sorting data

  1. F

    Sorting data between blank rows

    Hi, this might be a really simple but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I have data between blank rows and I wish to sort the data between each blank rows A-Z. So each section of data between the blank rows to be individually sorted A-Z and BLANK ROW DATA DATA DATA BLANK ROW DATA...
  2. U

    VBA Generate Reference Number for Sorting

    Hi Guys, How do you create a reference number for sorting purpose in VBA form? Example: On Sheet 1, I will be adding new column in A where will generate a number 1,2,3,4,5,6...etc. up to the last non cell blank cell now in Column B (address details). I will be using it for sorting purposes...
  3. S

    Adding Numerical Value to Range of Cells Based on Value in Adjacent Range of Cells

    Hello All, I've been trying to find a way to search down a single column and based on the text value in a cell, enter a numerical value in the adjacent cell to the left. I want to be able to assign the numbers to allow me to sort the text columns in a particular order, by using the numbers in...
  4. A

    VBA code for Automatic sorting of cricket points table.

    Ihave created points table with net run rate calculator. The Table is as follows. <tbody> M N O P Q R S 4 TEAM PLAYED WINS LOSE NO RESULT NET RUN RATE POINTS 5 SRH 14 9 5 0 +0.284 18 6 CSK 14 9 5 0 +0.253 18 7 KKR 14 8 6 0 -0.070 16 8 RR 14 7 7 0 -0.250 14 9 MI 14 6 6 2 +0.317 14...
  5. S

    Sorting Organisation Data?

    Hello all, what a wonderful place this is...loads to learn here, just need a bit more time to browse the posts. In the mean time, I have a question to pose of my own, it has so far caused me to waste a huge amount of time, and effort...and I have got nowhere. I hope you may be able to help...
  6. B

    Need Message Box For Sorting Code

    Thanks as always for the Help. I have been using the code below for several years and have run into a small problem. I have never had enough data in the sheet to go over the 250 columns until recently. I would like to have a message come up if I reach the 250th column telling me I have reached...
  7. D

    Magento to Excel export

    Hello I have exported some data from Magento into Excel and would like some advice on how best to tackle this problem. I have a field that lists supplier details - there are huge differences in what the field contains - there may be one contact, there may be several, some have opening hours in...
  8. Brick Transport

    Combining Multiple Sheets without duplicates and organising data into unique columns

    Hello, I have turned to MrExcel numerous times in the past for solutions to various problems I've encountered and found the help to be excellent! Well, now I have something that I am struggling to find an adequate solution to. I hope that someone can help me out. So, I have 7 worksheets of "Top...
  9. D

    Conditional formatting for non-alphabetic data

    Hi there, I have managed to sort some data according to non-alphabetical criteria. Specifically, I have sorted a range of data for children's attainment levels where 4E (year 4 emerging) comes before 4D (year 4 developing), which comes before 4S (year 4 secure), etc. So I have used 'Custom...
  10. E

    How to Conserve Decimals When Using Transpose Method?

    Hi all, Been working on this problem most of the afternoon: I am transposing data from a data sheet to a temporary sheet, sorting it, and then transposing it back to the original formatting on the data sheet. I am avoiding using "Copy" and "Paste," so therefore I have not been using...
  11. K

    Creating a List in Descending Order with Criteria From Data Dump

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have the following table: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Product Category Sales Fruit 2 Carrot Vegetable 10 3 Squash Vegetable 40 4 Pineapple Fruit 90 5 Blueberries Fruit 20 Correct Apple 6 Onion Vegetable 60 Answer Pineapple...
  12. M

    buy & sales data

    Have a list or trades, buy and sell data. Want to subtract purchase amount from sales amount. How can I change purchase to negative so that I can use subtotal to sort transactions for different products? Sample product Amount Gain/loss (Other fields like date and quantity not to...
  13. S

    Sorting Data Across Multiple Worksheets

    I have several hundred files, each representing a different date and each containing roughly 500 rows and the same columns. I would like to sort each of these files in the same manner (while adding a few extra columns with calculations) with the ability to then compare and analyze the sorted and...
  14. E

    Formula to pull multiple data entries into one cell

    Hi there, I have 2 sheets, one called 'Scraping List' and one called 'Initial List'. I need a formula that searches whether a name listed in Col B of 'Scraping List' matches any entry into the 'Initial List' names in Col E of that sheet. Every name on the 'Initial List' sheet has a...
  15. E

    Help merging, filtering and sorting complex data

    Hi all, I have a list of data as follows: <tbody> A B C D E 1 NAME REFERENCES NAME (Sorted) REFERENCES (Sorted) 2 John <tbody> 36, 87, JR, 11, 26 </tbody> John JR, 4, 11, 26, 36, 85, 87, 96 3 Emily <tbody> 63, ES, 14, 1, 35 </tbody> Emily ES, 1, 14, 35, 63 4 Kate...
  16. C

    Use VBA sort range on multiple columns...

    I know this subject has been beat to death. I can't seem to find the specific answer I am looking for though. I need to sort blocks of data as I move down a spreadsheet. The following code works (generally). It only sorts on the first column though. For example, if the block is C5:L8, I...
  17. S

    Sorting Data by Two Columns

    I'm trying to modify a script I found here (I think) to sort items in a grocery list by Department (Column G), then by Description (Column A). This is the original script, which works fine, but only sorts by Column G: Sub MASTER_Sort_Active_Rows_BY_DEPARTMENT() Dim count As Integer...
  18. S

    An issue with custom sorting data in excel

    I want to implement a custom sort in excel but my custom list is very long. and excel says "The maximum length for a custom list has been exceeded. Only the first 255 characters will be saved." Now what to do? Any suggestion appreciated.
  19. P

    Sorting Multiple Columns to Match/Align with Data in Column A

    Scenario: - I have Column A filled with roughly 3000 product IDs. (These are the products I want to update) - I have Column B filled with roughly 45,000 product IDs (These are all of my product IDs, in which the 3000 or so from Column A are in...) - Columns C - AZ have data that is connected...
  20. I

    Sorting a Long List of Information into Columns

    First, I want to say thanks for clicking on the link. I really appreciate it. I have looked on youtube/articles and have tried desperately for hours to figure this out and I can't. My information is in one single column and I have used the "text-to-column" feature but I'm afraid it wont work...

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