1. D

    Spread cost over time using multiple dates

    Hi Guys, I am currently trying to put a sheet together that will automatically spread cost over time using multiple date sets. I have the formula working for one set of dates however some items need to be spread across more than one activity i.e. up to 4 sets of dates and i was wondering if...
  2. G

    I'd like to make a FOOD schedule spread sheet

    Guys, I am trying to make a spread sheet that keeps track of what I eat, when I do it and the average time between meals. I tried Excel since I'm assuming it's doable but of course, to do it, one must be able to explain it to others when one's asking for help. The actual span of a day is...
  3. S

    Need formula for Point spread

    Need a formula for the following: Sales goal 77% 300 points to spread amongst 4 employees based on results Emp #1 Actual - 83% Emp #2 Actual - 80% Emp #3 Actual - 78% Emp #4 Actual - 69%
  4. M

    Center cash flow over the whole page print area

    Hi, Can someone explain to me how I can get my print area centered out over the whole page? Currently it leaves most of the page blank, but I want it to be spread out whilst keeping to fit the sheet on one page.
  5. M

    Different Background each time user opens spread sheet

    Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible to have a different background say on sheet 1 when a user opens up a spread sheet. I assume it may be a VBA Code that can do this . If anyone knows it would be great to hear from you thank you
  6. K

    Sub-category drop down menu

    <tbody> QTY Description Sub-category Rate Total 1 sprinkler £ £ 1 pipe £ £ 1 labour £ £ 1 design £ £ 1 hangers £ £ </tbody> So, I'm working on a spread sheet for work but hit a bit of a wall. I’ve got part of this spread sheet to work. This is...
  7. M

    Stamp Date

    I have the following vba time stamp code in a module that does not quite do what I want it to do. I would like the clock to start automatically rather than having to go into the marco and run “Recalc”. Also I would like to close the spread sheet in a normal way rather than when i close the...
  8. A

    Translate Fill Color to a Value

    Hello All, Is there a way to transform a cell's fill color into some sort of data? (I've inherited a bunch of worksheets where each cell has a number value and then the fill color says what the value is for.....the previous person then counted the values by hand and put them in another spread...
  9. L

    On a sheet with many comments, is it possible to spread them out so as not to hide other comments?

    Hi, I may just be dreaming... If there are many comments on a worksheet, and we click a macro button that shows them all, some comments may hide others, so we cannot read them all. My comments are programmed to autofit. So, they occupy minimum space. The button acts as a toggle button and...
  10. Drrellik

    Lottery / Programs

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rqjKPqFt8RpTVWolb1u3pPw11gfHFs2A I see there are plenty of people here looking for different ways to randomly pick or perhaps guess lottery numbers using Excel. I would like to share my spread sheet and also see what approach others have taken. Like jak68 or...
  11. M

    Link Multiple Spreed Sheets to one Destination Spread Sheet

    Hi everyone hope you can help. I have a master spread sheet that is copied into different files that gets stored in say in G drive. So this master spread sheet over time can be copied and stored up to 200 times. Thus 200 copies with different names stored in 200 files under G drive. Eg master1...
  12. S

    Spreading a given cost of X$'s over Z years Starting at year Y

    So I am trying to create a formula to equally spread a given cost X starting at year Y and spread over Z amount of years. Ex <tbody> Cost X Start Year Y Spread over Z years 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 1000 2020 5 0 200 200 200 200 200 0 </tbody>...
  13. D

    Merging data and deleting empty rows

    Can anyone assist please? I have a spreadsheet with data acrosscolumns A-G, However quite frequently the data in column C is spread over oneor two cells on the rows below. When this spread of data occurs, those adjacentcells in column A & B to the left and D-G on the right are always blank. I...
  14. M

    Macro to fill in a number of cells based on a specific value

    Hi all, I am looking for a macro that can fill in a number of cells based on a specific value. For instance, a row is populated with 0's & 1's from lets say column A to N which cumalatives to 8. I want to extend this row until column Z by adding "X" to reach a cummulative of 17. That means...
  15. A

    Only closing active sheet Code Mod

    Hello, I have the below code which is attached to a button on aspreadsheet. Its function is to close the spreadsheet down and also savechanges. However, when the button is clicked, it closes down all open spread sheetswhich is no good if my colleagues are working other spread sheets too. Is...
  16. M

    Vba vlookup

    Hello Everyone I have an issue i have a spread sheet that has SKUs for products and another spread sheet that i am going to be using for updates on in stock values. My problem is i was going to use VLOOKUP to pull the value of the in stock qty but i can not do that because my SKU is not the...
  17. B

    Sum Product confusion

    Hi Everyone, I have a formula that I'd like to write but i either get #value ! or 0 for the answer but 0 is not the correct answer. This data is on a separate spread sheet. <tbody> A B C D 1 Date Shift Reason Time 2 08/26/18 2 Washing 1:00 3 08/26/18 2 Washing 1:00 4 08/26/18 2...
  18. T

    Macro for adding data from another file

    Hi there. Very new to VBA and macros. Not sure what im doing. At the moment i have recorded a macro that pulls information in from another excel spread sheet and sorts it. But a new spread sheet is brought out every week with the same name except from two numbers in it. Is there anyway i could...
  19. S

    I am excel stupid

    So I need help, I am looking to speed up my time card and have it autofill the dates on my time card when input the weekending date. I can forward you the spread sheet if you want so you can see what i am working with. Thanks, John
  20. J

    Saving as PDF ? ANyone know why this code is saving as a PDF ?

    Sub saveworkbook() Sheets("Details").Select ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlsm, _ filename:="C:\Users\James\Documents\Excel Test Folder\Quotes Invoices Spread Sheets\_" & _ Worksheets("Details").Range("C6").Value & ".xlsm", _ OpenAfterPublish:=False End Sub

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