1. M

    VBA to Clean Up CSV with Large Blank Spaces and Extra Text Rows

    I have several CSV files that are exported from an air quality monitor. I am trying to extract only the useful values, which to me is any row with either column C, D, or E containing a non-zero number. All of the other rows can be deleted. Additionally, there are new header rows inserted...
  2. J

    VBA - Paste tables under each other with 1 lane space between

    I currently have small project and I trying to figure out how to paste to "Dynamic Range" inserting 1 lane of space between pasted date Basically location to paste always will be moved either up or down Sub CopyTest() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Test") ws.Activate With...
  3. R


    STRIM is a complete "space" removal solution to conveniently manage leading, trailing, or all spaces within a string STRIM stands for "space trim". STRIM allows for conveniently specifying what type of spaces to remove form a string. The choices are: leading spaces, trailing spaces, all spaces...
  4. D

    Help fix Extra Spaces and other errors

    Hi, So I've been working on like 20 different CSV files, these are all products we sell, the task was to find specifications for each product, the specifications columns could range from 3 to 20. Some CSV files contain 1500 products others 100, different CSV because of the different categories...
  5. S

    VBA Create spaces before the first character wherever there is a number and a minus sign

    Hi guis, Can someone help me with some code where I can v hroughout the Sheet in the table to check the data and change the data directly in the cell where the error is? If there is a letter in the cell at the beginning, add a space before. If the gap is already there then continue A B C D E...
  6. O

    Excel Formula to Remove Everything After the First Space

    Thanks in advance and I will give feedback on whether it works or not. I have cell entries with more than one word and I would like to extract only the first word. For example First Word Only = First I tried to use =LEFT(A2, FIND( "^^", SUBSTITUTE( A2," ","^^",LEN(A2)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2,"...
  7. C

    Text Format

    I have a sheet for user to keyin the data. The format of the data can be 451 / 1903, 0012 / 9908 or 00287 / 0099. The number after the "/" is always 4 digits, it was a data code. The issue was end-user sometimes forgot to put a "space" before and/or after "/". how can i custom the cell format...
  8. M

    How to Stop Excel From Adding Spaces on Newlines when Copying Text Out of Program

    Hi, I'm attempting to copy an Excel cell, and paste it into another program (in this case, Adobe Analytics). However, it's inserting a space after every newline. Ex: Instead of this -It does this -And this -Etc (but instead of "-" it just does a space) When I paste it as text to MS Word, and...
  9. L

    when white space is important in VBA?

    Hi the code below is working. However if I do not put white space between x and i in line 6 I would get "expect end of statement" error message. Why white space in important here? Thanks a lot. Sub ws_name() Dim x As String Dim i As Integer x = InputBox("enter name") For i = 1...
  10. N

    Imported wrap text

    Very interesting. The data is imported from another source like this: 48 Limestone St.Markham, ON L6B0P6 (no space after St.) When applying Wrap Text it shows up as: 48 Limestone St. Markham, ON L6BOP6 When I use =Left(cell, 18) or =left(cell,17) I note that the result is the same - 48...
  11. I

    Apply space between numbers

    Hi, Can you advise a basic codce please to add a space between a telephone number. I have noticed that we have many telephone numbers entered like so, 01934820955 but it shoul;d be entered as 01934 820955 Also same for mobile 07899827427 should be 07899 827427 Information you may require...
  12. L

    cells which are blank but not (has space char)

    Hi Lets say you have a big table and it has some cells which looks empty but has space as a character (user used spacebar to delete content). I know there are many way to spot these cells but I would like to learn different methods or how you would do it yourself. one option I can think of is to...
  13. G

    Extract text between a character and first space left of that character.

    Hi, The title says it all. I'm trying to extract the text between a character (character is "%") and the first space to the left of that "%" character. I figure it would need to include the left and find functions but I am having a hardtime figuring out how to put it all together. Any help...
  14. A

    VBA to assign car parking spaces

    Hi, I'm pretty new to VBA, and was hoping someone might be able to help me with something i am trying to write: Sheet 1 (input tab): Row 1 contains Mon-Fri, with the rows below detailing what car parking spaces are available for those days, for example, if space 18 is available on monday...
  15. P

    long line of text to columns

    L team away L team home L home lose etc. I need to split the text to columns at the L (space). That's an L and a space
  16. J

    Preventing WrapText With Character Limit from changing text to date format

    <tbody> Part # Original Description Description1 Description 2 Description 2 Correction 1 I NEED TO TEST IT 52303 THREADED ROD 7/16-14 I NEED TO TEST IT 52303 THREADED ROD 7/16/2014 7/16-14 2 I NEED TO TEST IT 52300 THREADED ROD 1/4-20 I NEED TO TEST IT 52303 THREADED ROD...
  17. C

    Hope someone can help, Ive almost done it, take a look.

    I just need help correlating the cells from excel into the highlighted fields in word, like the picture below. I copied the cell from excel and pasted it into word and it transferred the information when it was entered, but it left a space before and after the new input in word. Can you figure...
  18. G

    Need help with amending a macro to pause.

    Hi I have the macro shown below and I need to add a few things to it but dont know where to start. What it is when I have done the auto filter for each unique criteria on both sheets I need it to compare the totals between the two sheets and if both balance then OK nothing needs doing, If not...
  19. I

    Blank entry in drop down list

    Morning, I have a userform which has many comboboxes with drop down lists. I have noticed that if a drop down list entry only shows N/A then below it is a blank entry also. Anything else where there are 2,3 or 20 options to select then the blank space at the end isnt shown. The sheet where my...
  20. R

    VBA data validation

    Hi All I am using data validation for a list in column C. I also need to prevent a single space from being entered in column C, so I would like to use code in column C3:C5000 with a message "No space allowed" Thank you in advance!

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