1. K

    Matrix Visualization with data from same source filtered by 2 separate date filters

    I have a data source with sales data by store. Columns in this data include actual sales, forecasted sales, week date, weekending (saturday), region for the store, and which warehouse the store received the sold items from. I need to create a matrix visualization in which the user can filter the...
  2. S

    How to list items not selected in a SLICER

    Hi, I've have CUBERANKMEMBER formulas to list items selected in a slicer. How can I list items NOT selected? Example: ="TOP 25 BY MODEL "&", LOCATION "&CUBERANKEDMEMBER("ThisWorkbookDataModel",Slicer_loc_code_ClassSales,1)
  3. E

    Generate text by slicer

    Hi Guys, i want to make excel pivot table slicer generate text in a cell when any slicer is chosen. Is it possible for me to do that? Thanks
  4. S

    VBA - Loop through each visible slicer item

    Hello, I'm trying to loop through all visible slicer items so that I can then copy the updated pivot table based on that slicer selection. The code below sort of works, it's just not looping through each item on the slicer one by one. Instead it selects them all and starts by removing one...
  5. Jyggalag

    How to create pivot table + slicer in Excel

    Hello everybody! It's nice to be back on the MrExcel forum :) I am currently managing a list that essentially looks like this (just a lot bigger): I would like to create a pivot table and a slicer for this (the real file is over 1000 cells) so it becomes much easier to look up specific...
  6. B

    macro to send emails from slicer

    Hi all need a help here. So i have a an excel dashboard about a team performance, i have a macro to set excel to send a "screen shot" of the performance dashboard for the agent that is selected on the slicer, but the thing is, i have around 200 agents and doing this one by one is a little by...
  7. H

    VBA - Scroll to slected slicer item

    Hi, I have a Pivot table and a connected slicer. When I use the "search pane" in the pivot, I would like to have the slicer showing the selected item also. I find i annoying that the user have to scroll like 200 items before seeing what is selected. I have tested several solutions showing i text...
  8. T

    Report Connections Clearing "Keep only selected" filter

    Hello and thank you for viewing my post. I have a spreadsheet that has 5 pivot tables on 1 tab and I've created the graphs and copy / paste those graphs onto the Dashboard tab. When I add the sliders; 5 in total, I connect 3 of the graphs to the slicer without issue but when I connect the 4th...
  9. W

    Scrolling through slicer items with the mouse wheel

    Hello all, I can't seem to find any pointers on this subject through Google. The idea is that I position the mouse cursor (hover over) a slicer. When the slicer has items that are not shown, I would like to scroll to the end of the slicer list, to be able to select these items. Now, the...
  10. N

    VBA Store Slicer Selection, Run Macros, Re-Select Slicers

    Good morning, all! I have been stuck on this issue for days and hope someone can help. I have a table on Sheet2 [Sheet2.Range("A2:O" & LastRow)] that gets copied to a table on Sheet1 [Sheet1.Range("Table1")] through a macro. The table on Sheet 1 starts on D17 and goes to the last row in...
  11. A

    slicer linked with not more than 3 pivot table

    HI there I want to know is it possible that slicer can be linked up with more than 3 pivot tables. i have tried with 4 tables but could not succeed. please help me in this regards.
  12. J

    Pivot slicer not custom sorting like it should

    I have a custom sort list set up in Excel. The Pivot table is accepting the sort and sorting accordingly. However, the slicer is not sorting by the custom list. It is only sorting alphabetically. Is there something else that needs to happen to get the slicer to sort properly? As a...
  13. Worf

    VBA: Finding selected slicer items without a loop

    Sometimes you have slicers with a long list of items, and need to find out what are the selected items. Normally, it is necessary to loop through all items to get this information, as shown on the first code. However, if the pivot table is created with the Data Model option checked, it will be...
  14. R

    Unable to reconnect slicers after disconnecting and changing data sources

    Hi, I have many pivot tables & slicers on different sheets of my excel workbook. The file is constantly being updated(new/changing tables) by many people so my script has to update the data and all the data sources in all the pivot tables. The objective is to: 1. Dynamically identify the...
  15. J

    Cycling through slicer items

    Just a heads up, this is my first time asking a question on a MrExcel forum. So apologies in advance if I don't follow the etiquette. I have 3 pivot tables, each with its own data set and each has 3 slicers. The data in the pivot tables has different values and is of a different size. However...
  16. D

    Display the Slicer Selction in Excel Cells

    Hi, I have a data set and converted to table (not pivot table/chart - done via Ctrl+T). There are total 5 filters i have kept to view the details. Slicer 1 has products, Slicer 2 has city, Slicer 3 has brand and so on. If i select Product A,City A, and Brand A, i need to get cell A1 updated...
  17. krishna334

    Slicer connecting pivot and associated table

    Hi All, I have a table called "Data" in my worksheet. I have created a pivot using this table and have inserted a slicer. Now, when i select the values in the slicer, the pivot value also changes. But is it possible that the Table "Data" also gets filtered on making selections in the slicer...
  18. S

    Slicer list is to long to search

    Hi, I have a system generated list of all our receivings. I'm looking for a quick way to look up a specific invoice number. But to scroll through the list of 100's of invoice numbers takes to long. I have tried adding a second pivot table and using the trick of the pull down filter. But it...
  19. B

    Excel Formula Assistance (If Statement w/lookup and SUM)

    A few questions that I'm having some difficulty with, the 1st and 3rd questions are formula assistance. 1) Current formula (embedded in a text box): =ASVIEW!$AR$9 - I need to update this formula to SUM all values from AR9 through AR16. How would I go about updating this formula? 2) In Excel...
  20. B

    Combine Slicers in Pivot Table

    Hello, I have a fairly simple data table that I've easily turned into a Pivot table, but when going to add the only slicer I need, I'm not able to get all data into one slicer. My example is below. There are other columns such as dollars, etc, that I have not included in the example. What I...

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