1. M

    Extract selected text value on a slicer

    Assuming I do not allow multi select on a slicer e.g. Option 1 Option 2 How could I extract the text e.g. Option 2 if selected into a cell. A quick Google wants either PowerBI / Pivot which is incompatible with my current worksheet setup.
  2. M

    Easiest way to filter a slicer?

    If I have a slicer with a column ID containing e.g. 1. 1.01 1.02 1.1 2 2.1 2.2 How can I filter that slicer to only show whole numbers but if 2 is selected also show 2.1/2.2
  3. D

    Excel 'Slicer'

    Hi, Is it possible to have a slicer from one table controlling another, I've essentially set up 3 small tables a date table (marked as such in pq) a product table and a sales table, all are linked. and I like a slicers from the date and product tables to control the pivot table showing...
  4. Jyggalag

    Create slicer for a list without pivot table?

    Hi all, I currently have a list that looks like this (albeit much much much larger in reality): I would like to create a slicer for column D (Height (CM)). However, my table is not a pivot table. Does anybody know how to do this? I read online that I have to go into the design tab and do it...
  5. T

    Filtering rows in pivot chart

    Fairly new to excel. I have created a pivot table and organised it to display what I need. When creating a pivot chart, when I create a slicer I cannot filter the data/rows I want to view. It may be that I need to add something to the raw data or that I need to change my pivot table/chart...
  6. D

    One year slicer to control two different pivot charts with different date columns but same data source?

    Hey, I have an excel table with invoices. Invoices has two dates, one is the date of completion, the other is the date when the invoice was actually paid. I need two different charts from this. One that shows revenues according to the first date, and one that shows revenues according to the...
  7. S

    How to create a pivot slicer based on Values?

    Hello, I have a pivot table and my values are mostly based on calculated fields. I want to make a slicer based on the values so that it will only show based on slicer filter. Can someone help me please? Appreciate the help!
  8. R

    VBA slicer codes for multiple users

    Hey all, I have tried searching for the answer for this problem and I can not seem to find the answer that I need, so was hoping that you guys could help. I have created a workbook that we use within my work that shows what every member of staff is working for any given hour they are at work...
  9. L

    Affect A slicer to another page than where the slicer is situated

    Hello, I have a problem, I have create a little pop up window where there are two slicers. This pop up window is actionable by clicking on a button using bookmarks. So the user will click on the button that enables to open the pop window after he chooses some informations in the slicers and...
  10. T

    VBA loop through slicer and export multiple sheets to PDF (withoud hidden slicer items)

    Hi, I am using the below VBA to export to pdf based on a slicer. The main problem is that it is selecting those slicers that are not visible (no data). How can I have a loop with only visible slicers? HELP PLEASE! Sub Reporte() Dim sC As SlicerCache Set sC =...
  11. B

    Rank data displaying only top 3 products

    Hi, I need some help with a spreadsheet that I cannot change the source data (raw data), which is extracted from a report. Basically, I need to identify the products with highest satisfaction rating among a plethora of products, in a single column with data that goes from smartphones, tablets...
  12. V

    How can I clear filters for a table slicer similar to my existing PT slicer clearing macro?

    I use the following code to clear slicers from my PT: Sub clearSlicer() Dim pt As PivotTable Dim cache As Slicer For Each pt In ActiveSheet.PivotTables For Each cache In pt.Slicers cache.SlicerCache.ClearAllFilters Next cache Next pt End Sub How can I accomplish the same...
  13. R

    Creating A Slicer for two PivotCharts

    I have two data sets with a column named identically that has very similar text values. I am having trouble creating a relationship between the two in Power Pivot and I keep getting this error "(String Review)Relationship between '*****' and '*****' is a many-to-many relationship which is not...
  14. S

    Pivot table to Outlook

    Hello All I am new to VBA programming. I have an Excel workbook with two worksheets - one containing raw data and the other containing a pivot table and corresponding slicers for it. My requirement is to use VBA to dynamically choose particular options in the slicers and copy the resultant...
  15. V

    Help With Moving and Editing Slicers

    I feel extremely dumb right now, but I have some slicers that I have done something to and now I cannot reposition them. I can select them but they cannot be moved or resized. I have unprotected the sheet and checked the format Slicer properties and nothing is locked. What are the ways to lock...
  16. L

    Slicer Controlled Interactive Excel Chart

    Hello, I am trying to create a slicer-controlled excel line chart. Where you can select one series or more within the dataset to display on a line chart. I'm able to create a pivot table and even a slicer but I'm having difficulty trying to put everything together. Does anyone have any...
  17. Martin_H

    Pivot Table Slicer [VBA]

    Hello, I have been using this code (look below) to create a Slicer for my Pivot Table, which is located at Worksheet_One. The Silcer's name is "My_Slicer_Date" It works well but I would like to use the same code to create the same Slicer but for another Pivot Table, which is basicaly same...
  18. 7

    slicers for custom calculated field in excel pivot table/pivot chart

    I have a multiple calculated fields in my excel pivot table. The field is in the values part of my pivot table and I sum them. I want to add a slicer to select them or not. i.e. I want my slicer to select basically hide and show AA1,AA2,...,AA8 in the chart and table. This is normally easy if...
  19. K

    Matrix Visualization with data from same source filtered by 2 separate date filters

    I have a data source with sales data by store. Columns in this data include actual sales, forecasted sales, week date, weekending (saturday), region for the store, and which warehouse the store received the sold items from. I need to create a matrix visualization in which the user can filter the...
  20. S

    How to list items not selected in a SLICER

    Hi, I've have CUBERANKMEMBER formulas to list items selected in a slicer. How can I list items NOT selected? Example: ="TOP 25 BY MODEL "&", LOCATION "&CUBERANKEDMEMBER("ThisWorkbookDataModel",Slicer_loc_code_ClassSales,1)
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