a different worksheet. My code runs from i = 9 to i = 61 but I need it to ignore row 21, as it meets the IF condition yet I still want it to be ignored, how would I...
  11. R

    VBA - This is causing my code to loop and I can't stop it

    NoTours:Resume Skip Skip: ads.Activate ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Activate WB.Save For some reason after I hit WB.Save, it goes back to "NoTours" and just goes over and over. Do I need to insert something after the WB.Save to stop it returning to NoTours? Thanks.
  12. M

    Next without For error

    Does anyone know why I would be getting this error? It worked fine before I added 7 additional ranges and 7 additional strings. I've limited the rows to run from 13 to 20 for a test but it worked running 700 lines without an issue before adding ranges and strings to expand to other columns: Sub...
  13. L

    going to next i on certain condition

    Hey guys, i have a piece of code that is throwing an error: next i without for at the NextIteration part For i = 2 To lastRow variableInQuestionReal = Range("L" & i) variableInQuestionDecimal = GetDecimal(Range("L" & i), False) If isError(variableInQuestionReal) = true Then GoTo NextIteration...
  14. D

    Power Query to iqy

    Does anyone know how to connect to an iqy through Power Query? Currently I'm using Power Query to connect to separate Excel file that contains the iqy. I would really like to skip the "middleman" and use Power Query to direct connect to my iqy. Thanks in advance.
  15. P

    Cel.Offset with InStr

    I am trying to not include cells which contain certain strings in my For Each Loop. I have the following: For Each Cel In Rng If Cel.Offset(, -5).InStr(1, Cel.Value, "Part of" Or "NOT REQUIRED" Or "Need breakdown for") Then GoTo Skip 'the -5 is trying to Offset to the left rather than...
  16. J

    I need help with a Conditional Format formula.

    I need a formula to Conditionally Format cells in a column based on a given sequence. In this example, I want to sum the values in Column A until it equals 3 and then cell fill the next 2 values. If possible, I would also like Column B to display "1", or "2" for the number of "highlights" for...
  17. R

    Rank formulas a bit modified

    Hi, i'd like to ask, since this is bit confusing, i don't know how to rank like this case. my goal is to keep the rank in order, not skip it even if there's duplicate. thanks a lot for your help
  18. P

    If Range of columns appears in Rng, Do Things

    I have the following: Sub Automatic_Highlights(Rng As Range) If Rng.Range("O:T") = True Then GoTo Skip ' In my head this should read "If Rng falls within Range("O:T"), Then GoTo Skip"; Or that's how I want it to read at least. Rng.Interior.ColorIndex = 7 Intersect(Rng.EntireRow...
  19. A

    Skip a column and and add - VBA

    Hello, i am trying to do a simple task with VBA but code is not working. I need to add Column N,Q,T.... In other words every 3 column i have the following code For lrow = 7 To 15 For xcol = 14 To 78 Step 3 'sumx = 0 sumx = sumx + Cells(lrow, xcol).Value Next xcol md.Cells(lrow, 79).Value =...
  20. A

    How to skip Worksheet_Change?

    Can I skip/disable a sub code before run my marco then recover it like as following: Private Sub progress() Skip run/disable Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) My Marco Recover/enable Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) End Sub

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