stacked column chart

  1. J

    Create stacked column showing hours spent per week

    I want to create a chart that takes the amount of hours per project and spreads it over the time period it lasts. The chart should show a stacked column per week with hours for all projects. X-axis: Week no. Y-axis: Hours.
  2. L

    Stack Column - x axis with range of data

    Hi, I have difficulties in created a stacked column chart with year and age group in x-axis in excel 2010. I would like to seek your advice on how to make a stacked column chart showing no of people of 2 different age group, e.g. below 60, and 60 or above in different year (2010, 2011...
  3. B

    Stacked column chart from Pivot table not stacking!!!

    Hi guys, I need someone’s brain on this. Sounds super simple.. but it just doesn’t work when I try it. I looked at all the previous 50 pages of posts with the works Pivot/stacked charts, but couldn’t find help. I am trying to do as simple stacked chart out of a pivot table. But when I...
  4. javajoe

    How to make a stackable column chart with 4 data points?

    Help Needed: How can I make a stackable column chart that properly reflects the following table? <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64" span="5"> </colgroup><tbody> Month Product A Target Product B Target Product A Actual Product B Actual 1-Jul 5 0 5...
  5. K

    100% Stacked Column Chart with Negative Numbers?

    I'm trying to create a 100% stacked column chart which includes negative numbers, e.g., 2, 4, 5, -1 and -2 The problem is, the chart scales the total *absolute* value (=14) to 100%, rather than scaling the total *net* value (=8) to 100%. Showing the negative values below the axis is not a...
  6. N

    PivotChart - Stacked column and line chart issue

    I'm trying to create a PivotChart that looks like this: However, since my data is organized like below I cannot find a proper way to do that. And my chart ends up looking like this, where I have a line for each sales stage: Is there any way I can sum the the perceived sales value, so...
  7. C

    Stacked Cluster Column: Turn negative values red

    Hi All, In short: I am wondering if there is a reasonably quick way I can make the negative values (with the dashed borders) RED so they stand out more. It seems like I can either change all of them or none of them. I think I can also go in and manually change each one. The problem is that...
  8. R

    Exclude #N/A values from stacked column chart

    Hi guys, Im trying to create a stacked column chart that only shows rows with values and excludes rows with #N/A values. NOTES: 1. I can't filter as I have 2 columns I wish to display in the stacked chart, and sometimes a #N/A value in column B does not equal #N/A in column C.. 2. I can't...
  9. S

    Stacked Column chart that groups dates by month

    Gidday, I have the following list of data and am having trouble arranging it in a stacked column chart. Column A = Completed date Column B = Project name (just a letter) Column C = Work units (the variable data). -------------------------- Completed Project Work units 15/12/2010 A 30...
  10. S

    Advanced Stacked Column Chart

    I'm trying to build a stacked column chart in which each group of data will be sorted by descending share (by channel). My data is set-up in the following way: <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 224pt;" width="300" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col...

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