Stacked Cluster Column: Turn negative values red


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Aug 10, 2015

Hi All,

In short: I am wondering if there is a reasonably quick way I can make the negative values (with the dashed borders) RED so they stand out more. It seems like I can either change all of them or none of them. I think I can also go in and manually change each one. The problem is that I'm creating 6-7 of these graphs, so it would take a considerable amount of time to go through one by one.

I understand this level of customization may not yet be available in Excel graphs, but I figured I might as well throw the question out there!


PS. If anyone is curious on what I'm doing..I am analyzing a new cost structure for a family of mutual funds and this chart is showing the impacts of the proposed fee structure (some funds will be slightly more expensive, some less).
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Aug 29, 2014
I haven't done it with stacked bars before, but the way that I color positive and negative bars (green and red for my reports) is to have more than one bar setup so that:
The data range for the green series uses IF formulas to determine if it should contain a value or 0. This series is colored green (and will only show if there is a positive value as a result of the IF formula).
The data range for the red series uses IF formulas to determine if it should contain a negative value or 0. This series is colored red.

The result is that there are actually two series charted for every timeframe, but only one will ever show up due to the formulas in the data ranges; something like: =IF(B1>0,B1,0) for the green row and =IF(B1<0,B1,0) for the red row.

Example data ranges as a result of these formulas:
Actual Data:56-31-22-85
Positive Row:56010205
Negative Row:00-30-20-80

</tbody><colgroup><col><col span="8"></colgroup>

So the positive row only shows positive values or 0s, and the negative row only shows negative values or 0s. As data ranges, this results in a green series that shows 5, 6, 0 (doesn't show at all), 1, etc., and the same for the red series.

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