1. T

    How do I create a varied width stacked 100% bar chart?

    Each event section has varying lengths. In each section, X, Y, and Z can make an appearance. If both X and Z appear in the same event section, they'd share half the height of a column representing that section. This chart, however, takes away all the significance from the timespan of each...
  2. F

    Combine three bar charts into one, with stacked bars..?

    Hi Everyone, I got this problem, where I have answers from a questionnaire, and I have calculated results in percent. I would like to show them in a stacked bar chart. In the attached file, I just made a example. I know the charts are two different types, but how do I combine them into one...
  3. L

    Drill through y-axis on stacked column chart

    Hello, I have a stacked column chart with dates on the x-axis and different codes on the y-axis. I would like to set-up a drill through / drill down function for the codes on the y-axis but I don't know how to do this. For example, one of the stacked column is the code "3xx". This code is...
  4. R

    Stacked Bar Chart Comparison

    Sorry, not sure how to word exactly what I'm looking for, and Google has not returned what I need. I have a data set with results from 3 divisions (A,B,C). I'd like to create a bar chart the stacks quarterly results from A and B and displays them next to C. i.e. in Quarter 1 A had $40 million...
  5. M

    Help with stacked graph and multiple data columns

    <tbody> CR - 2016 AB - 2016 CR - 2017 AB - 2017 CR - 2018 AB - 2018 Nov 3711 2382 6533 1344 6474 781 Dec 3218 1378 4886 484 5370 671 Jan 3702 2004 5962 790 6031 386 Feb 3840 2494 6132 601 6288 1097 </tbody> Hi All, I’m after some assistance with...
  6. Q

    MS Access - Create a Stacked Chart

    I have a bar/column chart on a report which is based on fields from a query. Horizontal axis is the [WeekNumber] field and the Vertical Axis is [StaffName]. This works fine! However, I want to change this into a stacked bar chart with the [StaffName] columns being split into [RecordType]...
  7. I

    Stacked bar chart help!

    I have data that I'm trying to get into a stacked bar chart, and am having trouble getting it set up right. I have multiple values (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc) across several months. I'd like to stack A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc, by month. (ex data below) How do I set up the chart in excel to...
  8. E

    Graph axis - stacked area graph

    Hi everyone, I have made a stacked area graph which looks lovely but my x axis values don't start at zero aren't aligned with the axis ticks :( Does anyone know how to align? Thanks:)
  9. D

    Combining a clustered and stacked bar chart

    hi, I am trying to create a chart that contains both a clustered and a stacked bar chart. The stacked bar chart contains balance sheet data of two segments of a company in 2017. I also have the combined data as at 2018 so I want the 2017 and 2018 data to be a clustered bar chart for comparison...
  10. J

    Stacked columns from dataset

    Hi there, New to VBA - have tried a few different bits of code but can't find one that achieves what I need. Trying to transfer a 2-axis dataset into stacked columns, removing zero balances. I want to populate adjacent columns with the headers along each axis. Below / linked image is an...
  11. K

    multiple same value legend entries

    Hi - I am trying to create a stacked bar chart to show the life cycle of the status of a job. Say the job changes between 3 different status' multiple times. eg: 1 day 'with customer', 1 day 'with support', 2 days 'awaiting information', 2 days 'with support', 1 day 'with customer' When using...
  12. A

    100% stacked with additional series show as a line

    I'm thinking that this may not be possible having scoured the related threads I can find on here... I have a set of data which I want to show as 100% stacked and an additional one I want to overlay on a second y-axis as a line (scatter... whatever). Is there a way to do this? I am plotting...
  13. M

    Excel plotting Positive number as negative?

    Hello experts... I am trying to plot a stacked bar graph with 2 series. Series 1 is positive number Series 2 is a negative number but am using ABS to convert it to positive number When i plot the stacked bar graph, Somehow series 2 is still plotted as a negative series Does anyone knows what...
  14. C

    Stacked Bar or Line Chart next to each other

    Hi, Does anyone have a quick or easy way to make two stacked bar charts right next to each other? I have multiple chart elements that I am using and they can either all be independent or stacked, but I cannot do a mix. I am using my work computer and am unable to install any special software to...
  15. P

    Help from a Graph Expert, please - Comine stacked graph with secondary axis

    Hi all, Firstly, I'll start by saying i'm a complete graph novice so this might be really simple but I've tried reading through loads of posts and just cant seem to find the answer. I'd like to design a stacked graph (where only 1 data point on the horizontal axis has any positive values) and...
  16. A

    Stacked Bar Chart

    Dear All, how do I create a stacked bar chart. please help.
  17. J

    Alternate between workdays and weekends in stacked bar chart

    Hello I am trying to have just the workdays appear in the stacked bar chart that is found in this template: Is this possible?
  18. D

    Chart - Stacked Chart

    Hi, When creating a stacked chart with 2 series it is adding the data together. For example; July 2017 - Series 1 = 202,412 - Series 2 = 335,943 This column is showing the sum of these two series which is 538,355 I need a stacked chart with the 2 series combined in 1 column but for it to...
  19. C

    Formula/VBA to determine and display stacked chart

    Is it possible to have a formula or VBA to display a dynamic stacked chart? I have the data and the chart already created, just looking to see if this is possible. The chart shows the number of vendors and sales % for each. If another cell, let's say A1=4, then display only the 4 vendors in the...
  20. Johnny C

    Stacked area chart with XY scatter error bars

    Hi I've been populating a bunch of charts. They're stacked areas, the total is done as an XY scatter with a negative 100% error bar to get a dotted line down to the the X-axis. There's a lot of them, about 30. They have all worked fine. All of a sudden, 1 chart is being a pain. it won't scale...

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