1. C

    Cell Data Validation using LOOKUP?

    Hi I have a table in Sheet 2, A3:E21. Column A is Company Names, Column E is 'funds available' dollar values In Sheet 1, I need users to enter how much they have spent with each Company. In column D is a drop down list of company names, and column E is where you enter what you've spent. I...
  2. B

    Sumif formula for time ranges

    Hi All Sorry for being a noob but I'm trying to fid a formula that will allocate the time spent on a job EDIT: More details in post#4
  3. R

    Adding cells to a maximum amount of?

    I am creating an expense sheet, and when it comes to meals, some claim what they actually paid and others claim the per diem amount. I'm having a hard time to figure out how to use the max function to give me the actual amount spent or the per diem but not going over $40.00 Here is how its set...
  4. S

    Align two set of datas

    Hello, I got two set of data that needs to be align by id. I need a formula/vba to go down two sets of number and insert a blank line if there's no match and go on to the next number. One set of data is a-d and the other is f-i. I was only able to find something that only insert blanks into 1...
  5. N

    Sorting partners to remove data

    Hi, I have a data set that has a number of customers. Some of those customers have partners/spouses, and I need to focus on "households" where the person to be focused on is the one who has, in order: 1) spent the most or 2) if the same was spent, then the one who purchased the most. The way...
  6. S

    HELP! Adding 24 has ruined my formula....

    Hi guys, I seem to be having an issue getting excel to calculate properly. I have a table showing: Picker name(Col B) the time spent picking (Col C), units picked per person (Col D) and want to work out a pick rate(Col F). <colgroup><col width="160" style="width: 120pt; mso-width-source...
  7. M

    Add Drop Down Box in Excel 97

    Yes I am still using Excel 97! I just want to make a spread sheet with about 10 drop downs that I can select text from. It's sort of a "shopping List" that will be printed when filled out. First tab will have the drop down boxes and the second tab will have all the data. I spent some time...
  8. G

    Return Zero instead of N/A in V-Lookup

    Tis the season for Christmas gift shopping and I'm trying to do a worksheet where I can do a lookup for items spent per person. It works fine when there is something listed for every person but, if nothing has been spent yet for a person, it returns "N/A." Is there someway I can alter the...
  9. SatsuMX

    Combining data in a bar chart?

    Hi, I'm trying to show total expenses for each person, in a separate category, from a pivot table, as follows: So each bar represents the total spent, while each color represents the category it was spent on. I'm having trouble getting Excel to do this, as it just creates a new bar for each...
  10. A

    After 10 years I finally found a shortcut to pull up the FILL COLOR PALETTE... and I just lost it. Help.

    I have spent 10 years looking for a shortcut to pull up the FILL COLOR PALETTE. I found it about three months ago and I set it up. I don't remember whether I set it up with System Preferences (I have a Mac) or with the built-in keyboard shortcut tool in Excel > Tools. I had to reinstall...
  11. K

    How to get the unit price and quantity if only given the total spent

    Hi, I'm trying to find out how many reams of A4 paper were purchased last year but I only have the total spent per month. The price may change monthly since there may have been purchased from varying suppliers. Is there an easy way in excel to get that information? For example the below...
  12. R

    Calculate % variance between 2 total columns in pivot table

    I've tried searching for this specific problem on here and online, with no joy. I have a bunch of projects laid out and pivoted in line with the below pivot table, showing me Hours Spent and Billable Hours for each day and then in total for the week. I would like to calculate a simple...
  13. A

    Countif is not counting

    Hey community, I have list of car serial numbers in column A Spare part bought for them in column C and Part names on column B i use this formula to count total spent money: =COUNTIF(C2:C292,A2) but i am getting result 0 everytime Can anyone help me?
  14. K

    Estimating from two known variables plus an outside factor(complexity)

    Excel So I have a large data base consisting of the size of a project (a painting) and how many hours it took to complete. I am trying to establish a relationship between size of a project vs hours spent. I can either manually assign this number or if excel can give me this range based on known...
  15. D

    Sum two Values - PowerPivot Pivot Table

    hi there I'm new to Power Pivot but trying to learn as much as possible for a project. Using Office 365/2016 and Windows 10. In my file, I have two imported Excel files (let's call them Sales and Marketing) and among other items, each contains a client list and entries of time spent on that...
  16. H

    Formula to find a similar match

    Hello, I have a huge list of I items i need to look for if they're similar, for instance: I have 'Money Spent' in column 'A' and in column 'B' I have 'Cash Spent' or 'Spending'. How can I tell Excel to look for what I have in column 'A' and bring me a match if something similar was found in...
  17. P

    Does Power Query make learning VBA time not well spent?

    I know enough about VBA to create simple macros, maybe a bit more if I need the macro badly. I love Power Query. I want a good reason so continue learning VBA because I live excel everyday. What can VBA do that Power Query can't? I want to know that spending time on VBA is time well spent...
  18. zookeepertx

    Matching values in 2 columns REFUSES to work correctly!

    This is just infuriating me! Within my macro is the following code: For i = lr To 2 Step -1 If InStr(Range("J" & i).Value, Range("K" & i).Value) Then Rows(i).Delete End If Next i As an example, for 3 of the rows, the value in J is <colgroup><col...
  19. D

    Weighted average of %

    I need to do a allocation of time spent with customers using weighted averages I have 10 customers with a % of total of all time spent for each (I don't know the total of all time). I spend 50% of my time with Customer A004. I need to allocate the remaining 50% of my time to the remaining...
  20. RobbieC

    Concatenate cells with different formatting...

    Hi there, I have 2 cells with values. One is formatted as 'general' (A1) and one with a 'custom' format - h"hrs" mm"m" (B1) I need to concatenate the 2 together in (C1) The value in (A1) is: "Time spent running: " The Value in (B1) is: 0.0347, which after the formatting shows '0hrs 50m' I...

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